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AFFORDABLE FURNITURE                                                   HOULKA, MS

Established in 2004, AFFORDABLE FURNITURE MANUFACTURING CO. has become one of the largest privately owned furniture manufacturers in the country.  Their huge inventory includes sectionals, sofas, loveseats, chairs, sleepers, and more.  Browse their selection online and contact them to find a dealer near you.



ALASKA LOG FURNISHINGS                                                WASILLA, AK

ALASKA LOG FURNISHINGS creates custom made furnishings from the forest to your home.  Each item is hand-crafted down to the slightest detail.  Browse their online gallery or stop by the showroom to see what they can create for you.  If you can think of it – they can build it.



ALASKA STOVE                                                                      BLOOMSBURG, PA

ALASKA STOVE manufactures a line of USA made outdoor furniture that is hand-crafted with sustainable wood that really stands up to any weather conditions.  They have also been proudly making coal, pellet, and gas stoves in the USA since 1977.



ALASKA WOODCRAFTERS                                                  ANCHORAGE, AK

Let ALASKA WOODCRAFTERS custom build that unique piece of furniture for your home or office.  Their high-quality furniture can be passed down for generations. Check them out online and see what they can build for you.



ALL BARN WOOD, INC                                                          SPANISH FORK, UT

If you like the “barn wood” look you'll love ALL BARN WOOD, INC.  They make everything from frames and mirrors, to furniture, flags, and more!  They can even customize jobs for you.  Check out their large inventory online.



BABY ECO TRENDS                                                              ATHENS, GA

Founded in 2008, BABY ECO TRENDS offers solid wood baby and children's furniture. Their products include cribs, chairs, Moses baskets, bunk beds, and more. They also have a selection of wooden and riding toys.



BAUHAUS FURNITURE                                                          SALTILLO, MS

BAUHAUS FURNITURE has been making high-quality, great looking, upholstered furniture for over 25 years right here in MISSISSIPPI.  Products include sectionals, sofas, chairs, and more.  View their collection online and find a retailer near you.




BEAR ESSENTIALS CUSTOM LOG FURNITURE offers a large selection of furniture including beds, chests, benches, tables, chairs, and more.  They also do custom carvings.  Browse their work online and contact them to have your own custom piece made.



BENT LOG DESIGNS                                                              DRAPER, UT

BENT LOG DESIGNS creates some of the most unique furnishings you'll see anywhere.  Their products include beds, armoires, chairs, tables, stool, cabinets, and more. Check out their online catalog and give them a call.



THE BENT TREE                                                                     BETHANY, MO

THE BENT TREE offers a large selection of willow furniture and home decor items.  Their products are hand-crafted, beautiful, and one-of-a-kind.  View their products online or stop by the gallery in BETHANY.  Some items are available on Etsy.



BEST HOME FURNISHINGS CO                                            FERDINAND, IN

This family-owned and operated company has been making beautiful furniture in INDIANA for over forty years.  They provide the best products available at the most affordable prices.  With one of the biggest selections in the industry, surely there's something for everyone.  Browse their catalog online and find a dealer near you today.



BIG DOG LOG FURNITURE                                                    COLGATE, WI

BIG DOG LOG FURNITURE produces handmade, rustic log furniture.  Their products include bar stools, gliders, ottomans, beds, night stands, benches, and dressers. They also offer coat trees, mirrors, and frames.  View their gallery and price list online.



BIRDS CHOICE                                                                        CHILTON, WI

If you like backyard birdwatching, go to BIRDS CHOICE to get products to attract the most birds.  They offer a large variety of bird feeders, baths, and houses.  They also have bat houses, butterfly houses, and squirrel feeders for your other nature friends.  But don't stop there, order yourself some outdoor furniture too.



BLACKWATER WOODWORKS                                              BENTLEY SPRINGS, MD

BLACKWATER WOODWORKS designs and manufactures custom made furniture.  Browse their online galleries to view their beautiful chairs, tables, and benches.  The dimensions of items shown can be altered to suit your needs.



BLUE DOG FINE WOODWORKING                                       RIO RANCHO, NM

BLUE DOG FINE WOODWORKING is a family owned business that specializes in hand-made, custom, wood furnishings and other products.  Their attention to detail is second to none and you are sure to be pleased with their beautiful work.  Browse through their online gallery and give them a call.



