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10TH & M SEAFOODS                                                            ANCHORAGE, AK

For seafood that's off-the-boat fresh, 10TH & M SEAFOODS is the place for you.  They offer a large selection of seafood, spices, batters, and sauces.  Gift baskets are also available.  Browse through their recipes online then place your order today.



A SPICE ABOVE                                                                      CROWN POINT, IN

A SPICE ABOVE makes 18 varieties of delicious all-natural gourmet dips.  They carry an assortment of drink, dessert, salsa and soup mixes.  Their products are also great for fundraising.  Check them out online.



A TOUCH OF HONEY                                                              LINTON, ND

Founded in 2006, A TOUCH OF HONEY brings fresh honey, and honey inspired products, from the bees to you.  Items include natural, flavored, and creamed honey.  They also offer lips balms, body lotions and lotion bars.



ABDALLAH CANDIES                                                            BURNSVILLE, MN

Established in 1909, ABDALLAH'S has been providing MINNESOTA with delicious candies for over 100 years.  View their tempting selections online or stop by the shop in BURNSVILLE.  Their candies make wonderful gifts or a sweet treat for yourself.




Their name really says it all - ABSOLUTELY DELIGHTFUL ARIZONA HONEY is a delight!  Their products include honeycombs, bee pollen, and several varieties of delightful honey. They also have items available for party favors which they can custom label for you. Order your honey online today or find them at a farmer's market near you.



ADVENTURE APPETITES                                                      ANCHORAGE, AK

Skip the store and start the fun!  Let ADVENTURE APPETITES do the hard work of planning your meals for your next outdoor adventure.  Years of experience have taught them what food is needed when you're out on the trails– all you need to do is go online and order.  If you're in the ANCHORAGE area, just stop by their store.



AJ'S EDIBLE ARTS                                                                 PASCO, WA

AJ'S EDIBLE ARTS offers handmade mustards, sauces, dry mixes, and other gourmet items to enhance your meals.  Gift boxes and wholesale opportunities are also available or you can locate a retailer online.



ALASKA CHIP CO                                                                   ANCHORAGE, AK

Founded in 2003, ALASKA CHIP has been making their fantastic gourmet kettle cooked chips for almost 15 years.  They've also expanded and now offer popcorn along side their award-winning chips. Both come in several varieties.  You can order from them directly online or locate a retailer near you.



ALL THINGS CHILI                                                                  LAS VEGAS, NV

ALL THINGS CHILI offers a large variety of chili powders, spices, and seasonings...everything you need to achieve different levels of heat and spiciness.  Their products are always fresh to ensure high-quality.  Also, look out for Burro Bob's Factoids – you might learn a thing or two.



ALOHA CANDY                                                                       VOLCANO, HI

The ALOHA CANDY COMPANY is a bakery and chocolatier that specializes in unique gourmet treats.  They offer cookies, truffles, macadamia nuts, chocolates, marshmallows, and more.



AMALGAMATED SUGAR CO                                                 BOISE, ID

AMALGAMATED SUGAR is the country's second largest sugarbeet processor and they manufacture industrial and retail sugar products.  Look for their products under the White Satin brand.  They also produce animal feed products from sugarbeets.



AMERICAN SPOON                                                                PETOSKY, MI

AMERICAN SPOON has been preserving fruit in their PETOSKY kitchen since 1982. They still continue to prepare fruits by hand and cook them in small-batch copper kettles. They work directly with MICHIGAN farmers who have the best produce in the area.  Order online and also check our their recipes.



ANAHOLA GRANOLA                                                             HANAPEPE, HI

ANAHOLA GRANOLA is handmade from fresh, high-quality ingredients like nuts, seeds, tropical fruits, and Hawaiian honey.  Their delicious granola is available in a variety of flavors in bars or by the bag.



ANIMAS CHOCOLATE CO                                                     DURANGO, CO

The ANIMAS CHOCOLATE COMPANY makes delicious, handmade chocolates for all to enjoy.  Items include toffees, truffles, cocoa mixes, bars, and more.  Order online, find a retailer near you, or stop by the shoppe in DURANGO.



APPLE CANYON GOURMET                                                  ALBUQUERQUE, NM

APPLE CANYON GOURMET is your online source for premium specialty food products and gifts made in NEW MEXICO.  Their items include beverages, snacks, cookies, and chilies.  Shop their products online and get your own taste of NEW MEXICO.



ARIZONA CACTUS RANCH                                                   GREEN VALLEY, AZ

Established in 1991, the ARIZONA CACTUS RANCH has been producing their delectable prickly pear products for over 25 years.  Their products are 100% pure, concentrated natural prickly pear pulp and juice with no sugars or preservatives added.  Go online to learn about the wonderful benefits of the prickly pear and order yours today – they're nutritious and delicious!



ARIZONA RUB                                                                         VAIL, AZ

If you want great Southwestern taste you need some ARIZONA RUB.  They have an award-winning selection of dry rubs, marinades, sauces, and seasonings for your cooking pleasure.  Their products will add flavor to your beef, chicken, pork, fish, and veggies.  Browse through their online recipes then order your ARIZONA RUB today. Get cooking!



AQUIDNECK HONEY                                                              TIVERTON, RI

AQUIDNECK HONEY has a variety of honey products for you to try. Items include raw honey, honey straws, lip balm, and even gift baskets. Check out their infused honeys like mint, lavender, cinnamon, curry, and more!



ARNO CHOCOLATES                                                             TWIN FALLS, ID

ARNO CHOCOLATES uses the highest quality ingredients to make their delicious barks; and so many flavors to choose from!  Great for gift giving or as a sweet treat for yourself.  Order online or find a retailer near you.



THE ART OF GOOD FOOD                                                     MISSOULA, MT

THE ART OF GOOD FOOD makes soup mixes, baking mixes, salad dressing mixes, and Montana dry rubs.  They are healthy, nutritious, delicious, and environmentally friendly.  Order their yummy products and get some great recipes online.



ARTISAN CONFECTIONS                                                       ARLINGTON, VA

ARTISAN CONFECTIONS' delicacies are as delicious as they are beautiful.  Items include their signature bonbons, barks, caramels, and more.  Order online or visit their boutiques in ARLINGTON or FAIRFAX.



AUNT AGGIE DE'S PRALINES                                               SINTON, TX

AUNT AGGIE DE'S specializes in delicious pralines but that's not all they have to offer.  They also make peanut brittle, toffee, and chocolates.  Beautiful gift sets are available and great for anytime of the year.



AVA'S PREMIUM TOFFEE                                                      OKLAHOMA CITY, OK

This is award-winning toffee at it's finest.  AVA'S PREMIUM TOFFEE is made with premium ingredients and contains no artificial flavors or preservatives.  They have several flavors to choose from so order some for yourself today and some to share – if you can!



BACKYARD JAMS AND JELLIES                                          MILTON, DE

BACKYARD JAMS AND JELLIES has grown to make over 85 flavors of their delicious products!  Other items include marmalades, chutneys, mustards, and seasonal flavors.  View their complete selection online, place an order, or find a local retailer.



BAER'S PANTRY                                                                    CARPENTER, WY

For over twenty years BAER'S PANTRY has been providing some of the best jams on the market.  They only use the freshest produce to make their jams – no preservatives, artificial flavors or colors.  With almost twenty flavors to choose from it will be hard to pick your favorite, but you'll having a delicious time trying!



BALLREICH BROS, INC                                                          TIFFIN, OH

Family owned and operated since 1920, BALLREICH'S manufactures delicious potato chips, pretzels, popcorn, and other snacks.  BALLREICH'S is as deep with heritage as their snacks are deep with flavor…so check out all their flavors!



BANG CANDY CO                                                                   NASHVILLE, TN

BANG CANDY is famous for their handmade marshmallows but they do much more than that.  They also offer delicious flavored syrups, barks, caramels, and more.  Check out their yummy confections online or stop by the shop in NASHVILLE.



BARBER'S DAIRY                                                                   BIRMINGHAM, AL

Dairy Pure, TruMoo, Orchard Pure, Fruit Rush and Ready Leaf are just some of the great brands you get from BARBER'S DAIRY.  They only use the finest ingredients so you know you're getting the best.  Besides dairy they also offer fruit juices and teas.  See their whole product selection online and find a retailer near you.  Find yummy recipes online also.



BEAR COUNTRY BEES                                                          SALEM, UT

BEAR COUNTRY BEES offers 100% natural honey in twelve, yes twelve, different sizes.  Surely a size for everyone.  They also have beeswax and a large selection of beeswax candles available.  Visit the education center to learn more about bees.



BEAR KINGDOM VINEYARDS                                               LITTLE ROCK, AR

BEAR KINGDOM makes delicious all-natural jams and jellies.  Their products are made with fruit from their own vineyard and no artificial flavorings, colorings, or preservatives are added.  Order online or find a local retailer.



BEAR MACE HOT SAUCE                                                      ANCHORAGE, AK

BEAR MACE HOT SAUCE is ready to add some excitement to your food.  Their hot sauce comes in three varieties: the original red, Alaskan green, and the newest, extra hot sauce.  Get online to order these big, bold flavors.



BEAR POND FARM                                                                 GLASTONBURY, CT

BEAR POND FARM offers a delicious selection of pesto sauces that are made from Non-GMO and gluten-free ingredients.  View their products online, get serving suggestions, and find mouth watering recipes.  Find a retailer near you or order through Amazon.



