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ADP RIVET                                                                               HARTFORD, CT

When you want high-quality, American-made rivets go to ADP RIVET.  With a selection of over 300 standard and custom products you will certainly find one to suit your needs.  They also offer the largest selection of painted, colored rivets available.  Order online and also check out their “How To” page for helpful information.



ADVANTAGE CABINET DOORS                                            WEST POINT, MS      

ADVANTAGE CABINET DOORS has gained a reputation for making high-quality cabinets by using the highest-quality products.  They have a large selection of woods and finishes to choose from.  View their gallery online and give them a call to see what they can do for you.



ALSIDE                                                                                     AKRON, OH

For over 65 years, ALSIDE has been an industry leading manufacturer of vinyl products for home building applications including windows, siding, soffit, trim, and accessories.  They are known for their innovation and high quality.  Browse through their online brochures and find a distributor near you.



AMERICAN PACIFIC                                                               HOLLY SPRINGS, MS

Their products are found in the White House – how can you beat that?  AMERICAN PACIFIC is an industry leader and when you see their products you'll know why.  From paneling to planking to mantels they have the high quality goods you're looking for.  Check out their selection online.



AMERICAN WORKBENCH                                                     CHARLESTON, SC

Founded in 2005, AMERICAN WORKBENCH makes exactly what you think, American workbenches.  Their benches are high-quality, sturdy, and built to last.  They come in many different styles, sizes, and colors and are perfect for hardworking men and women everywhere.



ANNE AT HOME                                                                      LINCOLN, RI

Give your cabinetry a face lift with new hardware.  ANNE AT HOME specializes in pewter hardware items and offers over thirty finishes.  Items include cabinet knobs and pulls, hooks, vanity top accessories, switch plate and outlet covers, and more.  Find product info and where to purchase online.



ANTLER ARTISANS                                                                KANEOHE, HI

Bring nature right into your home with ANTLER ARTISANS' antler hardware.  They make antler pulls, knobs, and handles.  They also offer antler buttons, keychains, chain pulls, vases, candler holders, hanging planters, and more.



BELDEN BRICK COMPANY                                                   CANTON, OH

BELDEN BRICK COMPANY is the manufacturer and distributer of brick and masonry related construction products and materials.  They are the largest family owned and operated brick manufacturer in the country.  Get online to view their catalogs and locate a dealer near you.



BLUE DOG FINE WOODWORKING                                       RIO RANCHO, NM

BLUE DOG FINE WOODWORKING is a family owned business that specializes in hand-made, custom, wood furnishings and other products.  Their attention to detail is second to none and you are sure to be pleased with their beautiful work.  Browse through their online gallery and give them a call.



BRASSCRAFT                                                                         NOVI, MI

BRASSCRAFT is a leading manufacturer of water supplies and gas plumbing products for new construction, repair, and remodel markets.  For over 65 years professionals have trusted BRASSCRAFT due to their innovation, product diversity, and high quality.  Go online to see their products and to find a wholesaler near you.



BROWNSTONE, INC                                                               RAPID CITY, SD

BROWNSTONE, INC provides custom concrete solutions for home, commercial, or landscape.  They are known for using the highest quality materials and craftsmanship in all of their products.  Go online to view their selection of beautiful floors, countertops, fireplaces, rockscapes, and more.



CEDAR CLOSETS AND PRODUCTS                                     OKLAHOMA CITY, OK

100% genuine OKLAHOMA CEDAR is used in all of their closets, paneling, and products.  Plus they use 100% of the tree – nothing goes to waste.  Get more information online and contact them for an estimate.



CENTRAL BOILER                                                                  GREENBUSH, MN

Since 1984, CENTRAL BOILER has grown to become North America's largest manufacturer of outdoor furnaces.  Their innovative and high-quality products are what make them an industry leader.  You can find more information, calculate your savings, and find a local dealer online.