BLUESWOOD                                                                          BALESVILLE, MS

BLUESWOOD makes high-quality, hand-crafted furniture from antique woods harvested from the Mississippi Delta.  Their unique furniture is beautiful and each piece has a story to tell.  Each item will be a conversation piece.  Browse their selection online and find a retailer near you.




BRANDENBERRY AMISH FURNITURE manufactures solid wood furniture crafted by expert Amish artisans.  They have a large selection of styles and designs to choose from.  You can also design a custom piece.  View their catalog online or visit their store in SHIPSHEWANA.



BROWN CHICKEN LOG WORKS                                           TRUCKEE, CA

BROWN CHICKEN LOG WORKS hand-crafts beautiful pieces of furniture.  Their products include beds, tables, night stands, pool tables, stairs, and more.  Browse their gallery to see their work and what they can do for you.  Customs jobs welcome!



CABINET FEVER                                                                     ANCHORAGE, AK

Founded in 1999, CABINET FEVER offers a wide variety of American made, custom cabinetry.  They can design and build any style kitchen, bath, entertainment center, wet bar, etc.  Commercial work includes reception desks, break rooms, snack rooms, and more.  View some of their projects online or stop by the store in ANCHORAGE.



CAROLINA CHAIR                                                                   CONOVER, NC

At CAROLINA CHAIR you buy your furniture direct from the manufacturer and save big money – no middleman!  And with so many styles and fabrics to choose from the possibilities are endless.  Get online and custom order your furniture today.



CARTER'S CRAFTS                                                                HAHNVILLE, LA

CARTER'S CRAFTS makes handmade wood items including swings, arbor frames, gliders, tables, chairs, wooden toys, pens, kitchen items, and more.  Browse their whole inventory online or stop and see them in HAHNVILLE.



CEDAR CLOSETS AND PRODUCTS                                     OKLAHOMA CITY, OK

100% genuine OKLAHOMA CEDAR is used in all of their closets, paneling, and products.  Plus they use 100% of the tree – nothing goes to waste.  Get more information online and contact them for an estimate.



CHAIR CITY WAYSIDE FURNITURE                                      GARDNER, MA

Founded in 1938, CHAIR CITY WAYSIDE FURNITURE manufactures high-quality ladderback chairs, bar stools, counterstools, and footstools.  Their furniture comes in many styles and stains so you can customize stools to your taste. Browse their selection online or stop by their showroom in GARDNER.



CLEARLAKE FURNITURE                                                      LUDLOW, VT

Since 1992 CLEARLAKE FURNITURE has been creating custom handmade furniture.  They make tables, chairs, beds, dressers, cabinets, and so much more; even mirrors and plant stands.  Browse through their beautiful selection online and order directly or stop by the shop in LUDLOW.



CONRAD GREBEL                                                                   GOHEN, IN

Since 2002, CONRAD GREBEL has been manufacturing beautiful, hand-crafted customized furniture.  Products include everything from tables and chairs to dressers, beds, night stands, and so much more!  Every piece of furniture is crafted to fit your home and your style.  Browse through their style guide online and start designing your own pieces.



COZYPURE                                                                              NORFOLK, VA

COZYPURE manufactures high-quality, organic bedding.  Their products include mattresses, sheets, comforters, pillows and more.  They also have products for your baby.  Check them out online and feel the organic difference.



CROOKED CREEK ANTLER ART                                          NEWTON, IL

If you are in need of an antler chandelier or some antler art then CROOKED CREEK ANTLER ART is the place for you.  They also offer antler lighting, furniture, wine racks, coat racks, walking sticks, and much more.  They even have turkey calls and dog chews.  View their whole selection online.



CUSHION SOURCE                                                                 MONTGOMERY, AL

Your furniture can now be as unique as you.  Go to CUSHION SOURCE to customize your furniture.  They offer customized cushions, pillows, drapes, and even bedding! So many styles, fabrics, and colors to choose from – your items will be completely unique because they're designed for you, by you.  Check them out today!



CYPRESS MOON PORCH SWINGS                                       ALEXANDRIA, LA

Relax and unwind from your day in a CYPRESS MOON PORCH SWING.  These beautiful swings come in seven styles and are made to order. CYPRESS MOON also offers Adirondack chairs and tables, gliders, rocking chairs, and patio sets.



DEDEAUX CLAN FURNITURE                                               GULFPORT, MS

DEDEAUX CLAN FURNITURE FACTORY is home of the world's biggest rocking chair; and also home to some really great looking furniture.  You can view their product selection by logging into Facebook or stopping by the showroom in GULFPORT.



