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ADP RIVET                                                                              HARTFORD, CT

When you want high-quality, American-made rivets go to ADP RIVET.  With a selection of over 300 standard and custom products you will certainly find one to suit your needs.  They also offer the largest selection of painted, colored rivets available.  Order online and also check out their “How To” page for helpful information.



AIRBEADS                                                                               JENISON, MI

AIRBEADS are air fresheners that have a great scent and a fun look.  They are available in most colors and go just about anywhere.  They’re great as stocking stuffers or party favors and also good for fund raisers.



AIR OASIS                                                                               AMARILLO, TX

AIR OASIS' air purifier/sanitizer products not only clean the air but also sanitize surfaces.  They eliminate 99% of mold, odors, and germs.  The AIR OASIS sanifiers are great for people with allergies, pets, or anyone that wants to breathe cleaner, fresher air.  They come in residential and commercial sizes.



ALPINE INNOVATIONS                                                          LEHI, UT

ALPINE INNOVATIONS manufacturers a lot of items you may never think of but once you take a look you'll say “Hmmmmm, I could use that!”  Their collection of unique items includes microfibers for glasses, golf ball sleeves, slickers for guns, guitars picks and cleaning kits, and more.



ALLWAYZ MANUFACTURING                                               PINE BLUFFS, WY

Since 1992, ALLWAYZ MANUFACTURING has been providing high-quality metal western and wildlife home decor products. Products range from outlet covers to kitchen and bath accessories, and benches and swings to office accessories, and even more in between. Items come in many designs and colors. They have such a huge selection you need to look online for yourself.



AMERICAN CORN CUTTER                                                   WANATAH, IN

Use this handy device if you want to quickly remove corn from the cob.  It’s perfect if you want to can or freeze your corn or if you just don’t feel like eating it off the cob.  It’s American made and you can order it (and replacement blades) online.



AMERICAN MADE DORM                                                       LOUISVILLE, KY

AMERICAN MADE DORM was founded in 2011 to provide high-quality, custom made bedding for college and boarding room students.  They have everything from bedding and pillows to comforters and curtains.  Shop their large selection online.



AMERICAN WORKBENCH                                                     CHARLESTON, SC

Founded in 2005, AMERICAN WORKBENCH makes exactly what you think, American workbenches.  Their benches are high-quality, sturdy, and built to last.  They come in many different styles, sizes, and colors and are perfect for hardworking men and women everywhere.



ANCHOR BEND GLASSWORKS                                            NEWPORT, RI

Founded in 2003, ANCHOR BEND GLASSWORKS has been creating their amazing glass products for over ten years.  Their pieces are visually stunning and will make a great gift for a friend or for yourself.  They offer glass sculptures, tumblers, pitchers, vases, votives, and much more.  Check out their seaglass necklaces too.  Order online, find a gallery near you, or stop by their gallery in NEWPORT.



ANCHOR HOCKING                                                                LANCASTER, OH

Since 1905, ANCHOR HOCKING has been manufacturing and supplying ovenware, beverage ware, tabletop and household glassware for the retail food services business.  Find their products online or in stores across the country like Target, Kmart, Bed, Bath & Beyond, Walmart, and more.



ANTLER ARTISANS                                                                KANEOHE, HI

Bring nature right into your home with ANTLER ARTISANS' antler hardware.  They make antler pulls, knobs, and handles. They also offer antler buttons, keychains, chain pulls, vases, candler holders, hanging planters, and more.



APIARY DESIGNS                                                                   PROVIDENCE, RI

APIARY DESIGNS offers a large selection of aprons, totes, banners, catnip mats, and more. View their inventory of fun patterns at their Etsy page or find them at an upcoming event.



ARTIFACT BAG CO                                                                 OMAHA, NE

ARTIFACT BAG COMPANY was established in 2010 and is dedicated to making high-quality, handmade goods that will last a lifetime.  They offer a large selection of handmade bags and aprons with other items such as wallets, coasters, and pouches.  Order online or find info to become a wholesaler.



