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ALLEGIANCE FOOTWEAR                                                    MOUNTAIN CITY, TN

AF BOOTS offers American made boots for farm, field, work, and casual wear.  Their products are made with the highest quality materials available and their craftsmanship is second to none.



ALDEN SHOES                                                                        MIDDLEBORO. MA

Founded in 1884, ALDEN SHOES is the oldest New England shoe and bootmaker in business today.  View their online catalog and use their locator to find a retail location near you.



BACK AT THE RANCH BOOTS                                              SANTA FE, NM

BACK AT THE RANCH manufactures amazing cowboy boots in many styles and colors.  They make cowboy boots, shoe boots, and mules.  Browse their huge selection online and order yourself some new kicks!



BANANA JACK                                                                        HONOLULU, HI

If you're going to wear a Hawaiian shirt, get one straight from HAWAII - go to BANANA JACK.  They have sandals, shirts, dresses, and even wedding wear.  Check out their different styles for men, women, and kids.



BRACKISH                                                                               CHARLESTON, SC

BRACKISH is home of the original feather bow tie.  They use real feathers and somehow create bow ties that look like pieces of art.  They also offer cummerbunds, loafers, cufflinks, pins, and more.  Their items are stunning and one-of-a-kind.



CANDI BELTS                                                                         GROSSE POINTE, MI

Founded in 2005, CANDI BELTS’ products include sandals, belts, purses, totes, headbands, and more. You can even get a dog collar to match your belt so you and your pet can both be in style!  Go online to see their cute designs and find a retailer near you.



CHRISSY’S KNEE HIGH SOCKS                                           EASTPOINTE, MI

Founded in 2009, CHRISSY'S boasts hundreds of uniquely stylish, fun, and flirty socks. You’ll find something for the unique you, if not, customize your own! Check out their huge selection online. There is something for everyone!



CURVETURES                                                                         GLOVERSVILLE, NY

CURVETURES offers high-quality women's shoes and boots.  They have a large selection of styles and colors to choose from.  Visit their sister site TICTACTOES.COM for their dance and performance shoes.



DANNER                                                                                   PORTLAND, OR

DANNER has been manufacturing high-quality boots since 1932.  What started out with only work boots has grown to include hunting, hiking, military, law enforcement, and lifestyle boots.  You can find their men's and women's boots online or locate a nearby retailer.



DIRTBALL FASHION                                                               HICKORY, NC

DIRTBALL FASHION makes apparel that 100% made in the USA and 100% eco-friendly.  They have a large selection of products that includes socks, t-shirts, polos, hoodies, jeans, and more.



FENOGLIO BOOT CO                                                             NOCOMA, TX

Is there anything more “TEXAS” than cowboy boots?  The FENOGLIO BOOT CO is keeping tradition alive by creating leather boots by hand using only the highest-quality leather available.  Check out their beautiful boots online or stop by the store in NOCOMA.



FOOT PETALS                                                                         PICKERINGTON, OH

FOOT PETALS are designer shoe cushions that combine both comfort and style.  They have different cushions for different problem areas on your feet.   Wear FOOT PETALS with your favorite sexy shoes – your feet will love you for it!



FOX RIVER MILLS                                                                  OSAGE, IA

Founded in 1900, FOX RIVER is known as America's oldest sock brand.  FOX SOX are for men, women, and kids.  They come in many different styles and colors.  And don't forget that SOCK MONKEY!  Order online or locate a retailer near you.



GIZMO SOCKS                                                                        LAS VEGAS, NV

GIZMO SOCKS are American-made with technology that makes them comfortable and keeps your feet dryer.  Their socks come in different styles with plenty of cool designs to choose from.  Not all items on the site are made in USA – but the socks are!



GOODHEW SOCKS                                                                 CHATTANOOGA, TN

Unlike other brands, GOODHEW uses Spandex throughout their socks to ensure a snug fit all day.  They offer men's and women's socks in a large variety of styles and colors.  View their products and locate a retailer online.



GURKEE'S                                                                               MORGANTOWN, VW

GURKEE'S makes hand-crafted sandals and accessories from eco-friendly materials like soft textured carpet yarn.  Get ready for the most comfortable sandal you've ever worn.  Other items include rope belts, bracelets, keychains, pet leads, and soy candles.



HEARTLAND FOOTWEAR                                                     SOUTH BEND, IN

HEARTLAND FOOTWEAR was founded in 2010 and is dedicated to making the best boot you’ve ever worn.  Their boots are proudly made 100% in the USA and are designed with your comfort in mind. They’re also lightweight, rugged, dependable and even recyclable!  Go online to see all the wonderful options. 



HOFFMAN BOOTS                                                                  KELLOGG, ID

HOFFMAN BOOTS is a family owned business that strives to make the highest quality boots on the market.  They offer work, hunting, hiking, mining, logging boots and more.  Get online to order from their huge selection.



IN2GREEN                                                                                DOBBS FERRY, NY

IN2GREEN offers a huge selection of products for you and your home made from recycled materials.  Shop from their socks and other clothing accesories online.  Also check out their pet, furniture, baby, and home decor items.



