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ADP RIVET                                                                               HARTFORD, CT

When you want high-quality, American-made rivets go to ADP RIVET.   With a selection of over 300 standard and custom products you will certainly find one to suit your needs.  They also offer the largest selection of painted, colored rivets available.  Order online and also check out their “How To” page for helpful information.



AIRSTREAM TRAVEL TRAILERS                                          JACKSON CENTER, OH

Explore the world with all the comforts of home in your AIRSTREAM TRAVEL TRAILER. Their identity has been built on the four ideals of Design, Quality, Authenticity, and Freedom.  Go on an adventure!



ASSOCIATED EQUIPMENT                                                    ST. LOUIS, MO

Founded in 1948, ASSOCIATED EQUIPMENT CORPORATION has been has been designing and patenting battery chargers and automotive battery testers for almost seventy years.  They have become an industry leader by providing the highest quality, professional grade equipment available.  Find product information online.



AUTOCAR                                                                                HAGERSTOWN, IN

Founded in 1897, AUTOCAR is the leading American manufacturer of severe-duty cab-over-engine trucks.  Their focus is on purpose-built trucks and strive to make the very best, which is just what you’d expect.  Go online to view their truck and find a distributor near you.



BACKYARD BUDDY                                                               WARREN, OH

BACKYARD BUDDY is a freestanding residential car lift designed for the home, garage, or professional shop.  Lift and store your car or truck safely with a BACKYARD BUDDY Auto Lift.



 BATTERY SHACKLE                                                              REDDING, CA

Did you know that RV battery theft is on the rise?   Keep your battery safe with a BATTERY SHACKLE.   These are heavy duty locks that protect your batteries from thieves.  Also available for propane, generator, and marine applications.



BRAMMO INC                                                                          TALENT, OR

BRAMMO is a manufacturer of electric traction motors and traction batteries. BRAMMO started out designing electric motorcycles and has grown into an industry leader in lithium-ion battery technology.



BRIDJIT CURB RAMPS                                                           KENT, WA

BRIDJIT is a CURB RAMP that bridges the gap between the street and a rolled curb driveway. BRIDJIT is also made in America from recycled tires.  Save your vehicle from damage and help the environment.  Order yours today or become a retailer.



THE CANDLE CUPBOARD                                                     WILEY FORD, WV

THE CANDLE CUPBOARD sells handmade candles, soaps, tarts, room sprays, and air fresheners.  Their products are great for use in your home, office, car, RV, and more.  They have over 40 everyday scents and over 25 seasonal scents so there's a scent to please everyone.  Great as gifts or fundraisers.  Order online or stop by the store in WILEY FORD.



CAR DECAL GEEK                                                                  ANN ARBOR, MI

Want to make your sweet ride even sweeter?  Get some cool car decals!  Personalize your ride or just about anything else.  Check out CAR DECAL GEEK’S huge selection of unique decals and stickers online.



CARAVAN CAMPERS                                                             RENO, NV

For over fifty years, CARAVAN CAMPER SHELLS has been manufacturing the best, most durable truck tops around.  Each top is made to order by hand so you know that each job is “Job 1.”  A great idea for campers, fishermen, hunters, contractors, or anyone who wants to transform their pickup truck.  Browse their online gallery to see the available options and give them a call.



CENTRAL TOOLS                                                                   CRANSTON, RI

CENTRAL TOOLS specializes in precision hand tools, more specifically, precision measuring tools and handheld fluorescent lights.   Find product information and where to order online.


COOPER TIRE & RUBBER COMPANY                                 FINDLAY, OH

COOPER TIRE & RUBBER COMPANY is an American company that specializes in the design, marketing, and sales of replacement automobile and truck tires. Their brand promise: COOPER tires perform on the road so drivers can perform everywhere those roads take them.



COUNTRY COACH - WINNEBAGO IND                                 JUNCTION CITY, OR

Find factory direct parts for your COUNTRY COACH Motorhome or Bus Conversions. They offer original equipment for all makes and models. Find contact information online or stop by if you're near JUNCTION CITY.