CLEARLAKE FURNITURE                                                      LUDLOW, VT

Since 1992 CLEARLAKE FURNITURE has been creating custom, handmade furniture.  Besides their furniture they also offer cabinetry for your kitchen or bath.  Browse through their beautiful selection online and order directly or stop by the shop in LUDLOW.



CLIMATE MASTERS                                                               OKLAHOMA CITY, OK

Founded in the 1950's, CLIMATE MASTER has grown to become an industry leader in innovation and production of heating and cooling systems.  From the homeowner to commercial professional, CLIMATE MASTER can suit your needs.  Find product information and a local dealer online.



CLOPAY BUILDING                                                                TROY, OH

CLOPAY BUILDING is North America’s largest residential garage door manufacturer.  They also offer commercial garage and entry doors.  Check out their site to see their beautiful doors and locate a retailer near you.



COLONIAL BRONZE                                                               TORRINGTON, CT

COLONIAL BRONZE has been manufacturing their brass hardware since 1927.  Their products include hinges, knobs, pulls, garment rods, switch plates, and much more with many styles and finishes to choose from.  Update your rooms with COLONIAL BRONZE hardware and see your space go from ordinary to extraordinary.



CRAFTSMAN LUMBER COMPANY                                       GROTON, MA

CRAFTSMAN LUMBER COMPANY knows that when it comes to hardwood floors nothing beats the look of wide plank boards.  View their gallery and get product information and ordering information online.



FRONTIER BARNWOOD                                                        LARAMIE, WY

Founded in 1977, FRONTIER BARNWOOD has been a provider of weathered wood products for commercial and residential use for almost 40 years. One look through their photo gallery and you'll be hooked. Nothing can give the look and feel of weathered wood like the real thing. Check them out online and give them a call.



GATOR FINISHING PRODUCTS                                            FAIRBORN, OH

GATOR FINISHING PRODUCTS® manufactures high-quality sanding and finishing products at an exceptional value.  Their innovative products are great for wood-working professionals and Do It Yourself customers alike.



GENIE COMPANY                                                                   ALLIANCE, OH

GENIE COMPANY makes commercial and residential garage door openers and accessories.  GENIE is one of America's best known and trusted consumer brand names when it comes to garage door openers and installation.  They are the market leader in design, safety and reliable service since 1954.



GENOVA PRODUCTS                                                             DAVISON, MI

Since 1962, GENOVA PRODUCTS has been a leader in the do-it-yourself plumbing industry.  They are the world’s largest manufacturer of vinyl plumbing and even publish a helpful do-it-yourself guide to plumbing.  But they don’t stop there – they also have vinyl gutters and fencing available. Go online to order the plumbing guide, a catalog, or to find a retailer near you.



GLASS-RITE                                                                            ALBUQUERQUE, NM

Since 1984, GLASS-RITE has been servicing the NEW MEXICO area and are its largest manufacturer of windows.  Their windows can stand up to NEW MEXICO'S climate - very hot, very cold, and very windy.  When you want the best, go to the best – GLASS-RITE.



INSINKERATOR                                                                       RACINE, WI

Founded in 1927, INSINKERATOR is the industry leader in garbage disposals and they also manufacture instant hot water dispensers.  Their products work great for the food service industry.  Keep your kitchen cleaner and fresher with an INSINKERATOR disposal.



IRVING'S HARDWOOD FURNISHINGS                                 LARAMIE, WY

Founded in 1984, IRVING'S HARDWOOD FURNISHINGS has been manufacturing beautiful cabinetry for over 30 years. They can custom build cabinets, shelving, vanities, doors, and more to transform any room in your home or office. Browse through their work online to see what they can do for you and give them a call.



KOETTER WOODWORKING                                                  BORDEN, IN

Established in 1959, KOETTER WOODWORKING is an industry leader that is committed to quality and customer satisfaction.  They are a one-stop source for mouldings, doors, stair parts, custom millwork, wood flooring, and more.  Go online to view their products, browse their gallery, or find a dealer near you.



