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ALASKA BEACH STONE LAMPS                                          HOMER, AK

These unique and stylish lamps are handmade and one of a kind.  They are made from stones scavenged from the beaches of ALASKA.  Find them on Facebook and shop at Amazon or a retailer near you.



ALASKAN ANTLER ART                                                        SEWARD, AK

You will find unique and beautiful carvings at ALASKAN ANTLER ART.  Other products available are coat racks, custom knives, belt buckles, bolo ties, and necklaces/pendants.  Some custom items are also available.  Shop their inventory online.



ALL BARN WOOD, INC                                                           SPANISH FORK, UT

If you like the “barn wood” look you'll love ALL BARN WOOD, INC.  They make everything from frames, to mirrors, to furniture, to flags, and more!  They can even customize jobs for you.  Check out their large inventory onnline.



ALLWAYZ MANUFACTURING                                               PINE BLUFFS, WY

Since 1992, ALLWAYZ MANUFACTURING has been providing high-quality metal western and wildlife home decor products.  Products range from outlet covers to kitchen and bath accessories, and benches and swings to office accessories, and even more in between. Items come in many designs and colors.  They have such a huge selection you need to look online for yourself.



ANCHOR BEND GLASSWORKS                                            NEWPORT, RI

Founded in 2003, ANCHOR BEND GLASSWORKS has been creating their amazing glass products for over ten years.  Their pieces are visually stunning and will make a great gift for a friend or for yourself.  They offer glass sculptures, tumblers, pitchers, vases, votives, and much more.  Check out their seaglass necklaces too.  Order online, find a gallery near you, or stop by their gallery in NEWPORT.



ANNE AT HOME                                                                      LINCOLN, RI

Give your cabinetry a face lift with new hardware.  ANNE AT HOME specializes in pewter hardware items and offers over thirty finishes.  Items include cabinet knobs and pulls, hooks, vanity top accessories, switch plate and outlet covers, and more.  Find product info and where to purchase online.



ANTLER ARTISANS                                                                KANEOHE, HI

Bring nature right into your home with ANTLER ARTISANS' antler hardware.  They make antler pulls, knobs, and handles.  They also offer antler buttons, keychains, chain pulls, vases, candler holders, hanging planters, and more.



ANTLERSHOP                                                                         CASPER, WY

If you're looking for unique items the ANTLERSHOP is the place for you. Each piece is handmade from antlers so each one is completely one-of-a-kind. Products include antler cabinet handles and knobs and much more. If you're looking in particular and you don't see it, just give them a call – they can probably make if for you. Get online and check it out.


ARIZONA FLUTES & NATIVE ARTS                                      CAMP VERDE, AZ

All of the items at ARIZONA FLUTES & NATIVE ARTS are made in America by Native American artisans. Products include Navajo Flutes, Navajo Kachinas, High Spirit's Flutes, Horsehair Pottery, Native Pottery, Drums, Peace Pipes, Tomahawks, Ceremonial Spears, Wedding Vases, Bow & Arrow sets, and more! Shop their attractive selections online today.



ASPEN BAY CANDLES                                                          STARKVILLE, MS

Their candles are hand-poured in STARKVILLE, MS to give you a wonderful scent with a bit of southern soul.  They have many collections and scents to choose from so browse through their site online and order yours today.  Wholesale opportunities are also available.


BATS BIRDS YARD                                                                HOLLY, MI

BATS BIRDS YARD creates each cedar product as the order is received so they can put their full attention into each item.  Their other products are produced in limited quantity or one of a kind designs and are ready for shipping when an order arrives.  They make bat houses, bird houses, feeders, duck boxes, and horseshoe décor.



THE BAY CANDLE                                                                  FAIRHOPE, AL

Formerly Birmingham Candle Co, they are now in FAIRHOPE as THE BAY CANDLE.  They use the finest food grade soy in their candles and have many fragrances to choose from.  You can order their collections online or go to their shop in FAIRHOPE.



BEAR COUNTRY BEES                                                          SALEM, UT

BEAR COUNTRY BEES offers 100% natural honey in twelve, yes twelve, different sizes.  Surely a size for everyone.  They also have beeswax and a large selection of beeswax candles available.  Visit the education center to learn more about bees.



BEESWAX CANDLE CO                                                         LYNCHBURG, VA

These are beeswax candles at their finest.  The BEESWAX CANDLE COMPANY has many styles of candles to choose from and their Christmas candles are particularly stunning.  Order online or stop by the shop in LYNCHBURG.



BENT LOG DESIGNS                                                              DRAPER, UT

BENT LOG DESIGNS creates some of the most unique furnishings you'll see anywhere.  Their products include beds, armoires, chairs, tables, stool, cabinets, and more. Check out their online catalog and give them a call.



THE BENT TREE                                                                     BETHANY, MO

THE BENT TREE offers a large selection of willow furniture and home decor items.  Their products are hand-crafted, beautiful, and one-of-a-kind.  View their products online or stop by the gallery in BETHANY.  Some items are available on Etsy.