DUTCHCRAFTERS                                                                  INDIANA

At DUTCHCRAFTERS, all of the Amish Furniture is made in America.  Their furniture is hand-crafted by experts who have passed down their knowledge of this craft for generations.  Shop online or find a store near you to see their beautiful furniture.



EMMOR WORKS                                                                     VINCENTOWN, NJ

EMMOR WORKS specializes in creating hand-crafted tables.  They have a large selection of styles, sizes, and colors.  View the gallery of their beautiful tables then design your own.



ENGLANDER BEDDING                                                         OLIVE BRANCH, MS

Since 1894, ENGLANDER BEDDING has been working hard to put you to sleep.  Technology has changed over the years but not their goal: to give you a better sleep, by design.  Check out their website to see their range of products and tips for a good night's sleep.  You can also find a retailer near you.



ESTES WOODWORKS                                                           CODY, WY

For over 30 years ESTES WOODWORKS has been making hand-crafted, custom wood furniture.  They have the experience, and it shows.  View their online gallery to see their beautifully designed work.  From buffets and bars to beds they can do it all.  Contact them today and see what they can create for you.



EZ MOUNTAIN RUSTIC FURNITURE                                     POCONO LAKE, PA

EZ MOUNTAIN RUSTIC FURNITURE makes amazing, hand-crafted, rustic furniture.  Products include barstools, benches, tables, dressers, home decor, and much more.  Check out their inventory online or stop by their store in POCONO LAKE.



FOREST DESIGNS FURNITURE                                            PHOENIX, AZ

Founded in 1991, FOREST DESIGNS FURNITURE manufactures high-quality, made in the USA furniture.  Their products include furniture for the bedroom, home office, entertainment, and more.  They also come in many styles and finishes.  Can't find exactly what you want?  That's OK, they can custom build just for you!  Get online to view their selection and find a dealer near you.



FRED FRIAR HANDCRAFTED CHAIRS                                 LAVALETTE, WV

FRED FRIAR CHIARS are one-of-a-kind and look like pieces of art.  You can even get a chair made from baseball bats!  View their exquisite collection online and find how to order yours.



GAT CREEK                                                                             BERKELEY SPRINGS, WV

GAT CREEK manufactures handmade furniture from solid Appalachian Cherry.  They have furniture for your dining, living, and bedrooms, and even have items for your work space.  They also have a "design your own" option where you can custumize your own pieces.  View their online catalog or find a local retailer.



GERSTNER & SONS                                                               DAYTON, OH

GERSTNER & SONS are manufacturers of fine wood cases and chests.  For four generations, GERSTNER & SONS Tool Chests have enjoyed a reputation for unmatched excellence and craftsmanship.   View their beautiful chests and cases online.



GRAIN DESIGNS                                                                     FARGO, ND

GRAIN DESIGNS is recycling at its best.  They use reclaimed wood and transform it into beautiful furnishings for your home or office.  Their products are as stunning as they are functional.  View their gallery online and see what they can create for you.


HOLLAND BAR STOOL                                                          HOLLAND, MI

HOLLAND BAR STOOL COMPANY manufactures their stools with the highest quality wood and steel available.  Who even knew there was such a variety of bar stools?  You can even get stools with logos of your favorite sports team!  Check out their huge selection of bar stools, accessories and more online.



HOMESTRETCH FURNITURE                                                NETTLETON, MS

Established in 2010, HOMESTRETCH FURNITURE is the place where you can stretch your feet and your dollars.  Their products include sofas, loveseats, sectionals, and recliners.  Go online to view their selection and locate a retailer near you.



HORN MOUNTAIN LIVING                                                      TETONIA, ID

If you are looking for one of a kind furnishings for your home or office this is the place for you!  They make everything from tables, chairs, and benches to doors, mantels, and lamps – and everything in between.  Browse HORN MOUNTAIN LIVING to find something unique for you.



HUS FURNITURE                                                                     NEW BRITAIN, CT

Founded in 2011, HUS FURNITURE has grown to be one of the region's leading manufacturers of highly customized furniture.  Their product selection includes tables, seating, and cabinets.  Check them out on the web to get more information.



IN2GREEN                                                                                DOBBS FERRY, NY

IN2GREEN offers a huge selection of products for you and your home made from recycled materials.  Their outdoor furniture items include chairs, tables, ottomans, and benches.  Also check out their pet, clothing accessories, baby, and home decor items.