BECKEYS KOUNTRY KITCHEN                                            BLISSFIELD, MI

BECKEYS' jam and jelly recipes are simple and uncomplicated for a reason – so you can see the difference between their jams and jellies with someone else’s.  They avoid artificial flavors and colorings whenever possible and use pure can sugar and real fruit for a difference you can see and taste.  They also make awesome breads!  Check out their delicious selection online.



BERRY DAKOTA                                                                     JAMESTOWN, ND

BERRY DAKOTA was founded in 1996 and offers handmade jams, jellies, and syrups.  Their products are made from native wild berries and fruits in small batches to ensure high-quality and freshness.  View their delicious recipes online and order yourself some jam today!



BERRY DELIGHTFUL                                                             TALKEETNA, AK

Established in 1989, BERRY DELIGHTFUL has been making handmade jams, jellies, and sauces for almost 30 years.  They only use the best of ALASKA'S own berries, apples, rhubarb, spruce, and fireweed.  A great gift for someone who wants a taste of ALASKA.



BEST BOY & COMPANY                                                        ROANOKE, IN

BEST BOY & CO produces awesome BBQ, mustard, hot sauces as well as fudge and caramel dessert sauces.  They even have spice blends.  This company is amazing in the fact that 100% of their profits go to charity.  They rock – and so will you for supporting them!



BIG ISLAND CANDIES                                                            HILO, HI

Established in 1977, BIG ISLAND CANDIES has been making their delicious candies for over 40 years.  Items include cookies, biscotti, rusk, manju, toffee, chocolates, their signature shortbread, and more.



BIG SKY CANDY                                                                     HAMILTON, MT

BIG SKY CANDY makes delicious candies handmade from scratch.  Their items include chocolates, truffles, bark, fudge, jams, jellies, and so much more.  Order from their huge selection online or stop by their shop in HAMILTON.



BIRDWING FINE CHOCOLATES                                            ANCHORAGE, AK

BIRDWING FINE CHOCOLATES makes their delicious confections using the finest ALASKAN local and all-natural products whenever possible.  One taste and you'll notice the difference.  Check them out online and order your own special treats today.



THE BITES COMPANY                                                            WESTPORT, CT

Founded in 2011, THE BITES COMPANY makes delicious biscotti in perfect, bite-sized pieces.  They are baked from scratch using simple, wholesome ingredients (which you can actually pronounce).  They come in almond, cocoa, and lemon flavors so indulge yourself.  Order online or find a local retailer.



BIXBY & COMPANY CHOCOLATE                                       ROCKLAND, ME

BIXBY & COMPANY offers craft candy snack bars that are super nutritious as well as delicious.  They use all-natural ingredients that are Kosher, Gluten free, and GMO verified.  They also have vegan bars and gift sets available.



BIZZY LIZZY BAKERY                                                             WHITE, SD

Join the Flourless Revolution at BIZZY LIZZY BAKERY!  They are the country’s first, and only, flourless bakery and they are out to prove you can make nutritious and delicious baked goods without the flour.  Check out and order their amazing products online or find a distributor near you.  They also have recipes on their website.



BLUE MOOSE SWEET SHOPPE                                            BOUNTIFUL, UT

The BLUE MOOSE SWEET SHOPPE makes over twenty flavors of delicious, artisan fudge made from the finest ingredients.  Order for yourself or as a gift or you can even get your company logo put on the box.  Great for fundraisers too!



BOB EVANS                                                                            XENIA AND SPRINGFIELD, OH

BOB EVANS FARMS is a brand born and raised on the promise of farm-fresh goodness.  For more than 60 years, they’ve been providing farm-fresh foods to their restaurant guests and grocery customers.  They provide great tasting, high-quality food, and innovative products.



BOBO'S OAT BARS                                                                BOULDER, CO

If you're looking for a nutritious and delicious snack bar look no further than BOBO'S OAT BARS.  All of their bars and bites are gluten free, dairy free, and certified kosher. Their yummy flavors include apple pie, almond butter, coconut, lemon poppyseed, maple pecan, and more.  Why not try them all?



BONE DOCTORS'                                                                    CHARLOTTESVILLE, VA

THE BONE DOCTORS' BARBECUE SAUCE comes in five tempting flavors.  They also offer a hot sauce, a spice blend, and gift packs.  Order online or find a retailer near you.



BOSCO SYRUP                                                                       TOWACO, NJ

BOSCO is not just for milk anymore!  These delicious toppings are also used over ice cream or any type of dessert.  Available in Chocolate, Mocha, Strawberry, Sea Salt Caramel, and Sugar-Free Chocolate.  Order online and find yummy recipes too!



BRANDT’S CANDIES                                                              WILLOUGHY LAKE, OH

BRANDT’S CANDIES is a family owned, family run chocolate shop.  They’ve been in business since 1948 and continue to provide the highest quality homemade, hand-dipped, chocolate candy.  Products include chocolate covered chews, creams, nuts, and fruit.  Also, check out their bottle hangers or get your logo on a candy bar!



BREADSMITH                                                                          SIOUX FALLS, SD

BREADSMITH specializes in hand-crafted, European-style artisan breads made fresh every day.  Products include breads, cookies, sweet rolls, coffee cakes, and much more.  Go online to view their yummy selection and find a BREADSMITH near you.



BRENDA'S PREFECT BRITTLE                                              ALBUQUERQUE, NM

With over twenty flavors to choose from how can you pick your favorite?  You'll have a tasty time finding out!  Created by a personal trainer, these brittles have lower calories, lower fat, and no butter.  You won't believe your taste buds.  Shop online today and see which is your fave.



BRITTLE BROTHERS                                                              NASHVILLE, TN

Established in 2006, BRITTLE BROTHERS makes delicious brittles and have grown to offer four flavor varieties.  Their brittles have less sugar and more nuts than other brands.  Order online or at a local retailer. 



BROOKE’S CANDY COMPANY                                             DANA, IN

Founded in 2004, BROOKE’S CANDY COMPANY in DANA, is your place to go for sweet treats.  Items include toffees, truffles, caramels, and more.  They even have baking mixes available.  You can order yours online or get information to become a wholesaler.



CAJUN COUNTRY RICE                                                         CROWLEY, LA

For the best rice in LOUISIANA, get some CAJUN COUNTRY RICE.  Shop their six delicious varieties and find awesome recipes online.



CALLA CANDY                                                                        MOBRIDGE, SD

Since 1991, CALLA CANDY has been making their amazing CALLA ENGLISH TOFFEE, which some consider is SOUTH DAKOTA’S best.  Other products include pastels and spices.  They also have gift boxes available so order yours today.



CAMPBELL SOUP CO                                                            NAPOLEON, OH

CAMPBELL'S makes a range of high-quality soups, simple meals, beverages, snacks, and packaged fresh foods.  Their products include CAMPBELL'S soups, V-8 juices, and Prego Spaghetti Sauce.   Go to their site to find all their brands, nutrition information, and delicious recipes.



CANE RIVER PECAN CO                                                        NEW IBERIA, LA

CANE RIVER PECAN COMPANY has grown to become a premier gourmet pecan provider.  Their products include pecans, pralines, cookies, pecan straws, and a large variety of gift boxes or tins.  They make great personal or corporate gifts.



CAPE COD LAVENDER FARM                                              HARWICH, MA

Founded in 1995, CAPE COD LAVENDER FARM has grown to produce twenty products and has a garden open to the public to roam and enjoy the beauty of their lavender. Food products available are lemonade, marmalade, a seasoning blend, and food grade lavender.  Other products include soap, shampoo, massage oil, candles, and much more.  Shop online or stop by their beautiful farm in HARWICH.



CAPE SEASONINGS                                                               LEWES, DE                     

CAPE SEASONINGS makes fun food that's good for your soul.  Try their seasonings, kettle-cooked potato chips, and sourdough pretzel pieces.  Order online or find a retailer near you.  Wholesale opportunities are available.



CAPSICANA GOURMET ZING SAUCE                                  MEBANE, NC

CAPSICANA GOURMET ZING SAUCE is all-natural and great for use on beef, pork, poultry, seafood, and veggies.  It can also be used as a salad dressing, dipping sauce, or marinade.  Grab some ZING SAUCE and get your creative juices flowing.



CARLISLE HONEY                                                                  TYNGSBORO, MA

CARLISLE HONEY has been making their delicious honey for over ten years.  Products include various flavors of honey, honey combs, honey sticks, granola, beeswax candles and more.



CAROLINA COOKIES                                                             GREENSBORO, NC

CAROLINA COOKIES makes gourmet cookies with the freshest ingredients available.  You know you're getting the freshest cookies too because they ship their cookies the day they are baked.  Order yours today or join their Cookie of the Month Club.



CASHMERE POPCORN                                                          TOPEKA, KS

Founded in 2013, CASHMERE POPCORN has grown to offer over a dozen flavors of delicious popcorn.  Shop directly online or stop by their retail shop in TOPEKA.



CAVENDER'S SEASONING                                                    HARRISON, AR

Use CAVENDER'S ALL PURPOSE GREEK SEASONING to make the most of any meal.  It's now available in regular or salt-free.  Order online and get some delicious recipes too or stop by the store in HARRISON.



CHAPEL HILL TOFFEE                                                           CHAPEL HILL, NC

CHAPEL HILL TOFFEE offers delicious, mouth watering toffee.  Their special blend of English toffee, pecans, and dark chocolate is a recipe second to none.  Order yours online today or find a retailer near you.