BEST AMERICAN ARTS                                                         COLUMBUS, OH

BEST AMERICAN ARTS offers the finest handcrafted goods, all made in America, by skilled American artisans.  Beautiful, unique vases, pictures, ornments, and more!  Check them out for one-of-a-kind gifts – for you or someone you love.



BIRD HOUSES BY MARK                                                       SPERRY, OK

Get closer to nature with BIRD HOUSES BY MARK.  These high-quality, handmade houses will bring nature right to your own garden.  But it's not just bird houses – Mark also offers butterfly, ladybug, bee, and bat houses.  Feeders are also available.



BIRDS CHOICE                                                                        CHILTON, WI

If you like backyard birdwatching, go to BIRDS CHOICE to get products to attract the most birds.  They offer a large variety of bird feeders, baths, and houses.  They also have bat houses, butterfly houses, and squirrel feeders for your other nature friends.  But don't stop there, order yourself some outdoor furniture too.



BLENKO GLASS                                                                     MILTON, WV

Founded in 1893, BLENKO GLASS has been handcrafting their beautiful glass for over 120 years.  Their selection includes bowls, glasses, pitchers, vases, decanters, critters, and so much more.  Shop from their collections online or contact them for a dealer near you.



BONIBLU                                                                                 SORRENTO, LA

BONIBLU creates hand poured candles with a custom blend that ensures total saturation of fragrance and a long burn time.  Their candles come in a large variety of sizes and scents.  They also have handmade goats milk soaps and lip balms.  Order online or stop by the boutique in The Cajun Village in SORRENTO.



BREEZY QUARTERS LLC                                                      ABBEVILLE, SC

BREEZY QUARTERS offers a line of skin care products that includes luxury soaps, hand lotions, lip balms, bath bombs, sugar scrubs, and more.  They also make candles that will last 100 hours and fill your rooms with amazing scents.



BUIE POTTERY                                                                       GATLINBURG, TN

Established in 1986, BUIE POTTERY has been making their stunning pieces for thirty years.  Their pottery is colorful and functional as well as microwave, dishwasher, and oven safe.  Order online or stop by the gallery in GATLINBURG.



BUJNO POTTERY                                                                   ADAMSTOWN, PA

BUJNO POTTERY has been making their hand-crafted pottery since 1991.  They offer custom made pet bowls that they can design to match your own style and decor. Browse their collections online.



BURLEY CLAY                                                                        ROSEVILLE, OH

BURLEY CLAY has been producing hand painted garden pottery and birdbaths since 1933.  Located in ROSEVILLE, OH, BURLEY CLAY is the only stoneware manufacturer of garden pottery remaining in operation in the area.  Check out their online catalog and find a retailer near you.



THE CANDLE CUPBOARD                                                     WILEY FORD, WV

THE CANDLE CUPBOARD sells handmade candles, soaps, tarts, room sprays, and air fresheners.  Their products are great for use in your home, office, car, RV, and more.  They have over 40 everyday scents and over 25 seasonal scents so there's one to please everybody.  They're great as gifts or for fundraisers.  Order online or stop by the store in WILEY FORD.



CAROLINA WILLOW                                                               MARION, SC

CAROLINA WILLOW offers beautiful twig willow baskets.  Handcrafted by skilled artisans, their baskets will make a stunning addition to your home's decor.  They also make twig willow chairs, tables, and love seats.



CARTER'S CRAFTS                                                                HAHNVILLE, LA

CARTER'S CRAFTS makes handmade wood items including swings, arbor frames, gliders, tables, chairs, wooden toys, pens, kitchen items, and more.  Browse their whole inventory online or stop and see them in HAHNVILLE.



CHICKORY WOOD PRODUCTS                                             MEQUON, WI

CHICKORY WOOD PRODUCTS crafts handmade, wooden, decorative bread boards.  You can actually use them as well as hang them on the wall.  Also check out their wooden toys that include trucks, trains, planes, boats, and more. 



CLAY CITY POTTERY                                                            CLAY CITY, IN

Over 100 years of experience is what you’ll get when you go to CLAY CITY POTTERY.  This is one of the few family potteries left making traditional stoneware.  Go online to view the beautiful pottery available or get directions to their store to find specials you can’t get online!  (And don’t forget about that pottery festival!)



CLAY IN MOTION                                                                    MILTON-FREEWATER, OR

Founded in 1981, CLAY IN MOTION has grown to produce over 100 different items.  Their large selection includes vases, bowls, cookie jars, plates, mugs, piggy banks and so much more.  Also click the link to ART IN MOTION to view their Raku and horsehair lamps and vases.



CLAY LICK CREEK POTTERY                                               SPRINGFIELD, IL

CLAY LICK CREEK POTTERY makes Majolica pottery that is both fun and functional.  Their pottery comes and great colors and cool designs.  Browse their collection online and order direct or through Etsy.