JAMISON BEDDING                                                                MEMPHIS, TN

JAMISON BEDDING was founded in 1883 and has grown into one of the largest manufacturers of bedding in the United States.  Find product information and locate a retailer online.



KOA FURNITURE                                                                    KEAAU, HI

KOA FURNITURE has been making their beautiful furniture for about thirty years.  They make each piece by hand using the finest materials available.  Items include tables, chairs, bar stools, children's furniture, and more.



LACROSSE FURNITURE                                                        LACROSSE, KS

LACROSSE FURNITURE has been making their high-quality, hand-crafted furniture for over forty years.  They offer sofas, loveseats, sleepers, chairs, recliners, sectionals, and more.  Items can come in a large variety of fabrics and colors so the possibilities are endless.  Browse their selection online and find a retailer near you.



LAKELAND MILLS                                                                  EDMORE, MI

LAKELAND MILLS was established in 1923 and is known for their innovative and high quality products. Their rustic log furniture is crafted from solid wood and is as beautiful as it is durable. View their products online and find a retailer near you.



LITTLE COLORADO                                                                DENVER, CO

LITTLE COLORADO manufactures wooden toddler furniture in DENVER, COLORADO.  Items include beds, dressers, tables, chairs, play sets, and more.  Their furniture is high-quality and beautiful and sure to be handed down for generations.



LORTS                                                                                      GOODYEAR, AZ

LORTS has been manufacturing their made in America furniture since 1966. Their extensive selection includes furniture for the bedroom and dining rooms, wall units, home office, game room, and much more. They can also custom build practically anything you have in mind.  Browse their selection online and find a dealer near you.



LYNDON FURNITURE                                                             LYNDON, VT

LYNDON FURNITURE has been manufacturing beautiful handmade furniture for over 40 years.  They offer tables, chairs, beds, entertainment centers, and much more. View or download their catalog online and find a dealer near you.  Go to the custom page to design a piece to your own specs.



MACKENZIE-DOW                                                                   HUNTINGTON, VW

MACKENZIE-DOW offers beautifully hand-crafted furniture made by local craftsmen and women.  They have furniture for every room in your home or office.  Browse through their stunning collections online and visit the studio in downtown HUNTINGTON.



MONTANA WOODWORKS                                                     REXFORD, MT

Founded in 1991, MONTANA WOODWORKS manufactures hand-crafted rustic furniture.  Their products include dressers, tables, chairs, benches, nightstands, and much more.  Shop their vast inventory online or find a retailer near you.



MOON VALLEY RUSTIC                                                         REDFORD, MI

Since 1928, MOON VALLEY has been manufacturing the very best in rustic log furniture by combing quality materials with exceptional workmanship. Go online to order their beautiful furniture, find a dealer near you, or even become a dealer!




NIOBRARA TIMBER AND WOODWORKS doesn't only mill timber, they also hand make fantastic custom furniture.  They make furniture for indoors, outdoors, and the garden.  Browse their gallery and find contact info online.



NORTH IDAHO LOG FURNITURE                                          COEUR D' ALENE, ID

All of NORTH IDAHO LOG FURNITURE COMPANY'S beautiful furnishings are actually made from North Idaho timber.  Each log is handpicked and transformed into high-quality, long lasting furniture. Items include beds, tables, chairs, desks, lamps, and much more.  Custom work is also available.



OAK TREE FURNITURE                                                          NEW MARTINSVILLE, WV

Founded in 1988, OAK TREE FURNITURE specializes in Amish-made furniture.  They use Oak, Cherry, Hickory, Maple, Elm or Walnut woods and have over 100 stain colors.  You can buy from in stock or have a piece custom made to your specifications.  Shop online from their large selection or stop by their store in NEW MARTINSVILLE.



OLD DOMINION WOOD PRODUCTS                                     LYNCHBURG, VA

OLD DOMINION WOOD PRODUCTS has been manufacturing furniture for the hospitality industry for over 35 years.  Items include tables, chairs, bar stools, booths, and more.  Get online to view the gallery of their work and get more information.



ONLINE AMISH FURNITURE                                                  UTICA, MI

Specializing in solid wood handcrafted Amish built furniture.  They have over 150 builders working for them while taking great pride in their craft.  Created by the demand for hand-crafted, high-quality furniture, ONLINE AMISH FURNITURE delivers what the big box stores cannot!