CHAPEL SWEETS                                                                   BLOCK ISLAND, RI

CHAPEL SWEETS uses handmade chocolate in their delicious confections. They offer a variety of chocolates, fudge, nuts, turtles, and more. They also make wedding/party favors and even have treats for your pup!



CHATHAM CANDY MANOR                                                   CHATHAM, MA

Founded in 1955, CHATHAM CANDY MANOR has grown to become a business known for their high-quality, delicious candies.  Items include bark, caramels, truffles, clusters, turtles, creams, fudge, and so much more! Shop their yummy candies online or stop by the store in CHATHAM.



CHERYL’S                                                                               WESTERVILLE, OH

Founded in 1981, CHERYL’S offers the finest, freshly baked gifts and desserts.  Products include cookies, gourmet brownies, and cakes.  They also have seasonal catalogs with gift ideas for all occasions.



CHILI BEAK                                                                             SALT LAKE CITY, UT

CHILI BEAK offers two flavors of their handmade chili oil, Spicy Roasted and Habanero.  Try something new and use CHILI BEAK as a hot sauce alternative.  Order online and get some tasty recipes too.



CHINA DOLL RICE & BEANS                                                 SARALAND, AL

CHINA DOLL RICE & BEANS offers three varieties of rice and over a dozen kinds of beans.  You can order their products online or find a retailer near you.  Check out their website for nutrition information as well as delicious recipes.



COLT'S CHOCOLATES                                                           NASHVILLE, TN

COLT'S CHOCOLATES is the creator of the famous COLT'S BOLTS.  They also offer other delicious chocolates and decadent desserts.  Their beautiful gift collections are great for the holidays – or anytime!  Order online or stop and see them in NASHVILLE.



COONEY’S MOUNTAIN MUSTARD                                       AUSTIN, PA

Since 2004 COONEY'S has been making their delicious MOUNTAIN MUSTARD from all natural ingredients.  You can order their mustard online or find a retailer near you.  Mustard comes in regular or mild with gift boxes available.



COWBOY JOHN'S BBQ                                                          STUART, IA

COWBOY JOHN'S GRILL'N AND DIPP'N SAUCE is great on steak, chicken, ribs, meatloaf, ribs, and even shrimp.  The sauce comes in mild and regular and you can purchase it by the bottle or case.  Try them both and pick your favorite.  Also check out the awesome recipes online.



COWGIRL CHOCOLATES                                                      MOSCOW, ID

COWGIRL CHOCOLATES was founded in 1997 and has been producing delicious treats ever since.  Products include chocolates, chocolate bars, caramels, cocoa and much more.  Shop directly online or find a retailer near you. Wholesale opportunities are available.



THE COWGIRL GOURMET                                                    SALTILLO, MS

THE COWGIRL GOURMET'S specialty is chocolate gravy.  Just use their mix to make the “gravy” and serve over hot biscuits at your next gathering – delicious!  They also have gourmet coffees available.



CRAZY CHARLIE’S SALSA                                                    INDIANAPOLIS, IN

Located in INDIANAPOLIS, CRAZY CHARLIE’S is home of some the best award-winning salsas and chili sauces around!  Order their salsas online or find a retailer near you.  They also have delicious recipes for you to try – so what are you waiting for?  Check them out today.



CRAZY WANDA'S                                                                   PELHAM, AL

Two tasty breadings are available from CRAZY WANDA'S, Chicken Tender and Cracker Meal.  Try them anytime you want to give your fried foods a boost. They also have Corn Meal, Corn Flour, and three types of seasonings available.  Check them out on Facebook to see where you can find these products.



CROOKED CONDIMENTS                                                      ASHEVILLE, NC

If you want to try the tastes of ASHEVILLE go no further than CROOKED CONDIMENTS.  They use all-natural ingredients from local vendors to make their delicious condiments.  Products include apple butter, mustard, hot sauce, and BBQ sauce.  Order online or find a retailer near you.



CURT'S BBQ SAUCE                                                              HILSBORO, ND

CURT'S BBQ SAUCE has been offering their delicious sauces since 2007.  They come in Mild, Medium, and Hot flavors so why not try all three?  Order online or find a retailer near you.



CYNFULL SAUCES                                                                 NORTH PLATTE, NE

CYNFULL SAUCES makes delicious desert toppings in six yummy flavors: Chocolate Fudge, Almond Chocolate Fudge, Butter Toffee, Latte Supreme, Caramel Cream, and Cinnamon Delight.  So good you'll want to try them all – go ahead!



DAKOTA SEASONINGS                                                          VALLEY CITY, ND

DAKOTA SEASONINGS offers a large variety of products to enhance your meals.  Their products include BBQ sauce, jams, jellies, syrups, and toppings.  They also have a large selection of mixes for soups, dips, spreads, macaroni salad, potato salad, and much more.  Customized gift baskets are available too.



DAK'S SPICES                                                                         BIRMINGHAM, AL

DAK'S SPICES offers spice blends that are all-natural, salt free, MSG free, and gluten free.  They use only high-quality herbs and spices with no additives or preservatives. There are over a dozen varieties to choose from so there's something perfect for every meal.  You can order online or find a retailer near you.  Also check out their tasty recipes!



DANNON                                                                                  MINSTER, OH

Founded in 1942, DANNON offers a variety of high-quality, great tasting yogurt.  Products include Dannon, Oikos, Activia, Dannon Fit and Lite, Danimals, and more!  Too many delicious, healthy choices to list.  Try them all – yum!



DEBRAND FINE CHOCOLATE                                               FORT WAYNE, IN

Founded in 1987, DEBRAND FINE CHOCOLATE has been making delicious chocolates for over 25 years.  Visit their website because there are too many delicious choices to list!  Order something for yourself or a wonderful gift for someone you love.



DELMARVA POPCORN & NUT                                             MILFORD, DE

DELMARVA POPCORN only uses regionally sourced popcorn to ensure the high quality of their gourmet products. The selection includes cheese, savory, candy-glazed, and kettle korn. Order online or find find a local vendor near you.



DECCIO'S SEASONINGS                                                        UNION GAP, WA

DECCIO'S ALL PURPOSE SEASONINGS is good in almost any meal.  It goes well with meat, chicken, fish, soups, veggies, popcorn, and more.  It's a party for your taste buds – give it a try.



DEVIL DUST                                                                            WADDY, KY

Pepper Heads” unite!  If you're looking to add some spice to your dishes look no further than DEVIL DUST.  A sprinkle on anything from chili to eggs will add some spice to your life.



DICK'S MAPLE FARM                                                             MONTPELIER, OH

DICK'S MAPLE FARM makes their award winning maple products using all natural organic practices.  Items include syrup, candy, honey, spread, and more.  Order online or find a local retailer.



DILLMAN FARMS                                                                    BLOOMINGTON, IN

Since 1970, DILLMAN FARMS has been making their products the old-fashioned way, with whole fruit and pure cane sugar.  Over 40 years later they are still going strong and their product line has grown to over 100 items.  The assortment includes all-natural fruit butter spreads, preserves, jellies, mustards, salsas, barbeque sauces and more.  Shop online or find out how you can become a wholesaler.



DONELLS CANDIES                                                                CASPER, WY

Founded in 1956, DONELLS CANDIES is a family owned business making chocolates and candies for over 60 years. They have a huge selection of chocolates and also offer fudge, pretzels, popcorn and more. Gift boxes are available. Shop online or stop by their store in CASPER.




Welcome to the ultimate in steak seasoning. DOUG'S LAST WISH ULTIMATE STEAK SEASONING is the last steak seasoning you'll need.  Once you try it no other seasoning will compare.  Try it on steak, chicken, veggies, eggs, and more... You're welcome.



EAGLEWINGZ HOT SAUCE                                                   SEAFORD, DE

EAGLEWINGZ offers four distinctive hot sauces to tempt your taste buds.  Order yours online today or find a retailer near you.  Wholesale and fund raising opportunities are available.



ECHO LAKE FOODS                                                               OWENSBORO, KY

Since 1941 ECHO LAKE FOODS has grown from an egg distributor to also provide other delicious options for breakfast.  Products include eggs, pancakes, waffles, rolls, and more.  These precooked items are great for schools, restaurants, buffets, hotels, etc.



EL GUAPO BITTERS                                                               NEW ORLEANS, LA

EL GUAPO BITTERS offers bitters, syrups, and tonics handmade in LOUISIANA.  So many flavors to choose from – it will take a while to find your favorite.  Gift sets are also available.



EL PINTO SALSA                                                                    ALBUQUERQUE, NM

You can now get the great taste of the El Pinto Restaurant in your own home.  Check out their delicious online recipes then order some EL PINTO SALSA.  Authentic southwest flavor delivered right to your door!



ELMER CANDY CORP                                                            PONCHATOULA, LA

ELMER CANDY has been making their delicious chocolate creations since 1855.  Order their seasonal candies online or find a retailer near you. You can also buy their Gold Brick Topping year round!



ESCH ROAD FOODS                                                              HONOR, MI

Established in 2012, ESCH ROAD FOODS makes nothing but premium products that are all natural from produce grown in the area. Products include salsas, fosters, barbeque sauces, preserves, and jellies. Order online or find a retailer near you.