CROWN EQUIPMENT                                                             NEW BREMEN, OH

CROWN EQUIPMENT is one of the largest manufacturers of powered industrial forklift trucks in the world.  CROWN is an industry leader in innovation and has a reputation for award-winning design, advanced engineering, and technology.



DIRTGUARD AUTO WASH SYSTEM                                     TACOMA, WA

Tired of scratches in your paint from washing your car?  You need the DIRTGUARD SYSTEM.  This clever invention traps dirt from your wash mitt in its filter leaving you with cleaner wash water.  This is a must-have for the car enthusiast.



DRYMATE                                                                                SAVAGE, MN

DRYMATE'S innovative products are absorbent mats that have a waterproof backing to protect your floor.  DRYMATES are available for almost every aspect of your life – they can be used for pets, kids, automotive, home and garden, hunting and fishing, and more.  Learn more about DRYMATE online and find a retailer near you.



EATON DETROIT SPRING                                                      DETROIT, MI

Since 1937, EATON DETROIT SPRING has been the place to go if you need springs.  They have accumulated over 24,000 original manufacturer spring blueprints so more likely than not, they can make the springs for your vehicle.  Check out their informative website for everything you need to know about springs.  You can also order parts online, by email, or phone.



ERNST MFG                                                                             SANDY, OR

Use ERNST MANUFACTURING'S innovative products to keep your tools and work space organized.  Find your tools more easily with less clutter. Also check out their other products like wheel chocks, engine protectors, oil filter funnels, and more.



EVERBLADES                                                                         HOUGHTON, MI

EVERBLADES is the industry leader in heated windshield wipers.  Their wipers prevent ice and snow buildup for safer driving.  They are available to suit almost any type of vehicle, and are also easy to assemble and install.  If you drive for a living or live in an area where there’s snow, these are a must have!  Orders yours online today.



FIBERTEC PERFORMANCE                                                     WOONSOCKET, SD

For almost 20 years, FIBERTEC PERFORMANCE has been designing and manufacturing Fiberglass and Carbon Fiber auto body parts.  They specialize in Sprint Car and Late Model body parts.  With their years of experience and wide variety of designs, their goal is to improve and design car parts that will meet the racers’ needs.  See what they can do for you.



GETHERCOVERED                                                                 HOMESTEAD, IA

GETHERCOVERED offers high-quality, American-made windshield covers.   Protect your vehicle from the summer heat and the winter cold – these covers even stay on when the wind blows.   You can buy cheaper but you won't buy better.



GLARE PROFESSIONAL POLISH                                          RENO, NV

GLARE PROFESSIONAL POLISH is a world leader in paint appearance and protection.  Their new technology, which was designed by chemists, is a non-stick, high gloss, all-weather, flexible sealant which leaves a super shiny finish.  GLARE can be used on cars, motorcycles, planes, boats, and much more.  Find more info and order online.




GOODYEAR TIRE AND RUBBER COMPANY are manufacturers of tires for automobiles, commercial trucks, motorcycles, SUV’s, race cars, airplanes, farm equipment, and heavy earth-mover machinery…and don’t forget that Blimp!



HANSEN WHEEL & WAGON SHOP                                       LETCHER, SD

Founded in 1978, HANSEN WHEEL & WAGON SHOP has become the premier builder of authentic, horse-drawn vehicles.  Their staff of exceptional craftsmen have fashioned a line of superior quality wagons, wheels, and equipment to suit a wide range of individual budgets and interests.  They also do restorations.  You can even drop by for a tour and learn some history.



HINES INDUSTRIES                                                                ANN ARBOR, MI

Founded in 1979, HINES INDUSTRIES is an American balancing machine manufacturer and has become a leader in the balancing industry.  They produce balancing machines for every industry including automotive, turbines & propellers, racing & rebuild, fans & blowers and more.  Check them out online and see what they can do for you.



HOOSIER TIRE                                                                        PLYMOUTH, IN

Established in 1957, HOOSIER RACING TIRE CORP has become the largest race tire manufacturer in the world.  The company is family-owned and operated and is dedicated to providing the highest quality racing tires available.  Go online to view their tire catalog and find a distributor.  You can also buy some HOOSIER TIRE swag!