ONLINE AMISH FURNITURE                                                  ORRVILLE, OH

ONLINE AMISH FURNITURE specializes in solid wood, handcrafted, Amish built furniture.  They have over 150 builders working for them while taking great pride in their craft.  Created by the demand for handcrafted, high-quality furniture, ONLINE AMISH FURNITURE delivers what the big box stores cannot.



PACIFIC MANUFACTURING                                                  PHOENIX, AZ

For over 50 years PACIFIC MANUFACTURING has been making their beautiful furniture in ARIZONA.  Their products include furniture for the dining, living, bedrooms, and more.  Custom building pieces is also an option.  Visit their gallery online or stop by the showroom in SCOTTSDALE.  You can even visit the factory in PHOENIX to see how all the magic happens.



PINE CRAFTER FURNITURE                                                 HALEYVILLE, AL

Since 2003, PINE CRAFTER FURNITURE has been one the country's premier manufacturers of rustic, pine wood furniture.  Their products include bunk beds, captain beds, day and mate beds, loft and staircase beds, and much more.  Go online to view their beautiful inventory and to find a dealer near you.



POLLY PRODUCTS                                                                 MULLIKEN, MI

POLLY PRODUCTS manufactures beautiful benches, picnic tables, planters, and more.  They also make attractive trash and recycling receptacles.   You can custom make message center signs.  Their products are made from 100% recycled materials.  Go online and see just how they can help you “Go Green” today.



POLY-WOOD INC                                                                    SYRACUSE, IN

POLY-WOOD INC is the manufacturer of beautiful outdoor furniture made from low maintenance, recyclable lumber.  If you’ve ever wondered what becomes of your plastic recyclables – now you know!  Their eco-friendly lumber is considered a premier wood alternative.  Browse through their catalog at their amazing selection – you won’t believe these were once detergent bottles and milk cartons.  Go online to find a dealer near you.



RUSTIC BILLIARDS                                                                LINCOLN, NE

WOW, you have never seen pool tables like these before.  RUSTIC BILLIARDS hand-crafts log pool tables that are one-of-a-kind works of art.  Browse through their online gallery to see their tables, and have fun deciding which is best for you.



THE SAFETY SLEEPER                                                         PITTSBURGH, PA

THE SAFETY SLEEPER is a portable, enclosed bed for children and adults with special needs.  Your loved one can sleep safely and securely at home or on the road.  See more information about this innovative product online.



SALT WOOD CO                                                                     MT PLEASANT, SC

SALT WOOD CO's furniture is recycling at it's best.  They use reclaimed wood and turn it into a functional masterpiece that is custom made and one of a kind.  Browse their gallery to see their work and give them a call.  They also do commercial work.



SAUDER FURNITURE                                                             ARCHBOLD, OH

Established in 1934, SAUDER WOODWORKING CO. is North America’s leading producer of ready-to-assemble furniture.  They have beautiful furniture for every room and even for your pets!  Shop online or stop by Sauder Village in ARCHBOLD. 



SKI CHAIR                                                                               MILLBURY, MA

SKI CHAIR makes furniture out of recycled water and snow skis, wakeboards and snowboards, skateboards, hockey sticks, baseball bats, and golf clubs.  Products include adirondack chairs, coat racks, wine racks, bottle openers, and much more.  Shop their inventory online.



SMITH BROTHERS FURNITURE                                            BERNE, IN

SMITH BROTHERS OF BERNE has been making beautiful, high-quality furniture in INDIANA for over 80 years.  Find their catalog online to see their selection of sofas, loveseats, chairs and more; or even custom design your own furniture!  You can alo use their dealer locater to find a dealer near you.



SOLID COMFORT INC                                                            FARGO, ND

Since 1981, SOLID COMFORT, INC has been providing high-quality case goods to the hospitality industry.  They have many collections to choose from so you'll be able to find the perfect style for you and your business.  View their collection online and find your area representative.



STEALTH FURNITURE INC                                                    SPENCERVILLE, IN

If you’re in the market for Secret Compartment Furniture this is the place for you.  Keep all of your valuables discreetly hidden in their stylish furniture or picture frames.  They also have safes and fireproof bags available.  Go online to view their whole selection and place your order today.



STICKS                                                                                     DES MOINES, IA

STICKS offers divinely unique furniture and accessories for your home.  You really haven't seen anything quite like this.  Each piece is handcrafted and exquisitely decorated.  They can also custom decorate any piece they make.  Browse their huge selection online or find a gallery near you.