ASSOCIATED EQUIPMENT                                                    ST. LOUIS, MO

Founded in 1948, ASSOCIATED EQUIPMENT CORPORATION has been has been designing and patenting battery chargers and automotive battery testers for almost seventy years.  They have become an industry leader by providing the highest quality, professional grade equipment available.  Find product information online.



ATWOOD ROPE                                                                      CANAL WINCHESTER, OH

Since 1985, ATWOOD ROPE are manufacturers of high-quality ropes including dock lines, exercise ropes, arborist rope, solid braids, and more.  If you need rope, this is the only place to go.  Order yours online today.  Whole opportunites are available.



BADGER CLAMP                                                                     IONIA, MI

The BADGER CLAMP is the perfect Do-It-Yourself tool. It can be used as an anchor for rigging operations or as a tool for positioning and holding. Now with the BADGER CLAMP line of accessories the possibilities are endless. Go online to get this must-have tool today.



BAGRITE                                                                                  POMPANO BEACH, FL

BAGRITE is a handy tool that holds the mouth of most 33 – 60 gallon trash bags open.  This allows one person to scoop trash, leaves, and other items quickly and efficiently.  This is a great tool to help with your clean up needs.



BAR KEEPER’S FRIEND                                                         INDIANAPOLIS, IN

This could be the last cleaning product you ever need!  BAR KEEPER’S FRIEND can be used on almost all non-porous surfaces around your home.  Go online to view their variety of products and find a retailer near you.



BARR SPECIALTY TOOLS                                                     MCCALL, ID

BARR SPECIALTY TOOLS offers high-quality, hand forged specialty tools.  Products include adz, scorps, chisels, gouges, mallets, slicks, and much more.  If you use woodworking tools you need BARR SPECIALITY TOOLS.



BATTERY SHACKLE                                                               REDDING, CA

Did you know that RV battery theft is on the rise?  Keep your battery safe with a BATTERY SHACKLE.  These are heavy duty locks that protect your batteries from thieves. Also available for propane, generator, and marine applications.



BATTLEBELLS                                                                        STARKVILLE, MS

Who doesn't need more cowbell?!  Well, BATTLEBELLS is the place to go.  Each bell is hand-crafted and built to last for ages.  Order yours online today or find a retailer near you.



BEAR & SON CUTLERY                                                         JACKSONVILLE, AL

BEAR & SON CUTLERY'S commitment to excellence means their knives are second to none.  They have a large variety of knives available online. They also offer sheathes, accessories, and gift sets.



BELDEN BRICK COMPANY                                                   CANTON, OH

BELDEN BRICK COMPANY is the manufacturer and distributer of brick and masonry related construction products and materials.  They are the largest family owned and operated brick manufacturer in the country.  Get online to view their catalogs and locate a dealer near you.



BENTLEY DRINKWARE                                                          PERRYVILLE, AR

For over twenty-five years, BENTLEY DRINKWARE has been providing their high-quality, durable products at affordable prices.  All of their products are BPA free and available in a large assortment of colors.  Shop online or find a retailer near you.  Wholesale opportunities are available.



BENTON BABY BLANKETS                                                   LITCHFIELD, NH

BENTON BABY BLANKETS offers handmade baby blankets for whoever your “baby” may be.  A great idea for babies, kids, adults, pets, or friends.  Wrap your loved one with love – give them a BENTON BABY BLANKET.  Find them on Facebook.



THE BEVERAGE BUTLER                                                      HOLDREGE, NE

THE BEVERAGE BUTLER is a clever item that sits under any container with a spigot and catches the drips.  It keeps the floor clean and safe from those slippery wet spots and folds for easy storage.



BIG GATOR TOOLS                                                                LOUISBURG, KS

BIG GATOR TOOLS manufactures American made drill and tap guides that have a lifetime warranty.  Get online to order your BIG GATOR TOOLS today.