CLEARLAKE FURNITURE                                                      LUDLOW, VT

Since 1992 CLEARLAKE FURNITURE has been creating custom, handmade furniture.  Besides their furniture, they also offer accessories such as mirrors and plant stands.  Shop their beautiful selection online or stop by the showroom in LUDLOW.



COLLECTIBLE SIGN & CLOCK                                             MESA, AZ

COLLECTIBLE SIGN & CLOCK'S products are not only attractive, they're also functional.  They have a vast collection to choose from or let them turn your company logo into a custom advertising clock.  Check them out online and order yours today or as a gift for someone special.



COPPERWORX                                                                        CLINTON, MS

COPPERWORX makes beautiful accents for your home with the allure of copper.  They offer copper tiles, tabletop accessories, and decorative accessories that are great for both commercial and residential applications.  Check out their selection online.




The CORRADETTI GLASSBLOWING STUDIO makes stunning hand-crafted, glassblown creations.  Their items include glasses, bowls, vases, jewelry, and so much more.  Order items online or stop by the studio in BALTIMORE.  Their inventory changes daily so stop by often.



COWBOY ROPE ART                                                             RALEIGH, ND

Check out COWBOY ROPE ART for unique household decor.  Their items are made from new and used lariats and horseshoes.  Products include wreaths, baskets, coasters, lamps, card holders, and more.  They make great gifts!



CRITTER GIFT SHOP                                                              ENGLEWOOD, CO

If you are, or know, an animal lover the CRITTER GIFT SHOP is the place to go for creative gifts with designs of just about any pet. Items include key chains, walking sticks, buttons, frames, weather vanes, yard decor, even checker sets and so much more!  They can even personalize some items.



CROOKED CREEK ANTLER ART                                          NEWTON, IL

If you are in need of an antler chandelier or some antler art then CROOKED CREEK ANTLER ART is the place for you. They also offer antler lighting, furniture, wine racks, coat racks, walking sticks, and much more. They even have turkey calls and dog chews. View their whole selection online.



CROOKED TREE CREATIONS                                             WESTERVILLE, OH

CROOKED TREE CREATIONS makes beautiful wreaths, arrangements, and floral décor. Go online to see their selection and order a unique gift for yourself or someone you love.



CROWE CUSTOM WOODWORKS                                        GLENDALE, AZ

CROWE CUSTOM WOODWORKS is a veteran owned business that specializes in cutting boards and other small home décor. Follow them on facebook to see their items and visit them at an upcoming market!



CUSHION SOURCE                                                                 MONTGOMERY, AL

Your furniture can now be as unique as you.  Go to CUSHION SOURCE to customize your furniture.  They offer customized cushions, pillows, drapes, and even bedding! So many styles, fabrics, and colors to choose from – your items will be completely unique because they're designed for you, by you.  Check them out today!



CUSTOM DECOR, INC                                                            DOVER, DE

CUSTOM DECOR INC. is a wholesale manufacturer and is the largest in-house manufacturer of garden flags, mailbox covers, and floor mats in the USA.  View their catalog or find an online retailer.



CYPRESS MOON PORCH SWINGS                                       ALEXANDRIA, LA

Relax and unwind from your day in a CYPRESS MOON PORCH SWING.  These beautiful swings come in seven styles and are made to order.  CYPRESS MOON also offers Adirondack chairs and tables, gliders, rocking chairs, and patio sets.



DICK LEHMAN POTTERY                                                      GOSHEN, IN

DICK LEHMAN has been making his beautiful pottery for over 30 years and has been honing his skills for just as long.  His amazing ceramics are too hard to describe with words – you need to see it with your own eyes.  Browse his ceramics for sale at his online site and pick out the perfect one for you.



DOG BAR POTTERY                                                               WESTHAMPTON, MA

DOG BAR POTTERY offers handmade, wood fired, stoneware pottery.  All of their pots are functional and dishwasher safe.  View their beautiful pieces in the online gallery and shop on Etsy.



DROLL YANKEES                                                                   PLAINFIELD, CT

Since 1969, DROLL YANKEES has been manufacturing their high-quality, American-made bird feeders.  With over 100 feeders to choose from you'll be able to find the perfect one for your yard; accessories are available also.  Order online or find a nearby retailer.



EARTH SHACK                                                                       MULLICA HILL, NJ

EARTH SHACK creates items that are handmade and inspired by life and nature.  Products include handmade jewelry, cutting boards, mugs, clocks, altars, teas, and much more.  Check them out online or stop by if you're in MULLICA HILL.



EZ MOUNTAIN RUSTIC FURNITURE                                     TANNERSVILLE, PA

EZ MOUNTAIN RUSTIC FURNITURE makes amazing, hand-crafted, rustic furniture.  Products include barstools, benches, tables, dressers, home decor, and much more.  Check out their inventory online or stop by their store in TANNERSVILLE.



FABULOUS GLASS                                                                PHOENIX, AZ

FABULOUS GLASS makes cheese trays out of rescued and recycled wine and alcohol bottles. These creative items come in various colors and designs and because of the melting process, no two are exactly alike. They make FABULOUS gifts and are great conversation pieces. Check them out online today.