ISLAND SLIPPER                                                                    HOHOLULU, HI

ISLAND SLIPPER sandals have been handmade in HAWAII since 1946.  They have a large selection of sandal styles for men and women.  Order online or stop by one of the shops in HONOLULU.



JOJOSOX                                                                                 ORANGEBURG, SC

JOJOSOX combines comfort, performance, and style to make the perfect socks.  They're also eco-friendly so they help the planet while they take care of your feet.  Check out their large selection of colors and styles and while you're at it, join the Sock of the Month Club.  Bags and wallets are also available.



JULIE BEE'S                                                                            ATLANTA, GA

JULIE BEE'S makes American luxury footwear.  Their shoes are handcrafted and high-quality.  Browse their selection online and check back often to see the latest styles.



KLOGS FOOTWEAR                                                               SULLIVAN, MO

KLOGS FOOTWEAR makes shoes for people who want to be comfortable when they're on their feet.  They have many styles of KLOGS in several colors.  Not all of their shoes are made in America – look for the USA Collection.



LOVELESS CUSTOM BOOTS                                                OKLAHOMA CITY, OK

LOVELESS CUSTOM BOOTS AND SHOES has been making the finest quality, custom boots, shoes, and orthopedic footwear for almost thirty years and their experience shows.  Order your custom footwear online or stop by the factory in OKLAHOMA CITY.  Accessories are also available.



MUNRO AMERICA                                                                   HOT SPRINGS, AR

MUNRO SHOES is so committed to the perfect fit they have 75 size and width combinations – not to mention all the beautiful styles!  Order your perfect shoes online or locate a retailer near you.



ONESOLE                                                                                MONROE, WA

ONESOLE manufactures interchangeable shoes.  They have over 20 different base styles with tons of tops to go with them.  The possibilities are endless – a dream come true!  They're also a space and money saver.  View their selections online.



PIPER SANDAL CO                                                                 SAN ANTONIO, TX

Founded in 1971, PIPER SANDAL specializes in exquisite, handmade sandals.  They have The Original and The Slipon and their sandals come in a variety of colors.  They also have kids' sandals so the whole family can walk around in comfort.



SLOGGERS                                                                             GARDENA, CA

For waterproof comfort boots and shoes, SLOGGERS is the only place to go.  Their shoes come in such a large variety of fun designs and colors you might have a hard time choosing the right pair for you.  Order online or locate a dealer.



SNUGGLY TOES                                                                     SALEM, OR

SNUGGLY TOES makes shoe and boot insoles from alpaca hair. Their insoles are for extra warmth and are great for those who spend time in the cold elements. They also offer bedding, pet beds, yarn, hats, and more.



SOFT STAR SHOES                                                                CORVALLIS, OR

Since 1985, SOFT STAR SHOES has been making their minimal shoes.  Their hand-crafted shoes mimic the feel of being barefoot and encourage natural movement of the foot.  They have a large selection of shoes, boots, and moccasins for adults, kids, and babies.  Find more information and order online.



SOM FOOTWEAR                                                                    MONTROSE, CO

Tired of back pain?  It might be your footwear.  SOM stands for Sense Of Motion and its that concept that makes their footwear so unique.  They are super lightweight and mimic the feeling of being barefoot.  Your satisfaction is guaranteed so give them a try!



SWIFTWICK                                                                             BRENTWOOD, TN

SWIFTWICK makes high performance, high-quality athletic socks in a large assortment of sizes and styles.  Order your SWIFTWICK socks online or find a local retailer.  Don't forget to check their closeout specials.



TEXAS JEANS                                                                          ASHEBORO, NC

TEXAS JEANS are actually made in NORTH CAROLINA; and they don't sell just jeans.  They also offer socks, shirts, and more.  Use their fitting chart to get the perfect fit.



THOSE SHOES                                                                        WESTON, WV

For shoes and accessories that will make you the envy of all of your friends, check out THOSE SHOES.  Their products are hand-crafted and beautiful works of art.  Items include shoes, bags, coins purses, guitar straps, and more.  No two items are alike so show off your unique you with THOSE SHOES.



TIC-TAC-TOES                                                                         GLOVERSVILLE, NY

Need high-quality dance or performance shoes? TIC-TAC-TOES is the only place to go. They have a large selection of dance, organist, chorus, theatrical, and street shoes.  Visit their sister site CURVETURES.COM for a large selection of women's shoes and boots.



WHITE'S BOOTS                                                                     SPOKANE, WA

WHITE'S BOOTS have been handcrafted for over 100 years.  It's this experience that puts WHITE'S BOOTS a step ahead of the rest.  Find product information online and locate a dealer near you.



WIGGY'S                                                                                  GRAND JUNCTION, CO

Since 1986, WIGGY'S has been making high-quality outer wear and gear to protect you from the elements.  Products include boots, sleeping bags, ponchos, vests, jackets, mittens, hand warmers, and much more.  They even have items for your pet.



WORLD'S SOFTEST                                                                NIOTA, TN

Who would've thought the WORLD'S SOFTEST SOCKS would be made in TENNESSEE?  Well, they are!  WORLD'S SOFTEST offers a large assortment of colorful, soft socks to choose from.  Order yours online or find a nearby retailer.




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