STONE COUNTY IRONWORKS                                          MOUNTAIN VIEW, AR

STONE COUNTY IRONWORKS was founded in 1979 and they have been making one-of-a-kind pieces ever since.  Each item is made one at a time, never mass produced, so each piece is a work of art.  If you're looking for something unique for your home, shop their collections online or stop by and see them in MOUNTAIN VIEW.



TRANSFER MASTER                                                              POSTVILLE, IA

Since 1993, TRANSFER MASTER has been specializing in customized, electric beds for the home and hospital.  They have several sizes and options to choose from, each made with the user in mind.  Download their brochure and view their beds online.



TRAPPIST CASKETS                                                              PEOSTA, IA

TRAPPIST CASKETS are handcrafted and blessed by the monks of the New Melleray Abbey.  They come in various styles and different choices of wood.  A selection of urns is also available.



TREE SPIRIT TABLES                                                            LIBERTYTOWN, MD

TREE SPIRIT TABLES offers hand-crafted wood furnishings.  Their items include chairs, tables, benches, night stands, desks, kitchen islands, and more.  There are several collections to choose from or you can design your own.  View all their products online and find contact info.



TUFT & NEEDLE                                                                      PHOENIX, AZ

A high-quality mattress at a fair price – who knew it was possible?  Get ready for your best night's sleep with your TUFT & NEEDLE mattress.  You can order it online and it ships right to your door. That's right, a mattress shipped to your home in a box. Check them out online to see their innovative mattresses and order yours today. Goodnight!



VAUGHAN-BASSETT                                                                GALAX, VA

Founded in 1919, VAUGHAN-BASSETT has been making their beautiful bedroom furniture for almost 100 years.  View their stunning collections online and locate a dealer near you.



VAUGHN'S CABINETS                                                            HOLDENVILLE, OK

Since 1991, VAUGHN'S CABINETS has been providing high-quality, custom cabinetry.  Use their online design studio to help with the planning, view their portfolio, or request an estimate.



VERSA TABLES                                                                      LOS ANGELES, CA

VERSA TABLES manufactures American made computer furniture. They have a large selection of products for the office or classroom including desks, standing desks, seating, keyboard trays, podiums, and more. Order online or request a catalog.



VIKING LOG FURNITURE                                                       ST JOSPEH, MN

Founded in 1979, VIKING FURNITURE has been manufacturing their amazing handcrafted furniture for almost 40 years.  They have grown to include bedroom, dining, and game room furniture, kitchen cabinets, bathroom vanities, and even railings.  They can custom make a small piece or do a big commercial job.  VIKING can do it all.  Browse their gallery and find contact info online.



WATERSONG                                                                          ALBUQUERQUE, NM

For over 30 years, WATERSONG has been handcrafting their beautiful furniture in NEW MEXICO.  Their custom items include tables, desks, curios, benches, beds, dressers, entertainment centers, and much more.  They can create just about any piece you need for your home or office. View their work online and schedule an appointment.



WEAVER FURNITURE                                                            NAPPANEE, IN

Founded in 1988, WEAVER FURNITURE is a family operated Amish furniture business that happens to be the largest Amish furniture store in Northern INDIANA!  They have beautiful furniture for every room in your house, even your office or game room, and your patio.  Check out their website to view their online catalog.



WHITNEY BROTHERS                                                            KEENE, NH

WHITNEY BROTHERS has been making their kids' furniture and play items for over 100 years.  The quality is second to none and their products will last for years to come.  Items include play sinks, kitchens, tables, blocks, and much more.



WILDERNESS CREATIONS                                                    DUBLIN, NH

Bring the beauty of rustic furniture to your home with the help of WILDERNESS CREATIONS.  They specialize in rustic and Adirondack furniture and accents.  Items include chairs, beds, tables, desks, fixtures...and even saunas!  View their selection online or stop by their showroom if you're in DUBLIN.



WINE CELLAR INNOVATIONS                                               CINCINNATI, OH

WINE CELLAR INNOVATIONS is the world’s leading designer and manufacturer of wine cellars and wine racks.  If you are looking for ways to display or store your wine, WINE CELLAR INNOVATIONS is the place to go.  Check out their website to see the beautiful options available.



WOOD REVIVAL                                                                     SALT LAKE CITY, UT

In 1979, WOOD REVIVAL was founded from the need for high-quality high end office furniture.  Their products include bookcases, credenzas, desks, file cabinets, and more.  They even do custom work.  Check out their online catalog.




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