FAIRHOPE SOY CANDLE                                                       FAIRHOPE, AL

Established in 2005, FAIRHOPE SOY CANDLE CO has been offering delightful, hand-poured candles for over ten years.  Their candles are made from all-natural and renewable soybean wax. It's better for the environment and better for you!  Shop online or find a retailer near you.  Wholesale opportunities are also available.



FISHERMAN CREATIONS                                                      SMYRNA, NC

FISHERMAN CREATIONS is the maker of the crab pot tree – and they're not just for Christmas anymore.  Their trees come in many sizes with various light colors and they're foldable for easy storage; or leave them out all year and just change your décor.



FRAMBURG                                                                             BELLWOOD, IL

FRAMBURG manufactures handmade lighting fixtures that are so stunning you have to see them to believe them.  Many finishes are available to make that fixture just right for you.  Browse their online catalog then locate a dealer.



FRONTIER BARNWOOD                                                         LARAMIE, WY

Founded in 1977, FRONTIER BARNWOOD has been a provider of weathered wood products for commercial and residential use for almost 40 years. One look through their photo gallery and you'll be hooked. Nothing can give the look and feel of weathered wood like the real thing. Look for their hand-crafted clocks and planters online.



GAMEDAY IRONWORKS                                                        STILLWATER, OK

Show your team spirit with GAMEDAY IRONWORKS.  They have many items to choose from such as wall or yard art, car tags and frames, hitch covers, lamps, and more. Place your custom order and get ready for GAMEDAY.



GLASSYBABY                                                                         SEATTLE, WA

GLASSYBABY creates beautiful, hand-blown votives and drinkers.  They come in a large selection of amazing colors – each designed to inspire, comfort, or give hope to the beholder.  Order online or find a retailer near you.



THE GOOD EARTH POTTERY                                               STARKVILLE, MS

Founded in 2000, GOOD EARTH POTTERY has been manufacturing their beautiful dinnerware for over 15 years.  With almost 40 stunning patterns to choose from they'll be sure to have something that you're looking for.  Check them out online to view their selections and find a retailer near you.



GREAT LAKES WOOD ARTS                                                ST. JOSEPH, MI

GREAT LAKES WOOD ARTS is a veteran owned business that hand makes wood art, plaques, and signs. They also make acrylic art. View previous work on their facebook page and contact them for your own custom order.



HEATH OUTDOOR PRODUCTS                                             COOPERSVILLE, MI

HEATH has been manufacturing bird feeders since 1948. Their products now include bird food, feeders, houses, and accessories. View their selection online and start an interesting new hobby.



HERON GLASS                                                                        DRIGGS, ID

HERON GLASS offers beautiful pieces of blown glass.  Their products include stemware, perfume bottles, beads, and more.  View their collection online or see them at a gallery near you.



HOOHOBBERS                                                                        CHICAGO, IL

Founded in 1981, HOOHOBBERS has grown to make a whole array of products for kids, including babies.  Items include tables, chairs, rocking horses, Moses baskets, diaper bags, bedding, lunch boxes, back packs, and so much more!  Check out the whole selection online – products can be personalized too.



HONEY GLOW DESIGN                                                          WOODSVILLE, NH

HONEY GLOW DESIGN creates 100% pure beeswax candles with cotton wicks.  Their candles burn longer and cleaner and make great gifts for all occasions.  Find product and contact information online.



HORN MOUNTAIN LIVING                                                      TETONIA, ID

If you are looking for one of a kind furnishings for your home or office this is the place for you!  They make everything from tables, chairs, benches to doors, mantels, and lamps – and everything in between.  Browse HORN MOUNTAIN LIVING to find something unique for you.



HOUSE OF TROY                                                                    HYDE PARK, VT

HOUSE OF TROY has been producing their hand-crafted lighting products for over 60 years.  They pretty much have every light available that you want or need!  Browse their fantastic selection online, order a catalog, or find a retailer near you.



IN2GREEN                                                                                DOBBS FERRY, NY

IN2GREEN offers a huge selection of products for you and your home made from recycled materials.  Their home decor items include pillows, throws, and bed scarves.  Also check out their furniture, clothing accessories, baby, and pet items.



INDEPENDENCE BUNTING                                                    DEER PARK, NY

Looking for holiday or patriotic decorations for your home or events?  Visit INDEPENDECE BUNTING for your decorating needs.  They offer a variety of bunting, pleated fans, pull downs, bows, and more.



JJ POTTS                                                                                 SALT LAKE CITY, UT

JJ POTTS offers amazing garden art that will transform your garden from ordinary to extraordinary.  They have items for fairy gardening, mushrooms, bird baths and feeders, and many garden accents.  Check out their collections online and find a local retailer.



JEWELRY IN CANDLES                                                         LOUISVILLE, KY

JEWELRY IN CANDLES is just what the name says – hidden jewelry in your candles.  Not only do you get the wonderful aroma of their candles but you also get some bling!  Order from their vast selection online.