BLENKO GLASS                                                                     MILTON, WV

Founded in 1893, BLENKO GLASS has been handcrafting their beautiful glass for over 120 years.  Their selection includes bowls, glasses, pitchers, vases, decanters, critters, and so much more.  Shop from their collections online or contact them for a dealer near you.



BRIDJIT CURB RAMPS                                                          KENT, WA

BRIDJIT is a CURB RAMP that bridges the gap between the street and a rolled curb driveway.  BRIDJIT is also made in America from recycled tires.  Save your vehicle from damage and help the environment.  Order yours today!



BUBBLE ISLAND BATH TREATS                                          BISMARK, ND

BUBBLE ISLAND BATH TREATS features a line of products that will pamper and indulge you.  They offer shampoo bars and facial bars and a large selection of lip butters and handmade soaps.  They also have soap for your laundry and your dog – one stop shopping!



BUCK KNIVES                                                                         POST FALLS, ID

BUCK KNIVES manufactures a knife for just about everything.  From hunting and fishing to cutlery and everyday use, they have the knives you need.  Shop their large selection online – you can even personalize your knife or custom design your own.  Stop by for a tour if you're in POST FALLS.



BUG SOOTHER                                                                       COLUMBUS JUNCTION, IA

BUG SOOTHER is an all-natural bug repellent that smells great and really works.  It's perfect for hiking, fishing, gardening, golfing, or anytime you're outdoors and don't want to be bothered by those pesky bugs.  Order online or use their retailer locator.



BUIE POTTERY                                                                       GATLINBURG, TN

Established in 1986, BUIE POTTERY has been making their stunning pieces for thirty years.  Their pottery is colorful and functional as well as microwave, dishwasher, and oven safe.  Order online or stop by the gallery in GATLINBURG.



BUNNY BOOGIE PRODUCTS                                                WESTMORELAND, NH

BUNNY BOOGIE PRODUCTS specializes in handmade soaps, creams, and polishes for restoring natural beauty.  Items include lip, foot, or boo boo balms, hand creams, soaps, scrubs, jewelry polish, wood polish, and more.  Order online or view their calendar for an upcoming event.



THE CANDLE CUPBOARD                                                     WILEY FORD, WV

THE CANDLE CUPBOARD sells handmade room sprays, air fresheners, candles, soaps, and tarts.  Their products are great for use in your home, office, car, RV, and more.  They have over 40 everyday scents and over 25 seasonal scents so there's one to please everybody.  They're great as gifts or for fundraisers.  Order online or stop by the store in WILEY FORD.



CAROLINA GLOVE & SAFETY                                              CONOVER, NC

Founded in 1946, CAROLINA GLOVE & SAFETY has grown to offer over 5000 different glove styles and variations.  They also offer other safety protection items such as eyewear, hard hats, and ear plugs.  Some of their items are imported.  Request product information or download a catalog online.



CARTER'S CRAFTS                                                                HAHNVILLE, LA

CARTER'S CRAFTS makes handmade wood items including swings, arbor frames, gliders, tables, chairs, wooden toys, pens, kitchen items, and more.  Browse their whole inventory online or stop and see them in HAHNVILLE.



CARTS VERMONT                                                                  ST. JOHNSBURY, VT

If you want the best garden cart on the market, go to CARTS VERMONT.  Easier to balance than a conventional wheel barrel, these durable garden carts are great for year-round use.  They also make a log hauler which is great for moving wood during those cold VERMONT winters.  Get online to order yours today.



CAUGHT YA LOOKIN                                                             LEITCHFIELD, KY

CAUGHT YA LOOKIN is a KENTUCKY based company that makes high-quality items for the household and beyond.  Items include aprons, pot holders, casserole carriers, and much more.  Shop their large collection online.