EVA GATES                                                                             BIGFORK, MT

Founded in1949, EVA GATES has been making their fantastic preserves for almost 70 years.  They offer six flavors of preserves and three flavors of syrup.  Gift baskets, tins, and boxes are available.  Find ordering information online or stop by the store in BIGFORK.



FIDALGO FUDGE KITCHEN                                                   ANACORTES, WA

With over 20 flavors of fudge on the menu there is sure to be a taste for everyone.  Their fudge is made fresh with the finest ingredients.  Order your fudge online today or stop by the kitchen in ANACORTES.



FOLKLORE GORMET SYRUPS                                             SELBY, SD

FOLKLORE FOODS offers over 60 varieties of gourmet syrups for your coffee, espressos, smoothies, cocktails, ice creams, and more!  Also check out their over 20 flavors of granita.  You can also view their Dakota Maid soy products.  They have delicious recipes on their website and you can find a distributor near you.



HIDDEN VALLEY HONEY                                                       RENO, NV

What started as a hobby has grown into a business!  HIDDEN VALLEY HONEY now offers their delicious NEVADA honey as well as pollen, soap, and lip balms.  Did we mention they have over twenty flavors of honey sticks?  Order online or find a local retailer.



FEBY'S FISHERY HOT SAUCE                                             WILMINGTON, DE

For authentic DELAWARE taste check out FEBY'S FISHERY HOT SAUCE.  Their sauces come in Cayenne Pepper, Chipotle Pepper, and Green Habenero, sold individually or in a set.  Stop by the Fishery or order online!



FOREVER GARDENS BY NAN                                              MINOT, ND

FOREVER GARDENS BY NAN produces gourmet dipping oils, flavored wine vinegars, and dried herbs.  Their products are made with fresh, organically grown spices to ensure high-quality.  They also have Dipping Oil Set Gift Baskets available.



FREAKIN' FRESH SALSA                                                       HOCKESSIN, DE

FREAKIN' FRESH SALSA makes seven flavorful varieties of their delicious salsa plus two more that are low sodium.  They make their salsa in small batches with the best ingredients to ensure the best taste.  Get products and retailer information online.



FREESTONE PICKLE COMPANY                                          BANGOR, MI

FREESTONE PICKLE COMPANY was founded in 1903 and is one of the oldest family-run pickle producers in the country.  Products include pickles, pickle chips, peppers, and relishes.  Need to take care of your pickle fix?  Check out their 24-hour pickle store online.



FROG RANCH FOODS                                                            GLOUSTER, OH

FROG RANCH FOODS has been offering wholesome, great tasting, all natural salsas and pickles since 1994.  Check out their recipes online.  So good – Ribbit!



GALASSI FOODS                                                                     CORALVILLE, IA

GALASSI FOODS makes delicious pasta sauces for your family to enjoy.  Their sauce comes in four flavors which are both GMO and Gluten free.  Browse their online recipes and pick up some GALASSI pasta sauce today.  Shop online or at your local retailer.



GAYLEN’S HOMEGROWN POPCORN                                  WENTWORTH, SD

GAYLEN stakes his reputation on providing the best popcorn you’ve ever had.  Under his watchful eye from planting until harvest, GAYLEN tries to guarantee the highest quality products.  Browse their selection online then head out to get GAYLEN’S HOMEGROWN POPCORN today.



GILLY LOCO SALSA                                                              ALBUQUERQUE, NM

For those who want more spice out of life you need some GILLY LOCO SALSA.   Check out their delicious selection of salsas and chilies and try a few of their recipes.  Order online or find a local retailer near you.



GO DOUGH                                                                              WEST JORDAN, UT

If you like cookie dough you'll love GO DOUGH!  GO DOUGH is a unique blend of raw and organic super foods combined to fuel your body and keep you feeling satisfied. Flavors include cocoa almond, cocoa mint, chocolate chip, peanut butter, and cranberry orange.



GOOD PEOPLE POPCORN                                                    DETROIT, MI

Founded in 2006, GOOD PEOPLE POPCORN has been making gourmet popcorn in the DETROIT area for over a decade. They make small batches of popcorn with the finest ingredients to make the highest quality product possible. With over a dozen flavors to choose from you’ll want to try them all! Shop online or find a retailer near you today.



THE GOURMET FARM GIRL                                                  DELAWARE, OH

At THE GOURMET FARM GIRL you will find all natural foods made with the finest ingredients.  They specialize in delicious chilies and soups that are a “must try.”   Order direct online or locate a retailer near you.



GRADDY'S                                                                               CARROLL, IA

GRADDY'S starts their salsa off with the best tomatoes – that's what makes the GRADDY'S difference.  Their salsa is always made fresh with no preservatives and it's cholesterol free.  Get recipe ideas online and and locate GRADDY'S salsa at a Hy-Vee near you.


GRAND TRAVERSE PIE CO.                                                  ANN ARBOR, MI

GRAND TRAVERSE PIE COMPANY has been making delicious, hand-made pies since 1996. They use MICHIGAN products whenever possible to make the freshest, tastiest pies around. Go online to find a shop near you or have one of their famous pies shipped right to your door. What a great way to surprise a love one – the gift of pie!



GRASSLAND GOURMET & GIFTS                                         ONIDA, SD

Looking for healthy and delicious food products that are easy to prepare?  Get online and check out GRASSLAND GOURMET & GIFTS.  They have a large assortment of dips and mixes you can prepare to make your next meal or get-together something special.  You can find a retailer near you and get some good recipes too.



GREENE TOWN FOODS                                                         TRAVERSE CITY, MI

If you’d like a true taste of MICHIGAN you’ve got to try the apple chips from GREENE TOWN FOODS. They come in cinnamon or jalapeño flavor and are available in different sizes. A great idea for a healthy snack. Order online or find a retailer near you.



GREENWOOD ICE CREAM                                                    ATLANTA, GA

GREENWOOD ICE CREAM has been a leading manufacturer of specialty desserts for the food service industry for over 65 years. Their products include ice cream, sherbet, sorbet, gelato, frozen yogurt, and more. They offer five product lines with over 200 flavors – something for any budget and occasion.



GRIPPO'S                                                                                 CINCINNATI, OH

Making delicious, fun snack foods since 1919, GRIPPO'S, is committed to making the freshest, high-quality, snack foods you can eat.  Their products include chips, dips, pretzels and more; and they're made daily with no preservatives. 



GUNTHER'S GOURMET                                                         RICHMOND, VA

GUNTHER'S GOURMET offers a large selection of award-winning marinades, vinaigrettes, salsas, and dips.  Place an order and check out recipes online.



HAL'S HOMEADE JERKY CO                                                SHADY POINT, OK

HAL'S HOMEADE JERKY comes in over ten mouthwatering flavors.  You might just want to try them all.  Add a side of HAL'S cinnamon pecans and you're ready for some healthy snacking.  Order online - products are also available for resale.



HAWAIIAN HURRICANE POPCORN                                      PEARL CITY, HI

The HAWAIIAN HURRICANE POPCORN has grown to become a must-have snack when you go the islands.  Now you can get it delivered right to your door!  Available in different flavors and quantities.



HEBDA FAMILY PRODUCE                                                    MISSION HILL, SD

Founded in 2002, HEBDA FAMILY PRODUCE has grown to include a 55 acre orchard and berry farm.  Their products include freshly made jams, jellies, fruit pies, salsas, sauces, and much more.  You can order online, go to their store in the Yankton Mall, or find a retailer near you.



HELLIEMAE'S SALT CARAMELS                                          WHEAT RIDGE, CO

At HELLIEMAE'S you'll find delicious caramels handmade from high-quality ingredients, always made in small batches to ensure freshness and great taste.  Order their caramels or caramel sauces online or locate a retailer near you.  Wholesale opportunities are also available.



HERBADASHERY                                                                   CASPER, WY

HERBADASHERY is home of the Pine Ridge BBQ & Dipping Sauces. You can order sauces direct online or find a retailer near you. Gift baskets and recipes are also available.



HICKORY FARMS                                                                   MAUMEE, OH

HICKORY FARMS. The name is synonymous with food boxes and gift giving.  For over 60 years, HICKORY FARMS has been enriching holiday celebrations with the highest quality, best tasting, food gifts.  Check out their array of sausage, cheese, nut, and fruit gifts.  Order one today for someone you love.



HILARY'S EAT WELL                                                              LAWRENCE, KS

The name says it: HILARY'S EAT WELL.  If you want nutritious and delicious food that's convenient to make this is the place for you.  Their products don't have any of the allergens you normally find in food (gluten, dairy, nuts, soy, corn, eggs) and their ingredients are certified organic.  Learn more about their products, get recipes online, and find a retailer near you.



HOLLY'S OATMEAL                                                                TORRINGTON, CT

There's nothing better in the morning than a warm bowl of delicious oatmeal.  HOLLY'S OATMEAL takes it to the next level with healthy, all-natural ingredients and unique flavors like Apricot Maple Nut, Fig & Hazelnut, and much more.  Order online, find recipes, or locate a retailer near you.



HOPE AND HARMONY FARMS                                             DREWRYVILLE, VA

HOPE AND HARMONY FARMS is where you can find the famous VIRGINIA jumbo peanuts.  Their nuts come in a large assortment of flavors and they also have peanut candies.  Look for their delicious recipes online.  Wholesale opportunities are available.



HOTLANTA HOT SAUCE                                                        BROOKHAVEN, GA

HOTLANTA HOT SAUCE is made from a blend of all-natural chilies, spices, and peaches.  Try their award winning sauce for the perfect combination of sweet and heat.