KC POTTERY                                                                           HOLLANDALE, MN

KC POTTERY offers a large selection of handcrafted pottery.  They have many styles, colors, and designs to choose from. Items include bowls, platters, mugs, urns, and much more.  View their items online or stop by the shop in HOLLANDALE.



KIMMEL GNOMES                                                                   STURGIS, SD

These gnomes are handmade and never massed produced.  You can even find antique gnomes and gnome accessories.  Add something to your garden or start a gnome garden today.  You’ll have a fun hobby that can be passed down for generations.



KOKOMO OPALESCENT GLASS                                          KOKOMO, IN

Founded in 1888, KOKOMO OPALESCENT GLASS has been manufacturing the highest quality opalescent glass and glass sheets for over 100 years.  It’s not just glass sheets but also jewelry, sun catchers, paperweights, marbles and a whole lot more!  You can check out their huge selection online or they can help you with a custom order.



LANA DURA                                                                             TAOS, NM

LANA DURA makes beautiful and unique art felt out of wool.  Each piece is one-of-a-kind with different designs on both sides - definitely a conversation piece!  They also make various bags and pet beds.  Find their schedule of upcoming events online or call to order.



LAPELLA POTTERY                                                               UNICOI, TN

LAPELLA POTTERY offers handmade, one-of-a-kind pottery.  They specialize in functional stoneware, bareware, and wedding registries.  View their collection on Facebook and shop on Etsy.



LBJ POTTERY CO                                                                  CARSON CITY, NV

LBJ POTTERY AND FINE CERAMIC ARTS makes items that are fun and functional.  These items include ceramic clocks, decorative tiles, platters, jewelry, ornaments, and more.  Check back to their site often as inventory is always changing.



LIT & CO                                                                                  BOISE, ID

Since 2012 LIT & CO have been making all-natural soy candles.  Soy candles are longer lasting and cleaner burning than other candles and they have over 50 scents to choose from.  Shop online or find a retailer near you.  You can also stop by their shop in BOISE and make your own candles!  They also offer organic bath & body scrub cubes.



LOG CABIN LEATHER                                                            WEBSTER, NH

LOG CABIN LEATHER offers a large variety of handmade leather products.  Their items include ornaments, photo albums, belts, guitar straps, binders, barrettes, checkbooks, bookmarks, and more.  Shop from the whole collection online.



LOST ROAD CANDLES                                                           SUTTON, WV

LOST ROAD CANDLES offers a large assortment of candles in various styles, colors, and scents.  Their candles are drip-free, burn cleanly, and last a long time.  View their list of scents and find contact info online.



LOVE LITES                                                                             PIKEVILLE, KY

LOVE LITES' candles, tarts, and room sprays are handmade with the highest-quality ingredients and deliver the most fragrance possible.  Shop their large inventory online or stop by their store in PIKEVILLE.



LUCIAN AVERY                                                                       HARDWICK, VT

LUCIAN AVERY is a blacksmith that specializes in early American hardware but that's not all he does.  He also makes tools, garden gates, door knockers, and much more.  Get online to view his one of a kind pieces.



LUMINA HONEY & HIVE                                                         BEL AIR, MD

LUMINA HONEY & HIVE offers a variety of products for you and your home.  Items include honey, jams, spiced nuts, handmade soaps and lip balms, candles, furniture polish, and even loofah sponges!  View their whole selection online and go out to see them at Lost Acre Farm in BEL AIR.



MARION LANE CANDLES & GIFTS                                       TOPEKA, KS

MARION LANE makes high-quality, handcrafted, luxury candles.  They have a large assortment of scents and sizes to choose from.  Their candles also make great gifts.  You can also have custom scents made just for you!



MIKEY'S MASTERPIECES                                                     MT. PLEASANT, MI

MIKEY'S MASTERPIECES is a veteran owned wood working company that offers shadow boxes, memorial boxes, certificate holders, wall hangings, and more.



MODCRAFT                                                                             BEACON, NY

MODCRAFT takes tile from ordinary to extraordinary.  Their creative designs and colors can transform any area into a masterpiece.  Check out their online catalog and find a dealer near you.



MODERN HOME PRODUCTS                                                 ANTIOCH, IL

MODERN HOME PRODUCTS are manufacturers of decorative gas lighting, all weather gas grills, and accessories.  View their products and find ordering information online.



MONTAGUE METAL PRODUCTS                                          MONTAGUE, MI

Founded in 1989, MONTAGUE METAL PRODUCTS is a family owned and operated business that makes address plaques, weathervanes, flagpole eagles, and other various outdoor accents. They take great pride in producing high quality items at a fair price while providing the best possible customer service. Go online to view their catalog.



MORE THAN A CANDLE                                                        GATLINBURG, TN

MORE THAN A CANDLE specializes in soy lotion candles.  Their candles melt into a great smelling massage oil so you get two items for the price of one.  Their candles burn completely and smell good all the way to the end.  They also offer soaps, tarts, scented oil, and more.  Order online or at the shop in GATLINBURG.  Wholesale and fundraising opportunities are also available.