LEE UNLIMITED INC                                                               DUPREE, SD

The Power Bench was invented in 1999 to be the strongest and most ergonomic, industrial portable workbench on the market.  This convenient folding work bench can easily transform into a miter saw stand and metal chop saw stand.  Because of its flexibility, the Power Bench is a total work system; pick one up today if you are a contractor, carpenter, electrician, plumber, farmer, welder, woodworker, or anyone else who needs an awesome work bench.



LSI INDUSTRIES                                                                     CINCINNATI, OH

Founded in 1976, LSI INDUSTRIES has become a leading manufacturer of LED lighting. They are committed to advancing LED technology to make affordable, high performance, energy-efficient lighting and custom graphic products that bring value to their customers.



LUCIAN AVERY                                                                      HARDWICK, VT

LUCIAN AVERY is a blacksmith that specializes in early American hardware but that's not all he does.  He also makes tools, garden gates, door knockers, and much more.  Get online to view his gallery and catalog to see his one of a kind pieces.



MICHIGAN LADDER                                                                YPSILANTI, MI

Established in 1901, MICHIGAN LADDER is the oldest ladder company in the United States. They have fiberglass, wood, and aluminum ladders. They can also create custom ladders to suit any needs. Go online to view their products or to order a catalog.



MIDWEST TOOL & CUTLERY COMPANY                             STURGIS, MI

Founded in 1945, MIDWEST TOOL & CUTLERY COMPANY has become a leading innovator and manufacturer of metal cutting snips and specialty hand tools.  They produce the highest quality on the market today.  Go online to view their catalog, find a dealer, or become a dealer.



MODCRAFT                                                                             BEACON, NY

MODCRAFT takes tile from ordinary to extraordinary.  Their creative designs and colors can transform any area into a masterpiece.  Check out their online catalog and find a dealer near you.



OLD FASHIONED MILK PAINT CO                                        GROTON, MA

Founded in 1974, the OLD FASHIONED MILK PAINT COMPANY provides an eco-friendly milk paint that is made of only all-natural ingredients.  Their paints come in five formulas and twenty colors.  Order online or find a dealer near you.



OLD WOOD                                                                              LAS VEGAS, NM

You actually need to see it to believe it.  Get on their site to see their stunning floors made from reclaimed wood.  They have various sizes and styles to fit whatever custom job you have in mind.  And don't forget to look at their wall coverings and tribal walls.  If you're looking to make a “statement,” this is where you need to go.



PALOMBA CUSTOM WOODWORKING                                 JACKSON, WY

Since 1982, PALOMBA CUSTOM WOODWORKING has been making amazing custom cabinetry. View their stunning gallery online to see their past work and see what they can do for you. Each job is unique to the customer and each job is given their utmost attention. Contact them online or stop by their showroom in JACKSON.



PEEL-A-TRAY                                                                         SOUTH WINDSOR, CT

PEEL-A-TRAY products are paint trays that are covered with several eco-friendly liners.  When you are finished painting simply peel off the liner to reveal a clean, new tray instead of wasting several gallons of water trying to wash it.  Save time, money, water, and help save the planet – all at once!  Find a store near you online.




THE PERFECT MEASURING TAPE COMPANY – the name says it all! They have been manufacturing precision measuring tools for the textile, medical, industrial, construction, and home products industries for over 100 years. 



RACEDECK                                                                             SALT LAKE CITY, UT

RACEDECK is the industry leader in advanced modular garage flooring.  They offer nine styles of flooring in fourteen colors or you can customize your own color, logo, or design.  Check out their gallery to see ideas and use the handy floor designer to help design your own space.



ROPPE CORP                                                                          FOSTORIA, OH

ROPPE has been a leading manufacturer in the commercial flooring industry for over 50 years.  The company is family owned, and is a very integral part of the small Midwestern town of FOSTORIA, OH.  Products include rubber and vinyl flooring, rubber and vinyl accessories, adhesives, and cleaning products.