CEDAR CLOSETS AND PRODUCTS                                     OKLAHOMA CITY, OK

100% genuine OKLAHOMA CEDAR is used in all of their closets, paneling, and products.  Plus they use 100% of the tree – nothing goes to waste.  Get more information online and contact them for an estimate.



CENTRAL TOOLS                                                                    CRANSTON, RI

CENTRAL TOOLS specializes in precision hand tools, more specifically, precision measuring tools and handheld fluorescent lights.  Find product info and where to order online.



CHICKORY WOOD PRODUCTS                                             MEQUON, WI

CHICKORY WOOD PRODUCTS crafts handmade, wooden, decorative bread boards.  You can actually use them as well as hang them on the wall.  Also check out their wooden toys that include trucks, trains, planes, boats, and more. 



CLAY IN MOTION                                                                    MILTON-FREEWATER, OR

Founded in 1981, CLAY IN MOTION has grown to produce over 100 different items.  Their large selection includes vases, bowls, cookie jars, plates, mugs, piggy banks and so much more.  Also click the link to ART IN MOTION to view their Raku and horsehair lamps and vases.



CLAY LICK CREEK POTTERY                                               SPRINGFIELD, IL

CLAY LICK CREEK POTTERY makes Majolica pottery that is both fun and functional.  Their pottery comes and great colors and cool designs.  Browse their collection online and order direct or through Etsy.



CLIMATE MASTERS                                                               OKLAHOMA CITY, OK

Founded in the 1950's, CLIMATE MASTER has grown to become an industry leader in innovation and production of heating and cooling systems.  From the homeowner to commercial professional, CLIMATE MASTER can suit your needs.  Find product information and a local dealer online.



CLOTH BAG CO                                                                      ATLANTA, GA

THE CLOTH BAG COMPANY has been making their cloth bags in America since 1989.  Custom printing is available.  Keep those plastic bags out of the landfill by always using your reusable, washable cloth bag.



COASTER BUDDY                                                                  OCONOMOWOC, WI

COASTER BUDDY is a beverage coaster you can use on carpet, sand, or grass.  Your drink will be stabilized wherever you use your COASTER BUDDY.  They come in 2 or 4 packs with Brewers or Packers.



COLONIAL BRONZE                                                               TORRINGTON, CT

COLONIAL BRONZE has been manufacturing their brass hardware since 1927.  Their products include hinges, knobs, pulls, garment rods, switch plates, and much more with many styles and finishes to choose from.  Update your rooms with COLONIAL BRONZE hardware and see your space go from ordinary to extraordinary.



COLUMBUS WASHBOARD CO.                                            LOGAN, OH

The only washboard manufacturer still operating in the United States, COLUMBUS WASHBOARD CO, has been in business since 1895.  They offer high-quality, vintage, home cleaning supplies and continue to assemble their products by hand with a team of skilled craftsmen from their local community.




The CORRADETTI GLASSBLOWING STUDIO makes stunning, hand-crafted, glassblown creations.  Their items include glasses, bowls, vases, jewelry, and so much more.  Order items online or stop by the studio in BALTIMORE.  Their inventory changes daily so stop by often.



COWBOY ROPE ART                                                             RALEIGH, ND

Check out COWBOY ROPE ART for unique household décor.  Their items are made from new and used lariats and horseshoes.  Products include wreaths, baskets, coasters, lamps, card holders, and more.  They make great gifts!



CREAM CITY RIBBON                                                            MILWAUKEE, WI

CREAM CITY RIBBONS are made from cotton yarn that is 100% grown and dyed in the USA.  Browse their large selection of ribbons, bows, and kits - you can even get custom ribbon made for your special event.  Order online or become a wholesaler.



CROWE CUSTOM WOODWORKS                                        GLENDALE, AZ

CROWE CUSTOM WOODWORKS is a veteran owned business that specializes in cutting boards and other small home décor. Follow them on facebook to see their items and visit them at an upcoming market!