MORNING DEW CANDLES                                                     SEATTLE, WA

MORNING DEW CANDLES has a large selection of handmade candles for you to enjoy.  They have creatively designed, long burning candles.  Also check out their original Paint Can Lanterns with refills.



MUDDRANCH                                                                          LAS VEGAS, NV

MUDDRANCH offers handmade fine art and jewelry.  Each piece is one-of-a-kind and beautiful.  MUDDRANCH also has a line of smoked seasonings that are all natural, gluten free, and MSG free.  With over ten blends to choose from there is one perfect for any meal you're preparing. 



MYSTIC KNOTWORK                                                              MYSTIC, CT

MYSTIC KNOTWORK creates beautiful knotwork accessories for you and your home.  Items include necklaces, bracelets, doormats, coasters, wreaths, keychains and so much more.  Check our their creative designs – lots of great gift ideas here!



NORTH IDAHO LOG FURNITURE                                          COEUR D' ALENE, ID

All of NORTH IDAHO LOG FURNITURE COMPANY'S beautiful furnishings are actually made from North Idaho timber.  Each log is handpicked and transformed into high-quality, long lasting furniture.  Home decor items include votive holders, vases, lamps, and more.  Custom work is also available.



ONE WORLD KIDS                                                                  SALT LAKE CITY, UT

Want to make your child's room one-of-a-kind?  Then check out ONE WORLD KIDS.  They have thousands of accessories and items to accent a room.  Products range from picture frames and chalk boards to drawer pulls, memo boards, and everything in between.



P GRAHAM DUNN                                                                   DALTON, OH

Established 1976, P GRAHAM DUNN is a family owned and operated manufacturer of inspirational art, gifts, and home decor.  From wall signs to coasters, you’ll find something for everyone.  Order online or stop by their store in DALTON.



PETER'S POTTERY                                                                 MOUND BAYOU, MS

PETER'S POTTERY is a family oriented business that puts much thought and care in every piece they make.  Their pottery is as functional as it is attractive.  Shop online and pick up something for yourself or as a gift.



PIAZZA PISANO                                                                      MIAMI, FL

PIAZZA PISANO makes hand-crafted home decor.  Their items include restaurant chalkboards, wall art, clocks, door toppers, Lazy Susans, mirrors, welcome signs, and more.  Check out their huge selection online or stop by if you're in MIAMI.



THE PINE CONE GNOME                                                       JUNEAU, AK

THE PINE CONE GNOME has an adorable selection of handmade items to add a touch of whimsy to your home.  They include mushroom and acorn boxes, ornaments, and more.  They also have toys, clothing accessories, and teething dolls for your baby.



PINNACLE FRAMES                                                               POCAHONTAS, AR

PINNACLE FRAMES is a part of the Nielsen Bainbridge Group which is the largest framing company in the world.  View their large frame selection and get ordering information online.  Wholesale opportunities are available.



PLANET X POTTERY                                                              GERLACH, NV

PLANET X POTTERY is a must-see if you're in the GERLACH area.  Stop by to see their collection of porcelain, stoneware, and Raku.  Go online to see their gallery of work and get their event schedule.



POTOMAC CANDLE                                                               WOODBRIDGE, VA

POTOMAC CANDLE makes handmade, eco-friendly, soy candles.  Soy candles burn slower so they last longer and save you money.  They are also non-toxic so you won't have to worry about what you might be breathing in.  Shop their large selection online or find a local retailer.



QMT WINDCHIMES                                                                 MANASSAS PARK, VA

QMT WINDCHIMES are as beautiful to see as they are to hear.  They have a large selection to choose from and you can hear them online so you can decide which sound is best for you.



RANDAM ART                                                                         RIDGELAND, MS

What a great collection of amazing one-of-a-kind pieces!  Their selection includes painted glassware, jewelry, bottle notes, candle holders, ring keepers, and so much more.  Very clever items, surely something for everyone – they'll make great gifts!  Check them out online or maybe see them at an upcoming show.



RELIC WOOD                                                                          TAYLORSVILLE, NC

RELIC WOOD creates beautiful keepsake, memory, and storage boxes.  Their boxes are meticulously manufactured by hand and make fantastic gifts.  You can order one as-is, have a box personalized, or customize a box with your own picture.  Whichever you choose, your RELIC WOOD gift is sure to be remembered.



REWINED CANDLES                                                              CHARLESTON, SC

REWINED CANDLES uses repurposed wine bottles to hold their 100% soy wax candles.  Their fragrances mimic your favorite wines!  They also offer wine inspired scented soaps.  Wholesale opportunities are available.



RHODY RUG                                                                            LINCOLN, RI

Founded in 1987, RHODY RUG has been creating their beautiful rugs for thirty years.  Their rugs come in many sizes, styles, and colors, or simply have a rug designed just for you.  They also offer matching baskets, chair pads, and stair treads.  Browse their collection online and locate a retailer near you.