JL SAFETY                                                                              CLEVELAND, OH

JL SAFETY are developers and manufacturers of safety related products.  Products include handicapped tag holders, parking tag holders, and toll pass holders. Convenience and safety – all in one!



JRC GLOVES                                                                          CENTRALIA, WA

In the business since 1890, Churchill knows a thing or two about gloves.  Simply put, JRC GLOVES makes the best motorcycle gloves on the market.  They also offer leather work gloves, rodeo gloves, and more.  Shop from their large selection online.



METRO VAC                                                                            OAKLAND, NJ

Founded in 1939, METRO VAC has grown from just vacuums to also manufacturing products for your car, motorcycle, electronics, pets, and more. Shop from their selection of vacuums, dryers, dusters, and more online or locate a retailer near you.



MIDWEST CAN                                                                        FRANKLIN PARK, IL

Since 1951, MIDWEST CAN has been dedicated to providing high-quality containers to its customers.  Their products include fuel and water containers, funnels, and drain pans.  View their products online and find a retailer near you.



MOTO-TEC                                                                              NEWNAN, GA

Keep your ride looking great with motorcycle detailing products from MOTO-TEC. Items include wash, wipes, and shine up liquid for chrome and paint.



NAVISTAR                                                                               SPRINGFIELD, OH

NAVISTAR is a leading manufacturer of commercial trucks, buses, defense vehicles and engines.  Their vehicles keep kids safe to and from school and keep our troop safe – wherever they might be.



PEGASUS VANS & TRAILERS INC.                                      SANDUSKY, OH

PEGASUS VANS & TRAILERS INC. specializes in custom built horse trailers, vans, and toterhomes.  PEGASUS takes pride in building a superior-quality trailer, built to fulfill the needs of each and every customer.



PHOENIX USA RV                                                                   ELKHART, IN

For almost 20 years, PHOENIX CRUISER has been manufacturing the highest quality B+ motorhomes available.  They are committed to providing unmatched quality and value to their customers directly from their ELKHART, IN factory.  Go online to see their beautiful motorhomes and even get a video walkthrough.  What are you waiting for? Go to PHOENIX USA RV and then hit the road!



QMC TECHNOLOGIES                                                            DEPEW, NY

Welcome to the last hitch ball you'll ever need to buy.  Their hitch balls come in a variety of sizes and are guaranteed never to rust.  Hitch mounts are also available.



S&S COACH COMPANY                                                                   LIMA, OH

Founded in 1876, S&S COACH COMPANY is the leading manufacturer of specialty vehicles like Eureka Limousines and Superior Coaches.  View their beautiful vehicles online and find a dealer near you.



S3FUSION                                                                                WARWICK, RI

S3FUSION uses NanoFusion Technology in their polishes to help make your cars and motorcycles shine.   Their products penetrate deep and form a bond with the surface to make a long lasting shine with no residue or streaking.  Their products can also be used on boats.   Find more information and place an order online.



STERLING WAX                                                                      STERLING HEIGHTS, MI

STERLING WAX products are formulated to produce a streak free, high gloss shine with no residue left behind.  Their surface treatments can be used on vehicles, boats, campers, motorcycles, eyeglasses, windows, TV’s, and more  They can also be used on surfaces that are painted, glass, plastic, vinyl, fiberglass, counter tops, metal, etc.  Order online or find a dealer near you.




Hand-crafted, American-made horse carriages, buggies, sleighs, carts, motorcycle pet carriers, and more.  Go online to see their selection of these beautiful vehicles.



WHEEL BEARINGS, INC                                                         GAYLORD, MI

WHEEL BEARINGS, INC. carefully selects each of their suppliers so you know they're only using quality components to assemble each unit.  Every hub assembly is tested before it leaves their facility to ensure the highest possible quality.  Their entire products line, except the OEM unit, is manufactured at their facility.  See their website to become a distributor.



ZANE PRODUCTS, INC                                                           ALLEN PARK, MI

The adjustable vehicle wheel shield is a must have for the clean car enthusiast.  It’s easy to use and the size is adjustable.  See a product demonstration online.




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