SANDIA MARBLE                                                                    ALBUQUERQUE, NM

For over 25 years SANDIA MARBLE has been providing bathroom and kitchen counter tops, tubs, shower surrounds, whirlpools, and more to commercial and residential customers.  View their online gallery or stop by the showroom in ALBUQUERQUE.



SEATEK CO                                                                             STAMFORD, CT

SEATEK CO provides tools for contractors, electricians, and Do-It-Yourselfers.  Their tools will help you save time and money while you get the job done.  SEATEK can also custom design tools or machines to suit your needs.  View their large selection of tools online and contact them for more information.



SHOWPLACE CABINETRY                                                    HARRISBURG & SIOUX FALLS, SD

SHOWPLACE CABINETRY can be found all across this country but is made right here in SOUTH DAKOTA.  Their cabinets are magnificent and can’t really be described in words – you just need to see for yourself.  View their beautiful selection online and find a dealer near you.



SPANWELL SERVICES                                                          FORSYTH, MT

SPANWELL was founded in 1987 and manufactures large S hooks, clamps, and industrial air tools. View their catalog online or order directly.



SPOUTOFF                                                                             WAYNE, PA

SPOUTOFF manufactures self cleaning gutter outlets that never clog! Homeowners and contractors will love these downspouts because they eliminate the need for ladders when checking for clogs. Easy to install yourself.



THE STOW COMPANY                                                           HOLLAND, MI

Founded over 25 years ago, THE STOW COMPANY wants to make your life more efficient by getting you organized. They manufacture a complete range of organization solutions for all areas of your home or business. Products include closet or pantry organizers, garage storage systems, laundry or mudroom storage, entertainment centers, and more. You can order online or find a retailer near you. 


SUNBURST SHUTTERS & WINDOW                                     PHOENIX, AZ

SUNBURST SHUTTERS has been making custom window treatments for almost 40 years. Products include shutters, barn doors, blinds, shades, and more. Their website has a helpful idea gallery and design center. Check them out today and schedule your free in-home consultation.



SYZYGY TILE                                                                          SILVER CITY, NM

SYZYGY TILE manufactures the most amazing, handmade, decorative tiles available.  One look through their online gallery and you'll be hooked.  From the stunning back splashes to the beautiful fireplaces; the only limitation is your imagination.  Browse their selection and contact a dealer near you.



TITEBOND                                                                               COLUMBUS, OH

TITEBOND is one of the most trusted brands in the adhesive industry.  Their products include wood glues, flooring products, construction adhesives, and sealants.  With more than 90 TITEBOND products to choose from woodworkers, construction professionals, and DIY customers can find the exact formulation they need,



US TAPE                                                                                 PENNSBURG, PA

US TAPE has been an industry leader when it comes to innovative tape measures. They manufacture long and short measuring tapes, oil tank gauging tapes, and forestry logger tapes in PENNSBURG, PA.



VAUGHN'S CABINETS                                                            HOLDENVILLE, OK

Since 1991, VAUGHN'S CABINETS has been providing high-quality, custom cabinetry.  Use their online design studio to help with the planning, view their portfolio, or request an estimate.



VIKING LOG FURNITURE                                                      ST JOSPEH, MN

Founded in 1979, VIKING FURNITURE has been manufacturing their amazing handcrafted furniture for almost 40 years.  They have grown to include bedroom, dining, and game room furniture, kitchen cabinets, bathroom vanities, and even railings.  They can custom make a small piece or do a big commercial job.  VIKING can do it all.  Browse their gallery and find contact info online.



WOOSTER BRUSH                                                                  WOOSTER, OH

Founded in 1851, WOOSTER BRUSH is one of the oldest manufacturers of paint applicators in the USA. They have over 2000 products for painters of all skill levels, including brushes (of course), rollers, and more.  Their website will help you select the right brush for the job and let you know where to find it.




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