HUDSON MEATS & SAUSAGES                                            HUDSON, SD

HUDSON MEATS & SAUSAGES has been family owned and operated since 1983.  They are a federally inspected, Certified SOUTH DAKOTA Beef plant that is organically certified and Animal Welfare approved.  Products include various cuts of beef, pork, and chicken, and also sausages, brats, cheeses, and coldmeats.



HUMPHREY POPCORN COMPANY                                      WARRENSVILLE HEIGHTS, OH

Family owned and operated since 1897, HUMPHREY POPCORN COMPANY are producers of delicious popcorn balls, candy kisses and other popcorn products.  As always, their popcorn is grown and processed in WAKEMAN, OH.



IMAGINARY DESIGNS                                                            NEWTON, KS

IMAGINARY DESIGNS offers delicious salsas and rubs that will be great with your next meal.  They also make beautiful and unique jewelry and accessories, definitely one-of-a-kind pieces.  Check them out online.



INDIAN WATER MAPLE SYRUP                                            NEW CREEK, WV

Need to feed your maple syrup fix?  INDIAN WATER MAPLE SYRUP makes their own delicious syrup and offers it in many sizes ranging from a small bottle to a full gallon jug.



INFUSION HOT SAUCE                                                          ROCKVILLE, MD

The INFUSION HOT SAUCE COMPANY specializes in vinegars infused with fresh ingredients like chilis, garlic, herbs, and spices.  The result is a taste explosion.  Flavors include Dragonfire, Firepower, Mango Bango, and Hypernova.  They also have a rub called Mr. Pig that goes great with any pork.  Order online and find delicious recipes too.



JAMES GANG BBQ                                                                NEWBERG, OR

Looking for award-winning barbecue sauce?  Check out JAMES GANG BBQ.  They offer a variety of BBQ sauces and specialty spices...freshly made and locally sourced.  Gift boxes are also available.



JAMES VALLEY COMPANY                                                  MELLETE, SD

This sounds like a crazy combination but somehow it works – JAMES VALLEY COMPANY makes the finest quality scent lures, nutritious dog treats, and tasty barbeque sauce, hopefully not at once – ha ha!  Big John has been making his BBQ sauce for over 25 years and it can be purchased by bottle, gallon, or case.  Give it a try!



JENI’S SPLENDID ICE CREAM                                              COLUMBUS, OH

Founded in 2002, JENI'S is devoted to making the best ice cream and bringing people together.  They use milk from a family of small OHIO farms to make over 20 delicious flavors of ice cream, frozen yogurts, sorbets, and more.



JIFFY BAKING MIX                                                                 CHELSEA, MI

JIFFY MIX has been a baking staple since the 1930’s. JIFFY has become the market leader in prepared muffin mixes by offering the highest quality ingredients and the best price. You can order mixes online and also order your own free recipe book – get baking!



JO JO'S JERKY                                                                       LAS VEGAS, NV

JO JO'S JERKY offers a huge variety of jerkys including chicken, beef, bacon, turkey, and salmon.  Their jerky comes in sticks, chunks, bars, and even jars and makes great gifts – but which flavor do you choose?  Order online or stop by one of their shops in LAS VEGAS.



JTM FOOD GROUP                                                                 HARRISON, OH                  

For four generations, JTM has been preparing fully cooked, healthier, better tasting foods.  The campus of food professionals at JTM provides  high-quality foods for schools, restaurants, grocers, and the military.  You can find recipes online as well.



JUANITA'S CANDY KITCHEN                                                ARKADELPHIA, AR

JUANITA'S CANDY KITCHEN has been cooking up their fantastic brittle since 1974.  Their varieties are peanut, pecan, and cashew.  Order a bucket today, or try one of each!



KEEP IT SIMPLE SYRUP                                                        RICHMOND, VA

KEEP IT SIMPLE SYRUP is an all-natural, flavor infused, simple syrup.  It can be used to flavor cocktails or other beverages, desserts or other dishes.  KEEP IT SIMPLE SYRUP is made from only natural ingredients and no additives.  Check out their recipes, place an order, or locate a retailer online.



KENNY'S FARMHOUSE CHEESE                                          AUSTIN, KY

KENNY'S FARMHOUSE has been making their delicious cheeses from their own cows' milk since 1998.  You can order their cheese online or stop by the farm if you're near AUSTIN - they'd love to see you!



KENTUCKY'S SMOKIN' GRILL                                              DANVILLE, KY

After years of tasty research barbecue perfection has been made!  KENTUCKY'S SMOKIN' GRILL offers barbecue sauces and now a gourmet mustard.  Shop online or find a retailer near you.



KERNELS & KANDIES                                                            OKLAHOMA CITY, OK

KERNELS AND KANDIES offers over 50 flavors of gourmet popcorn in seven sizes – surely a flavor to please everyone.  What a great idea for gifts or fundraisers.  You can also order fresh fudge or truffles online or stop by the shop in OKLAHOMA CITY.



KIMBALL ORIGINAL POPCORN BALL                                    KIMBALL, SD

KIMBALL ORIGINAL POPCORN BALL argues that they make the best popcorn balls in SOUTH DAKOTA.  It’s up to you to decide.  Order their three varieties online (original, honey, or caramel) or find a retailer near you.



KRAMARCZUK'S                                                                     MINNEAPOLIS, MN

KRAMARCZUK'S is a MINNEAPOLIS landmark after providing their delicious sausages since 1954.  Now you can order their beef jerky, beer sticks, or signature sausages online.  You can also order a recipe book and make some of their dishes at home.



LAUGHING MOON CHOCOLATES                                        STOWE, VT

With so many delicious items to choose from at LAUGHING MOON CHOCOLATES, you'll want to try them all.  You can stop by their shop in STOWE and attend a workshop while you pick up a sweet treat, or shop online and send some love to a friend. 



LITTLE CROW FOODS                                                           WARSAW, IN

Established in 1930, LITTLE CROW FOODS is a manufacturer of American foods products including Coco Wheats, Fryin' Magic, Bakin' Miracle, Fast Shake, and Miracle Maize.



LORI ANN'S CANDIES                                                            MOUNT VERNON, IA

LORI ANN'S CANDIES offers delicious handmade confections that are sure to satisfy your sweet tooth.  With over 40 flavors of truffles there is something for everyone.  Find them at a local farmers market or visit them on Facebook.



LOS CHILEROS de NUEVO MEXICO                                     ALBUQUERQUE, NM

Since 1981, LOS CHILEROS de NUEVO MEXICO has been providing authentic, Southwest tastes.  They offer various chilies, salsas, mixes, rubs, marinades, and much more.  They also have recipes online.  Check out their site and get everything you need for a great meal.



LUSCIOUS HAWAIIAN                                                              HONAUNAU, HI

Now you can taste the freshness of Hawaii like never before.  From the farm to your table, LUSCIOUS HAWAIIAN delivers delicious jams, jellies, and butters right to your door.  Other items include coffee, tea, nuts, and pesto.  Gift baskets are also available.



LUMINA HONEY & HIVE                                                         BEL AIR, MD

LUMINA HONEY & HIVE offers a variety of products for you and your home.  Items include honey, jams, spiced nuts, handmade soaps and lip balms, candles, furniture polish, and even loofah sponges!  View their whole selection online and go out to see them at Lost Acre Farm in BEL AIR.



MABLE'S TASTE OF HOME                                                   FARGO, ND                 

MABLE'S TASTE OF HOME hand-picks berries and fruits for their delicious jams, jellies and marmalades.  Other delicious products include syrups, sauces, mixes, and jalapeno products.  You can even make your own gift baskets.  Find a retailer near you or order online.



MALVI MARSHMALLOW                                                        CUMMING, GA

MALVI offers delicious marshmallows made from natural ingredients that are super fluffy and full of flavor.  They also have S'mores and cookies available. MALVI'S make great wedding, party, or shower favors and don't forget to ask about their dessert truck!



MANO Y METATE FRESH MOLE                                           TUSCON, AZ

MANO Y METATE'S mole powder is made from grinding fresh, whole spices, nuts, seeds and chilies.  You do the rest so your homemade mole is always fresh.  Order yours online or find a retailer near you.  They also have recipes and serving suggestions available.



MAPLE LEAF FARMS                                                             MILFORD, IN

MAPLE LEAF FARMS was founded in 1958 and since then has become the industry leader of duck products.  It is a fourth generation family-owned business that is dedicated to offering the highest quality products available.  Check out their great website for duck, cooking tips, yummy recipes and more.



MARION-KAY SPICES                                                            BROWNSTOWN, IN

Since 1922, MARION-KAY has been a family owned and operated manufacturer of herbs and spices.  They blend, grind, mix, bottle, and ship directly from their factory to you.  Go online to order your delicious spices or get some of their tasty recipes.  Their spices are also great for fundraisers!



MARK'S CARAMEL                                                                WALDPORT, OR

MARK'S CARAMEL has handmade caramel corn, nut brittles, toffee, savory popcorns, and seasonal items.  Check them out online or stop by the shop if you're driving down the Oregon coast.



MARTINSON'S RANCH CHOCOLATES                                 HUNTLEY, MT

Since 1985, MARTINSON'S RANCH CHOCLOATES has been making their delicious confections.  Their products include brittle, caramels, buttercrisps, and more.  Gift packs are available also.