CUSTOM WOOD FIBERS                                                        OKLAHOMA CITY, OK

CUSTOM WOOD FIBERS recycles waste wood from other wood working companies and turns it into a viable product.  Through regrinding and sizing they upcycle this waste wood into animal bedding, LCM (loss circulation material), or even wood flour.



CYPRESS MOON PORCH SWINGS                                       ALEXANDRIA, LA

Relax and unwind from your day in a CYPRESS MOON PORCH SWING.  These beautiful swings come in seven styles and are made to order.  CYPRESS MOON also offers Adirondack chairs and tables, gliders, rocking chairs, and patio sets.



DAISYCAKES SOAP                                                               ATHENS, GA

Established in 1999, DAISYCAKES SOAP has grown to offer over 40 varieties of their handmade olive oil soap.  They also offer laundry detergent, lip balms, solid perfumes, bath bombs, and natural dog soap.  Order online or find them at a local market.



DEBBIE LYNN                                                                         GLENCOE, MD

DEBBIE LYNN designs and manufactures a variety of stationery supplies such as pens, markers, and other writing instruments.  Get more information on DEBBIE LYNN'S seven product brands and find a local retailer online.



DIRTGUARD AUTO WASH SYSTEM                                     TACOMA, WA

Tired of scratches in your paint from washing your car?  You need the DIRTGUARD SYSTEM.  This clever invention traps dirt from your wash mitt in its filter leaving you with cleaner wash water.  This is a must-have for the car enthusiast.



DIXIE SOAPS                                                                           DAYTON, TN

DIXIE SOAPS handmakes their soaps with milk from their very own Alpine dairy goats.  They also make laundry soap, baby products, lip balms, and lotions.  View their large selection online and place an order or locate a nearby retailer.



DOUGLAS QUIKUT                                                                 WALNUT RIDGE, AR

DOUGLAS QUIKUT was formed in 1964 and manufactures products under the brands Ginsu, American Angler, and Readivac.  Purchase their world famous Ginsu knives, American Angler filet knives, or Readivac vacuums online.



DR. DOORMAT                                                                        ROCKVILLE, MD

DR. DOORMAT manufactures eco-friendly doormats that are antimicrobial and eliminate odors.  These durable doormats are great for people with allergies or anyone who wants that extra defense to keep their house clean.  Doormats come in two sizes and several colors.  Go online for more information and to find a local retailer.



DRIVEWAYSPIKES LLC                                                         MERRIMAC, MA

Tired of people using your driveway for u-turns?  Put out some DRIVEWAY SPIKES to make them stop.  These spike strips are made from Eco-friendly recycled rubber and won't hurt your tires or vehicle – you know that but no one else will!



DROLL YANKEES                                                                   PLAINFIELD, CT

Since 1969, DROLL YANKEES has been manufacturing their high-quality, American-made bird feeders.  With over 100 feeders to choose from you'll be able to find the perfect one for your yard; accessories are available also.  Order online or find a nearby retailer.



DRYMATE                                                                                SAVAGE, MN

DRYMATE'S innovative products are absorbent mats that have a waterproof, non-slip backing to protect your floor.  DRYMATES are available for almost every aspect of your life – they can be used for pets, kids, automotive, home and garden, hunting and fishing, and more.  Learn more about DRYMATE online and find a retailer near you.



EARTH KIND                                                                            BISMARK, ND

EARTH KIND specializes in rodent prevention and pest repellent the natural way.  Safer for you, your pets, and the environment.  Check out their line of products and get great tips online.  Order direct or find a local retailer.



EARTH SHACK                                                                        MULLICA HILL, NJ

EARTH SHACK creates items that are handmade and inspired by life and nature.  Products include handmade jewelry, cutting boards, mugs, clocks, altars, teas, and much more.  Check them out online or stop by if you're in MULLICA HILL.