RIBBIT-RIBBIT                                                                         GARLAND, TX

RIBBIT-RIBBIT makes handmade picture frames for all occasions.  They have a large selection of frames to choose from and you can also have them customized.  They also have door hangers available.



S & S APIARIES                                                                      DOVER, DE

S & S APIARIES is a pollination service but that's not all – they also make honey products straight from the hive to you.  Products include candles, honey, bees wax, lotion, and a honey scrub.  They can also help you get started in beekeeping.



SHORE SOAP CO                                                                    NEWPORT, RI

SHORE SOAP CO creates a line of hand-crafted soaps, but that's not all.  They have a large selection of candles. They also offer body oils and washes, lotions, body butters, scrubs, pet shampoo, and more.  Order online, find a retailer, or stop by the shop in NEWPORT.



SIGNATURE STREETSCAPES                                               MUSKEGON, MI

SIGNATURE STREETSCAPES manufactures a full line of upscale amenities for residential communities at affordable manufacturer direct prices. Go online to see their huge selection of products from custom signs to mailboxes. Perfect for developers, home owner associations, and more.



SIOUX POTTERY                                                                     RAPID CITY, SD

Founded in 1958, SIOUX POTTERY is Native American pottery made from red clay from the Black Hills of SOUTH DAKOTA or white clay imported from KENTUCKY.  Each handmade piece is crafted by Sioux Indian artists and decorated with designs and symbols important to their Lakota culture.  Check out their products online or feel free to stop by their factory in RAPID CITY.



SKI CHAIR                                                                               MILLBURY, MA

SKI CHAIR makes furniture out of recycled water and snow skis, wakeboards and snowboards, skateboards, hockey sticks, baseball bats, and golf clubs.  Products include adirondack chairs, coat racks, wine racks, bottle openers, and much more.  Shop their inventory online.



THE SKULL BRACKET                                                           CHADRON, NE

Finally, a simple and secure way to display skulls of any size.  Use SKULL BRACKETS to display your deer, buffalo, elk, cattle skulls, and more.



SNUGGLY TOES                                                                     SALEM, OR

SNUGGLY TOES makes decorative wreaths from alpaca hair.  Enjoy watching nature in your own backyard as birds use your wreath to supply their nesting material.  SNUGGLY TOES also offer hats, shoe insoles, bedding, pet beds, yarn, and more.



SOUTH DAKOTA RUGS                                                          ROSHOLT, SD

Hand-woven, quality rugs made with care, that’s what you’ll get from SOUTH DAKOTA RUGS Check out their selection on Etsy.  You can order online or have a rug custom made just for you!



SOUTHERN SOY SCENTS                                                     MARION, AR

SOUTHERN SOY SCENTS has been making their fantastic soy candles since 2003.  Their soy candles are all-natural, non-toxic, full of fragrance, and burn cleaner than regular candles.  Shop their selection online or find a retailer near you.



SOY HAPPY CANDLES                                                          CHESTERFIELD, MI

Founded in 2004, SOY HAPPY CANDLES makes all-natural carcinogen-free candles. Their candles are also biodegradable and non-toxic. Check out their hundreds of scents online.



THE STAINED GLASS SHOPPE                                            CLARINDA, IA

THE STAINED GLASS SHOPPE creates beautiful jewelry and home decor from stained and fused glass.  Their pendants and earrings are stunning as well as their framed artwork.  View their online gallery or stop by the shoppe in CLARINDA.



STICKS                                                                                    DES MOINES, IA

STICKS offers divinely unique furniture and accessories for your home.  You really haven't seen anything quite like this.  Each piece is handcrafted and exquisitely decorated.  They can also custom decorate any piece they make.  Browse their huge selection online or find a gallery near you.



STONE COUNTY IRONWORKS                                           MOUNTAIN VIEW, AR

STONE COUNTY IRONWORKS was founded in 1979 and they have been making one-of-a-kind pieces ever since.  Each item is made one at a time, never mass produced, so each piece is a work of art.  If you're looking for something unique for your home, shop their collections online or stop by and see them in MOUNTAIN VIEW.



STONEWALL APIARY                                                            HANOVER, CT

STONEWALL APIARY produces delicious honey and other bee products such as beeswax candles, wood polish, beeswax, and gift sets.  Wholesale opportunities are also available.  Interested in beekeeping?  See their schedule online of classes for beginners.



SWAMPFIRES                                                                          JUNIPER, FL

SWAMPFIRES offers handmade pottery, ceramics, soaps, and candles.  Their products are fabulous and functional whether it's a meditation fountain or a handmade soap to wash the day away.  Order online, find them at a festival, or stop by the shop in JUNIPER.



SWAN CREEK CANDLE COMPANY                                      SWANTON, OH

SWAN CREEK CANDLE COMPANY offers a large selection of 100% soy wax candles.  They also have drizzle melts, refill wax kits, and special occasion candles.  With so many scents to choose from it will be hard to pick a favorite!  Order online or stop at their outlet in SWANTON. Wholesale opportunities are available.