MARY SUE CANDIES                                                             BALTIMORE, MD

MARY SUE CANDIES has been making their delicious candies since 1948.  Products include peanut brittle, taffy, pecan nougat logs, barks, pecan snappers, and assorted chocolates.  Makes a nice gift for someone or a treat for yourself.



MEETEETSE CHOCOLATIER                                                 MEETEETSE, WY

MEETEETSE CHOCOLATIER offers beautifully decadent confections, some even with a taste of the West's delicious seasonal berries.  Order directly online or stop by one of their stores in MEETEETSE or JACKSON HOLE.  Check online for hours.



MEMA'S AUTHENTIC SALSA                                                 MANNFORD, OK

MEMA'S AUTHENTIC SALSA comes in five varieties including Original, Serrano, and Habanero.  Their salsas are always made with the freshest ingredients to ensure high-quality.  Order online or at a store near you.



MILK HOUSE CHOCOLATES                                                 GOSHEN, CT

MILK HOUSE CHOCOLATES are made with all-natural ingredients and fresh milk from Thorncrest Farm.  The online menu changes weekly due to seasonal availability of fresh herbs and fruits so check back often.  Or order from their signature flavors or holiday collections.  They also have gift sets and perfect sizes for wedding or party favors.



MINNESALSA                                                                          HUGO, MN

MINNESALSA micro-brews their salsa in small batches with the best ingredients to ensure the freshest taste.  Their salsa comes in four flavors: Mild, Medium, Hot, and Black Bean & Corn.  Place an order and get some recipes online.



MIRACLE MUNCHIES                                                             TUSCON, AZ

MIRACLE MUNCHIES produces allergy free desserts and baked goods mixes. They currently offer 25 different products which include: Wheat-free, Dairy-free, Yeast-free, Vegan, Sugar-Free and Gluten-free products.  They have mixes for desserts, breakfast, breads, fruit breads, and Spanish rice.  Order online or find a retailer near you.



MISTER BEE POTATO CHIPS                                                PARKERSBURG, WV

If you're craving a real WEST VIRGINIA potato chip, the only place to go is MR. BEES.  Really, they're the only one who makes them!  Their chips come in six yummy flavors – so why not try them all?  Variety packs can be ordered online.



MISTY MEADOWS JAMS                                                       BANDON, OR

MISTY MEADOWS offers a large selection of delicious products - most of them made from OREGON grown fruit!  Items include fruit butters, jams, jellies, honey, fruit spreads, syrups, salsas, and more.  Order online or visit them in BANDON.



MONTELEONE PEPPERS                                                       BOWLING GREEN, OH

MONTELEONE PEPPERS produces their Peppers in Oil and now Peppers in Oil with sundried tomatoes.  All natural, gluten free, and vinegar free – Delicious!  And check out their recipes online!



MOODY GIRL SALSA                                                             COLUMBUS, NE

MOODY GIRL SALSA is made with fresh ingredients and comes in Mild, Medium, or Hot.  Their salsa is great for dipping chips or on your favorite Mexican dish.  Order online or find a store near you.



MOORE'S MARINADE                                                             BIRMINGHAM, AL

MOORE'S MARINADE uses only the best ingredients to make their award-winning marinades and sauces.  They have eight flavorful varieties to choose from; three marinades and five sauces, all made to perfectly enhance your food.  View their selection online and find a retailer near you.  Want more flavor?  Get MOORE'S!



MRS. STRATTON'S SALADS                                                 BIRMINGHAM, AL

MRS. STRATTON'S SALADS began with chicken and tuna salads but has expanded to include much more.  They now offer items such as egg salad, potato salad, pimento and jalapeno spreads, award-winning barbeque sauces, and more. They also have bulk products available for Food Service customers.  Find their whole selection online and a retailer near you.



MT ADAMS HONEY                                                                ZILLAH, WA

Natural honey – from the bees to you.  MT ADAMS HONEY offers several sizes of their delicious, raw honeys.  Their creamed version comes in natural, cinnamon, and huckleberry flavors.  Get the variety pack and try them all.



MUDDRANCH                                                                          LAS VEGAS, NV

MUDDRANCH has a line of smoked seasonings that are all natural, gluten free, and MSG free.  With over ten blends to choose from there is one perfect for any meal you're preparing.  Why not try them all to find your favorite?  MUDDRANCH also offers handmade fine art and jewelry!



MY BROTHER OOG'S BBQ SAUCE                                      DEWEY, OK

Perfected over many years, MY BROTHER OOG'S BBQ SAUCE is now available for everyone to enjoy.  There are four varieties available with more on the way so keep checking back.  Order online or locate a retailer near you.



MYSTIC HICKORY SYRUPS                                                  MYSTIC, CT

Turkeywoods Farm produces an award winning line of delicious syrups called MYSTIC HICKORY SYRUPS.  Their flavors include Shagbark Hickory, Hickory Nut, Hickory Ginger, and four yummy fruit flavored syrups.  Order online or find a store near you.  They also have recipes online – you'll want to try them all!



N.K. HURST HAMBEENS                                                        INDIANAPOLIS, IN

Founded in 1938, the N.K. HURST COMPANY has been providing their delicious dried beans for generations.  Look for their beans at your favorite grocer or order some online.  And while you’re at it, look up their recipes for some nutritious, flavorful meals.



NORTHEAST MAPLE PRODUCTS                                        DERBY, VT

Need a maple fix?  Check out NORTHEAST MAPLE PRODUCTS.  They have a great assortment of items including dressing, cream, jelly, and more made from 100% pure VERMONT maple syrup.  They have delicious recipes online too.



OLD KENTUCKY CHOCOLATES                                           LEXINGTON, KY

Founded in 1964, OLD KENTUCKY CHOCOLATES has been making their delicious confections for over 50 years.  Products include bourbon cherries and truffles, chocolate potato chips, derby mints, and much more.  Order online or stop by for a tour if you're in LEXINGTON.



OLE RAY’S SAUCES                                                              GOSHEN, OH

Award-winning gourmet sauces and seasonings for your barbecuing and cooking pleasure.  Check out OLE RAY'S selection of sauces, salsas, and rubs.  Order online and try out their awesome recipes.



OLE SMOKY CANDY KITCHEN                                             GATLINBURG,TN

Founded in 1950, the OLE SMOKY CANDY KITCHN has been making their delicious, handmade confections for over 60 years.  Their products include chocolates, fudge, caramels, creams, brittle, and of course, taffy.  Order online or stop by the shop in GATLINBURG.



ORLANDO BAKING COMPANY                                             CLEVELAND, OH

Originally founded in Italy in 1872, this CLEVELAND bakery began in 1904.  The ORLANDO BAKING COMPANY produces over 250 varieties of fresh and frozen hearth baked breads, rolls, and specialty items.  Their product line includes Italian, French, rye, and wheat breads; an extensive variety of subs, hoagies, kaisers, and hamburger buns; and one of the largest varieties of dinner rolls offered by any bakery.



PAPA'S GRANOLA                                                                 BISMARK, ND

PAPA'S GRANOLA offers six delicious flavors of chewy granola that is available in two sizes.  Flavors include Blueberry Suprise, Caramel Apple, Hawaiian Delight, Peaches and Cream, and more.  Order online or get out to PAPA'S PUMPKIN PATCH in BISMARK.



PEANUT BUTTER BOY                                                          HOBOKEN, NJ

PEANUT BUTTER BOY is the peanut butter of Super Heroes.  The secret is the simplicity – they only use dark roasted unblanched peanuts and sea salt to make a taste explosion!  Try both Super Smooth and Crunch Power.  Order online or find a retailer near you.



PENNINGTON FARMS HONEY                                              PEARL, MS

Founded in 1964, PENNINGTON FARMS has been producing their delicious honey for over fifty years and have a variety of products.  Go online to find a retailer near you and go get some honey!



PERFECTLY NUTS                                                                  WEST FARGO, ND

Mmmmmmmm... What's better than fresh, roasted nuts?  How about cinnamon roasted nuts!  PERFECTLY NUTS offers cinnamon roasted nuts like almonds, pecans, cashews, and sunflower seeds.  Their nuts are roasted daily for guaranteed freshness.  Yummy!



PICKLE CREEK HERBS                                                          FAIRFIELD, IA

PICKLE CREEK offers all-natural skin products such as handmade soaps, lip balms, deodorant, and salves.  They also produce their own dried herbs, infused olive oils, and vinegars.  All items are made with herbs grown on their own farm.  Order direct or find a local retailer online.



PICKLED PINK GOURMET                                                     ROSWELL, GA

PICKLED PINK offers products that are hand jarred and made with only the freshest ingredients.  Items include pickles, jalapenos, watermelons, peaches, and more.  Order online or find a retailer near you.



PILLETERI'S SEASONINGS                                                   BIRMINGHAM, AL

PILLETERI'S offers a selection of almost a dozen seasoning blends and five sauces for you to try.  Pick yours up at MR. P'S DELI in BIRMINGHAM or order online and have them delivered to your door.  The seasonings are also available in bulk.



PLYLEY’S CANDIES                                                               LAGRANGE, IN

PLYLEY’S CANDIES has been a family-owned, INDIANA staple since 1917.  They are manufacturers of a variety of candies and confections.  Browse their website to see the assortment of sweet treats available.  Order something for yourself or get a gift box for a friend



POPCORN EMPORIUM                                                           GATLINBURG, TN

At the POPCORN EMPORIUM, they make their popcorn in small batches to ensure the freshest, tastiest product.  You can order their delicious POPCORN online or stop by the EMPORIUM in GATLINBURG.