FACTORY DIRECT HOSE                                                       MIDDLETON, ID

FACTORY DIRECT HOSE ships their air and garden hoses, you guessed it, direct from the factory – saving you money.  Their air and garden hoses are manufactured in the USA and your satisfaction is guaranteed.  If you're in need of a hose, FACTORY DIRECT HOSE is the only place to go.



FACTORY DIRECT MAILBOXES                                            HURON, OH

Since 1991, FACTORY DIRECT MAILBOXES has been manufacturing the highest quality mailboxes, posts, and accessories.  Their mailboxes are handcrafted in the U.S.A, and since they’re the manufacturer, they can pass the savings directly to you!



FIDDLESTICKS FIRE STARTER                                             BIRMINGHAM, AL

FIDDLESTICKS FIRE STARTER makes fire starters, wood chunks, wood chips, firewood, and grilling planks.  You can use their products to start your fire, build your fire, or barbeque your food.  Check out their expandable plank for more flavorful grilling.  Find it all on their website.



FLEXCUT TOOL COMPANY                                                   ERIE, PA

Founded in 1986, FLEXCUT TOOL has grown to manufacture over 300 products for the woodworking market – even tools for lefties.  Shop their extensive catalog online or locate a dealer near you.



FLOPPY EAR FARM                                                               REEDSVILLE, WI

FLOPPY EAR FARM specializes in goat milk body products.  Their award winning products include laundry soap, bug repellent, bar soaps, liquid soaps, lip balms, and lotions and more.  Order online or find a local retailer.



FOAM ON THE RANGE                                                           KINGMAN, KS

FOAM ON THE RANGE offers handmade laundry detergent in many scents.  They also have a large selection of handmade soaps and cosmetics.  Other products include bar and liquid soaps, lotions, creams, lip balms, and more.  Check them out online.



FRAMBURG                                                                             BELLWOOD, IL

FRAMBURG manufactures handmade lighting fixtures that are so stunning you have to see them to believe them.  Many finishes are available to make that fixture just right for you.  Browse their online catalog then locate a dealer.



GELPRO                                                                                   AUSTIN, TX

If you're tired of standing on a hard floor then GEL PRO has the solution for you.  GEL PRO manufactures a line of anti-fatigue comfort mats.  Their mats give you superior comfort and support which helps your feet, legs, and back.  Available for medical and commercial fields too.  You deserve the best, don't settle for imitations.



GLARE PROFESSIONAL POLISH                                         RENO, NV

GLARE PROFESSIONAL POLISH is a world leader in paint appearance and protection.  Their new technology, which was designed by chemists, is a non-stick, high gloss, all-weather, flexible sealant which leaves a super shiny finish.  GLARE can be used on cars, motorcycles, planes, boats, and much more.  Find more info and order online.



GLASSYBABY                                                                        SEATTLE, WA

GLASSYBABY creates beautiful, hand-blown votives and drinkers.  They come in a large selection of amazing colors – each designed to inspire, comfort, or give hope to the beholder.  Order online or find a retailer near you.



GORILLA SACKS                                                                    ATLANTA, GA

GORILLA SACKS makes a variety of bags from recycled billboards.  Their bags include duffle, market, messenger, and tote bags and since they're made from billboards you know they're super tough and durable.  They also make pillows, curtains, and storage accessories.



THE GREAT ALASKAN BOWL CO                                        FAIRBANKS, AK

One of a few mills that still makes these distinctive bowls, THE GREAT ALASKAN BOWL COMPANY is a manufacturer of high-quality wood bowls. Their unique process ensures the finest product available while helping promote a healthier forest.  They have a variety of styles and sizes to choose from.  Get online to find a set that's right for you.



GREEN3                                                                                   PRINCETON, WI

GREEN3 manufactures a large variety of throws for your home.  Their products are made from organic or recycled cotton and other reclaimed materials.  They also have apparel and accessories for men, women, and babies.  Order online or stop by their store in PRINCETON.