SWEN PRODUCTS                                                                  WEST FARGO, ND

SWEN PRODUCTS offers a huge selection of decorative items for your home, yard, or office.  Their handmade items include weathervanes, swirligigs, welcome signs, key chain holders, business card holders, and so much more - and in almost any design.  Order online or stop by and visit the shop in WEST FARGO.



TAHOE BATH & CANDLE WORKS                                        GARDNERVILLE, NV

At TAHOE BATH AND CANDLE WORKS you will find bath items like luxurious soaps, lotions, bubble bath, lip balms, and more.  They also offer pure soy candles and soy wax melts.  All of their products are made with the finest natural ingredients available.   They would also make great gifts.  Shop online or check out their event schedule and see them at a show.



TASSOT APIARIES HONEY                                                   MILFORD, NJ

Support your local bee keepers at TASSOT APIARIES.  They have a large selection of products including honeys, candles, soaps, and even beeswax polish.  Order online, at the farm, or find them at a farmers market.



TEXAS HILL COUNTRY CERAMICS                                      SPICEWOOD, TX

TEXAS HILL COUNTRY CERAMICS makes so many items you won't be sure where to start.  They have items for the kitchen, bathroom, garden, even your pets.  Check out their huge selection online – surely something for everyone.



THREE SISTERS FARM SOAP                                               ESSEX, CT

THREE SISTERS FARMS produces a variety of items made from all natural ingredients.  Their products include a large selection of goat milk soaps, lip balms, and other skin care products.  Also available from the farm is beeswax candles, honey, and gift tubs.



TIMELESS WOOD CREATIONS                                             FENNVILLE, MI

TIMELESS WOOD CREATIONS makes custom wood products built to order. You can shop from the selection online or call Curt to help design your own piece for your own one-of-a-kind style. Check them out today!



TODD PLETCHER POTTERY                                                 GOSHEN, IN

Beautiful clay pottery is what TODD PLETCHER specializes in.  Just by looking through his pieces you can see each one has been made with thought and care.  His items include pots, mugs, plates, vases, yarn bowls and more.  You can even sign up for a workshop!  Browse online to see his stunning selection or shop on Etsy.



US FLAG AND SIGNAL                                                           PORTSMOUTH, VA

For nearly 100 years US FLAG AND SIGNAL has been manufacturing flags in the USA.  They have a large inventory that includes US, state, world, military flags, and more.



WARM GLOW CANDLE CO                                                    CENTERVILLE, IN

Hand-made candles from CENTERVILLE, INDIANA.  That’s what you get at the WARM GLOW CANDLE COMPANY.  They have a large selection of candle types and scents – something special for every room in the house.  Go online to view their candles and accessories or find a retailer near you.



WAXBERRY OIL CANDLE                                                      HARTVILLE, WY

WAXBERRY specializes in oil candles that are so beautiful they look like pieces of art. They have a large selection of styles, sizes, and scents. They also offer wax candles, lamp oil, fragrance oils, and . . . taffy?  Yes, taffy!  Check them out online and see how to get yours today, or give one as a stunning gift.



WHITEHALL PRODUCTS                                                        WHITEHALL, MI

Renowned as the world’s largest manufacturer of weathervanes, WHITEHALL is also recognized for its extensive line of personalized home address plaques and mailboxes.  They also make garden accents such as hose holders, birdbaths, birdfeeders and sundials.  Browse their catalogs online and find a retailer near you – or even become a dealer!



WILMA HANDMADE                                                                PORT RICHEY, FL

WILMA HANDMADE offers incense, candles, and wax melts in a large selection of scents.  They also offer a line of bath and body products.  Shop online from their huge inventory. 



WINGS HAWAII                                                                       MAUI, HI

WINGS HAWAII makes beautiful, handmade jewelry and women's clothing. They also offer accessories, household items, and home decor.  Order online or visit their shop in PAIA.



WISCONSIN WOOD CHUCK                                                  RHINELANDER, WI

Check out WISCONSIN WOOD CHUCK for beautiful home decor items that will be enjoyed for generations.  They don't use stain or lead paint so you know they're safe, and the attention to detail is second to none.  Items include clocks, coat racks, wall hangings, and more.  They also offer collectible toys.



THE WOODEN GEM                                                                MEAD, NE

THE WOODEN GEM specializes in making small wooden boxes but they also craft hourglasses, guitars, China cabinets, bowls, and more.  They can even custom make something just for you.  Shop or view examples of their work online.



YELLOW BAY WEAVING                                                       BIGFORK, MT

YELLOW BAY WEAVING makes beautiful handmade rugs, placemats, and saddle blankets.  View their inventory and find ordering information online.



ZOMBEE CANDLE CO                                                            SHREVEPORT, LA

ZOMBEE CANDLE makes candles with 100% soy wax – no paraffin.  These candles look beautiful and come in a variety of long lasting scents.  Wholesale opportunities are available.




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