PRAIRIE LAVENDER FARM                                                   BENNINGTON, KS

PRAIRIE LAVENDER FARM is the oldest lavender farm in KANSAS.  They grow over 4600 plants and have twelve varieties of lavender. Their products include herbs, culinary lavender, tea, soaps, deodorant, lotion, lip balm, room spray, laundry soap, and much more.



PRISSY'S OF VIDALIA                                                            VADALIA, GA

PRISSY'S has grown to offer almost 100 gourmet items made from the freshest ingredients available. Items include salsas, hot sauces, relishes, jellies, butters, dressings, and much more. Recipes and gift sets are also available.



QUEEN BEE GARDENS                                                          LOVELL, WY

Since 1976, QUEEN BEE GARDENS has been producing their delicious honey caramels and confections. They have a large selection of treats including truffles, toffees, caramels, bark, and of course, honey. Gift boxes are also available. Shop online and get yourself a sweet treat today.



RABBIT'S PICKLED GARLIC                                                  STEVENSVILLE, MT

RABBIT'S PICKLED GARLIC offers five flavors of their pickled garlic.  Read about its benefits and get some delicious recipes while you shop online or you can find a retailer near you.



RAMSEY POPCORN COMPANY                                           RAMSEY, IN

RAMSEY POPCORN is home of the famous “Cousin Willie’s Popcorn.”  Founded in 1944, RAMSEY POPCORN has been making delicious, high quality popcorn for over 70 years and can be found worldwide.  Look for them in a grocer near you or order online.



RAPA SCRAPPLE                                                                  BRIDGEVILLE, DE

RAPA has been making their authentic SCRAPPLE since 1926 and now has several flavors to choose from. Try them all to find your favorite. Check them out online to find a store, place an order, or find tasty recipes.



RED GOLD TOMATOES                                                         ELWOOD, IN

Since 1942, RED GOLD has been producing premium quality tomato products.  The RED GOLD family of consumer brands includes RED GOLD, Redpack, Tuttorosso, and Sacramento.  Go online to see their various brands of tomato products and check out their delicious recipes.



REDNECK SAUCE COMPANY                                               TOWNSEND, MT

THE REDNECK SAUCE COMPANY offers a delicious selection of sauces, rubs, jams,and jellies.  Check out their products online and order today.



RISING HY SAUCES                                                               FLAGSTAFF, AZ

RISING HY offers a selection of hand-crafted specialty sauces. They use the freshest ingredients available to give you the freshest taste. Products include sauces, olive oil, honey mustard, and more.  Gift packages are also available as well as delicious recipes online.



ROBERT ROTHSCHILD FARMS                                            URBAN, OH

Established in 1984, ROBERT ROTHSCHILD FARMS still makes every product from scratch.  They are manufacturers of award-winning specialty foods including dips, sauces, condiments, preserves, and spreads.



ROCK STAR SEEDZ                                                                MANKATO, MN

ROCK STAR SEEDZ takes enjoying sunflower needs to the next level.  They have gourmet flavors like Blazin' Buffalo, Bloody Mary, Dill Pickle, and Tangy Ranch.  They also have original Salted or you can get an assortment case if you'd like to try them all.



ROSSI PASTA FACTORY                                                       MARIETTA, OH

ROSSI PASTA is famous for healthy pasta, healthy gourmet gifts, and outstanding recipes.  They still use only the finest, all natural ingredients fresh from the garden.  Their skilled pasta artisans continue to hang, harvest, and package their pasta daily by hand.



ROUND ROCK HONEY                                                            ROUND ROCK, TX

ROUND ROCK HONEY specializes in a true wildflower honey.  Their delicious honey is available in several sizes and they also offer beeswax lip balms and candles. Order online or find a local retailer.



RUBY SNAP                                                                            SALT LAKE CITY, UT

RUBY SNAP offers over a dozen delicious flavors of cookies.  They use only fresh ingredients that you can actually pronounce.  Order their cookies online or stop by the shop when you're in SALT LAKE CITY.



S & S APIARIES HONEY                                                        DOVER, DE

S & S APIARIES is a pollination service but that's not all – they also make honey products straight from the hive to you.  Products include honey, bees wax, candles, lotion, and a honey scrub.  They can also help you get started in beekeeping.



SAMSON'S SAUCE                                                                  PLEASANT GARDEN, NC                                                             

SAMSON'S SAUCE was created over 70 years ago and it's just as delicious today as it was then.  Find serving suggestions, recipes, and order your own SAMSON SAUCE online.



SANDERS CANDY                                                                  CLINTON TWP, MI

Founded in 1875, SANDERS CANDY has been providing their delicious confections for over 100 years.  Items include varieties of chocolates, dessert toppings, popcorn, dips, and more.  Go online to see their mouth-watering treats or find a shop near you.  Gift baskets are also available.



SASSY JONES BBQ BIZ                                                         MONTROSE, AR

If you're looking for some great southern food look no further than SASSY JONES BBQ.  Their delicious products include barbecue sauces, jams, jellies, spices, rubs, and much more.  Order direct online.



SAVANNAH BEE CO                                                               SAVANNAH, GA

Check out the SAVANNAH BEE COMPANY for everything honey!  Of course they have artisan and everyday honey; but they also offer health and beauty items, candles, baby products, and more.



SCOTTY O’HOTTY HOT SAUCE                                            DEARBORN, MI

Get your own bottle of award winning hot sauce from SCOTTY O’HOTTY. This is the “Motor City Hot Sauce.” These sauces are all natural, low sodium, and gluten free.  Order online or find a retailer near you, and check out the web for some awesome recipes.



SECHLER’S PICKLES                                                             ST. JOE, IN

As soon as you get to this website you see they have over 50 pickle products to choose from!  How can you pick just one?  Go online to view their selection, order pickles, or order a gift pack.  You can also order a catalog or learn how to become a SECHLER’S PICKLES wholesaler.



SERENDIPITY CONFECTIONS                                              LARAMIE, WY

SERENDIPITY CONFECTIONS has been making their delicious treats since 2008. Their candies are handmade using the finest ingredients; organic and local whenever possible. Get online and order yours today.



SHARP'S CANDIES                                                                 LEXINGTON, KY

Since 1973 SHARP'S CANDIES has been making delicious candies and chocolates in LEXINGTON.  Their scrumptious treats include bourbon cremes and truffles, brittles, popcorn, nuts, chews, and much more.  Order online or stop by their shop in LEXINGTON.




SHELL-BEE'S makes home made sea salts, sugar blends, and spice products out of the highest-quality ingredients.  Find product information and retailer locations online.



SIMPLY SUNFLOWER                                                            NORTH LOUP, NE

SIMPLY SUNFLOWER OIL is a natural product made from NEBRASKA sunflowers.  Their oil has a light, fresh taste and can be used as a dressing or cooking oil.  Find a store near you or order online.



SISTER SCHUBERT'S ROLLS                                               LUVERNE, AL

What goes better with dinner than rolls warm from the oven?  SISTER SCHUBERT offers a variety of rolls that can be found near you or delivered to your door.  Products include rolls, baguettes, mini loaves, cinnamon rolls, and more.  View their selection online and pick some up as a compliment to your next meal.


SLEEPING BEAR FARMS                                                       BEULAH, MI

SLEEPING BEAR FARMS’ delicious items include honey, honey mustards, honey spreads, and maple syrup.  Products are available individually or in bulk so stock up!



SOFO’S ITALIAN MARKET                                                     TOLEDO, OH

An Italian foods specialty store, SOFO'S also offers their own lines of cheeses, spices, sauces, and more made in TOLEDO, OH.  Check out their great weekly specials; you’ll want to shop SOFO'S for sure!



SOMEDAY FARM                                                                    EAST DORSET, VT

SOMEDAY FARM is VERMONT'S first Community Supported Agriculture program and has been providing amazing fresh produce since 1984.  Read their story online, find locations, and see how to get involved.



SOUL SPROUT                                                                        LONGMONT, CO

Discover for yourself the curative powers of plant-based sprouted ingredients in these delicious, healthy snacks.  Their natural, organic snacks are free of wheat, dairy, soy, gluten, sugar, and GMO's and packed full with nutrient filled ingredients that will help nourish your body, mind, and soul.




100% made in MICHIGAN!  SOUTHWESTERN MICHIGAN BUTTERY makes apple, blueberry, peach, plum, and rhubarb butters using only the freshest and best ingredients.  You can order their butters online, find tasty recipes, or find a retailer near you. Also check out their calendar of upcoming events.



SPANGLER CANDY                                                                BRYAN, OH

SPANGLER CANDY has been making delicious candies like Dum Dum suckers, candy canes and Circus Peanuts since 1906.  Shop online or find a nearby retailer.  Their candies are also available in bulk.



STEEN'S SYRUP                                                                     ABBEVILLE, LA

STEEN'S 100% pure cane syrup has been a LOUISIANA tradition for over 100 years.  They offer syrup, molasses, vinegar, and gift boxes.  Also check out their delicious recipes.



STOBER FARMS                                                                     BALDWIN, ND

STOBER FARMS manufactures farm fresh products such as flax, chia, and more.  Their products are non-GMO, gluten-free, natural or organic, and high in beneficial nutrients.  Find product information, health tips, and retailers online.



STONEWALL APIARY                                                            HANOVER, CT

STONEWALL APIARY produces delicious honey and other bee products such as beeswax candles, wood polish, beeswax, and gift sets.  Wholesale opportunities are also available.  Interested in beekeeping?  See their schedule online of classes for beginners.



SUNFLOWER FOOD COMPANY                                           LENEXA, KS

Founded in 2013, SUNFLOWER FOOD CO is home of the original Sunny Seeds.  Other yummy products include candies, snack mixes, popcorn, and more.  They also have seasonal and gift items available.



SWEET SERENITY CHOCOLATES                                        SEAFORD, DE

SWEET SERENITY CHOCOLATES makes handmade gourmet treats that are as beautiful as they are delicious.  Products include chocolates, truffles, chocolate covered pretzels or strawberries, bark, and more.



TABASCO                                                                                AVERY ISLAND, LA

America has been loving TABASCO sauces since 1868.  Their selection has grown to seven delicious varieties.  They also offer marinades, basting sauces and jellies, and other condiments.  Find yummy recipes and order their products online.



TAHOE TOFFEE                                                                      GARDNERVILLE, NV

TAHOE TOFFEE makes a variety of delicious confections that are sure to please everyone.  Their products range from caramel corn, peanut brittle, honey comb, peppermint bark, and, of course, yummy toffee.  Baskets and bundles are available and make great gifts.  Order online or find a local retailer.



TALLGRASS TOFFEE                                                             LENEXA, KS

TALLGRASS TOFFEE uses only the finest ingredients to make their decadent products.  Items include toffees, turtles, dessert toppings, patties,and clusters.  They also have gift baskets and corporate gifts available.



TASSOT APIARIES HONEY                                                   MILFORD, NJ

Support your local bee keepers at TASSOT APIARIES.  They have a large selection of products including honeys, candles, soaps, and even beeswax polish.  Order online, at the farm, or find them at a farmers market.



TATANKA SAUCE                                                                   CAMDEN, DE

If you're looking for award-winning hot sauce, TATANKA SAUCE is the place to go.  Their sauce is available is several flavors and sizes.  You can order online and get some great recipes while you're at it.



TELL CITY PRETZELS                                                           TELL CITY, IN

TELL CITY PRETZELS has used the same recipe since 1858. When something's not broke don't fix it! Order their delicious pretzels online or find a vendor near you.



THREE SISTERS FARM SOAP                                               ESSEX, CT

THREE SISTERS FARMS produces a variety of items made from all-natural ingredients.  Their products include a large selection of goat milk soaps, lip balms, and other skin care products.  Also available from the farm is honey, beeswax candles, and gift tubs.



TOFT DAIRY                                                                            SANDUSKY, OH          

Founded in 1900, TOFT'S family owned and operated dairy is OHIO'S oldest dairy.  TOFT'S uses only the finest ingredients to produce over 70 flavors of ice cream and yogurt.  After one taste you’ll understand why their philosophy is “One Quality.”   Yum!



TORTILLAS INC                                                                      NORTH LAS VEGAS, NV

Originally established in 1979, TORTILLAS INC was NEVADA'S first tortilla company.  Their chips, tortillas, and shells can be found in stores across the country.  Find delicious recipes and retailer information online.



TORTURED ORCHARD                                                          NORTH EGREMONT, MA

TORTURED ORCHARD offers a line of gourmet condiments that are versatile and all-natural.  Go online to use their store locator or get recipes.



TUCKER PECAN COMPANY                                                  MONTGOMERY, AL

Since 1952, the TUCKER PECAN COMPANY has been selling fresh pecans, never refrigerated or frozen.  That's why they are known for exceptional quality and taste. They have a variety of natural, roasted, and candied pecans available.  Also check out their gift baskets and tins – great for the holidays.  Great recipes online.



TWO DUMB DAMES FUDGE                                                  EUREKA SPRINGS, AR

Founded in 1980, TWO DUMB DAMES has been making their delicious fudge for over 35 years.  Their other products include specialty chocolates, taffy, clusters, and more.  Gift boxes are also available. Order online or stop by the shop in EUREKA SPRINGS.



TWO GUYS TOMATO SAUCES                                             BERGENFIELD, NJ

Nothing can match the taste of New Jersey tomatoes so you need to try this sauce.  TWO GUYS TOMATO SAUCES come in three delicious flavors: Classic Marinara, Classic Spicy, and Tomato Basil.  Order the sampler and try all three!



UMPQUA OATS                                                                       HENDERSON, NV

UMPQUA OATS takes oatmeal to a whole other level.  They use whole rolled oats to start and then add the best, freshest ingredients they can find to enhance your oatmeal eating experience.  With unique flavors like Salted Caramel Meltdown, Vanilla Almond Crunch, Triple Berry Jackpot, and more, you won't know which one to try first.



UNCLE BUNK'S CONDIMENTS                                              SISTERSVILLE, WV

UNCLE BUNK'S offers gourmet condiments you're sure to love.  Items include pepper sauce, mustard relish, sweet pickles, and various spice blends.  Get great recipes, order online, or find a local retailer.  Gift baskets are available too.



UNCLE HENRY’S CANDIES                                                  CICERO, IN

Love freshly made handmade chocolates? Then you'll love UNCLE HENRY'S CANDIES. They have turtles, bark, logs, clusters, and more. Try them all to find your delicious favorite!



UNIQUE CONFECTIONS                                                         NORMAN, OK

Founded in 2012, UNIQUE CONFECTIONS has quickly made a name for itself as the go-to place for decadent delights.  Stop by their shop in NORMAN to try their handcrafted treats for yourself - and remember them for your next special event.



UTZ SNACKS                                                                           HANOVER, PA

Since 1921 UTZ has grown from just making delicious potato chips into the largest independent, privately held snack brand in the USA!  Their other brands include Bachman, Zappo's, Good Health, and Dirty's with snacks ranging from chips and pretzels to popcorn and apple chips.  Shop online or find a nearby retailer.



VELVET ICE CREAM                                                              UTICA, OH

Founded in 1914, VELVET ICE CREAM has been manufacturing ice cream in OHIO for generations. They offer several varieties of their ice creams and have delicious recipes online.  And don’t forget about that Ice Cream Festival – see you there!



VERMONT CHEESE HOUSE                                                  ARLINGTON, VT

The VERMONT CHEESE HOUSE was founded in 1968 and has been making delicious cheese ever since.  They have various cheeses available and have expanded to included maple syrup and gift boxes.  Shop online or stop by their store if you're in ARLINGTON.



WAGGONER CHOCOLATES                                                  NORTH CANTON, OH

WAGGONER CHOCOLATES are producers of more than 100 varieties of bulk and individually wrapped chocolates and seasonal confections.  Their chocolates are made with the finest, freshest ingredients available.  Their chocolates are beautiful and look like little pieces of art; almost too good to eat…almost!



WANNARUB                                                                           COLLEGEVILLE, PA

WANNARUB is an all natural spice rub and seasoning that you can use with practically any meal. Check out their recipes online and order your WANNARUB today.



WARD'S KENTUCKY SPECIALTIES                                      LEXINGTON, KY

WARD'S KENTUCKY SPECIALTIES only uses the freshest and highest-quality ingredients in all of their products.  Their selection includes sauces, chutney, and mustard.



WEST VIRGINIA FRUIT AND BERRY                                    BRIDGEPORT, WV

Since 1995, WEST VIRGINA FRUIT AND BERRY has been providing their delicious products with no corn syrup, no additives, and no preservatives.  Items include preserves, fruit butters, pepper jams, and wines.  Get great recipes, order online, or find a retailer near you.



WHOLE HOG BBQ                                                                  LITTLE ROCK, AR

The WHOLE HOG CAFE is a staple in LITTLE ROCK but now you can get their award winning sauces delivered right to your door.  Order any of their signature sauces online or go all-in and get a six-pack (of sauces.)



WICKED SEASONING                                                             GREAT FALLS, MT

WICKED SEASONING is a special blend of herbs and spices that will add a spicy kick to your barbecues, soups, salads, salsas, and more.  Get adventurous with your WICKED SEASONING.  Online you can place an order, find recipes or find a nearby retailer.



WILD SKY SEASONINGS                                                       NORTH PLATTE, NE

Want to take your cooking to the next level of flavor?  Try WILD SKY SEASONINGS.  The special blend of spices in their injection mix works great with your turkey, geese, or chicken.  Order online or become a wholesaler.



WILLOW MOON BOTANICALS                                              TOLEDO, OH

WILLOW MOON BOTANICALS is the place to go for herbal products to help your mind, body, and spirit.  They offer teas, seasonings, potables, balms, lotions, insect repellent, and more.  Learn about herbalism & their products at their website, and find them at the Toledo Farmer's Market.



WYOMING SAUCE CO.                                                          GILLETTE, WY

WYOMING SAUCE COMPANY is the proud manufacturer of the delicious sauces known as Sweet Cheyenne and Bold Faithful. Check back often, more sauces are coming. You can find yummy recipes online and order your sauces today.



YELLOWSTONE SEASONING                                               IDAHO FALLS, ID

YELLOWSTONE SEASONING has been passing down their family recipe for generations and now you can enjoy it too.  Try both their Old Faithful Blend and their Spicy Buffalo Blend . Check out their tasty recipes too.  Shop online or find a retailer near you.




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