GROVEMADE                                                                          PORTLAND, OR

GROVEMADE makes a creative collection of handmade wood products for your office and your home.  Their products range from keyboard trays and mouse pads to cell phone cases and place mats.  View and shop their selection online.



HAAS-JORDAN UMBRELLAS                                                HOLLAND, OH

For decades, HAAS-JORDAN umbrellas have been synonymous with quality.  They manufacture golf and specialty umbrellas in a large variety of styles and sizes with creative features.  Their umbrellas make great gifts, incentives, or promotional items for your business!



HARPER TRUCKS                                                                   WICHITA, KS

Founded in 1940, HARPER TRUCKS has grown to be a world leader in manufacturing hand trucks by offering the highest-quality hand trucks on the market.  View their catalog online and find a retailer near you.



HAWAII WOOD ARTS & CRAFTS                                          HILO, HI

HAWAII WOOD ARTS & CRAFTS makes a variety of wood items for you to enjoy.  Their products are handmade from Hawaiian woods such as Koa, Milo, Mango, Ohai, and Cook Pine.  Items include bowls, trays, walking sticks, canes, candle stick holders, games, and more.



THE HEALTHY PORCUPINE                                                  CONCORD, NH

THE HEALTHY PORCUPINE wants to help you start living chemical free...and that begins with your soap.  They make a large selection of handmade standard and specialty soaps.  They also make balms and chemical free laundry powder.  Order online or see them at a farmers market.



HOUSE OF TROY                                                                    HYDE PARK, VT

HOUSE OF TROY has been producing their hand-crafted lighting products for over 60 years.  They pretty much have every light available that you could want or need!  Browse their fantastic selection online, order a catalog, or find a retailer near you.



HUG-A-PLUG                                                                           BRIGHTON, MI

HUG-A-PLUGS are high quality electrical current taps and adapter plugs for the home and office. They maximize available floor and counter space while eliminating damage to your electrical cords. Available in seven colors – order yours today!



INCREDIBLE SOLUTIONS, INC.                                             WARREN, OH

A manufacturer of quality American made plastic products for home and commercial needs. From trash cans and storage totes to specialty containers and pet products, their plastics are American made and available in stores like Lowes, Menards, Big Lots, Walmart, and more.



INNOVATION FACTORY                                                        HAVERTOWN, PA

Founded in 2001, THE INNOVATION FACTORY has been putting powerful, innovative tools into the hands of the people who need them.  They have rescue, survival, and ice removal tools and accessories.  Browse their selection online.



INSINKERATOR                                                                       RACINE, WI

Founded in 1927, INSINKERATOR is the industry leader in garbage disposals and they also manufacture instant hot water dispensers.  Their products work great for the food service industry.  Keep your kitchen cleaner and fresher with an INSINKERATOR disposal.



JRC GLOVES                                                                          CENTRALIA, WA

In the business since 1890, Churchill knows a thing or two about gloves.  Simply put, JRC GLOVES makes the best motorcycle gloves on the market.  They also offer leather work gloves, rodeo gloves, and more.  Shop from their large selection online.



K-LEE'S KREATIONS                                                              GREENE, ME

K-LEE'S KREATIONS specializes in customized country home decor.  Items include pillows, quilts, wall hangings, table top runners, tote bags, and much more.  You can also get items personalized with a favorite photo.  Inventory is always changing so check back often.



KC POTTERY                                                                          HOLLANDALE, MN

KC POTTERY offers a large selection of handcrafted pottery.  They have many styles, colors, and designs to choose from. Items include bowls, platters, mugs, urns, and much more.  View their items online or stop by the shop in HOLLANDALE.



KLEIN TOOLS                                                                          LINCOLNSHIRE, IL

Since1857, KLEIN TOOL has grown to become a leader in the hand tool industry.  Products include hammers, pliers, saw blades, knives, bolt cutters, and too many more to list!  Shop from their selection online or locate a dealer near you.



KORCHMAR                                                                             NAPLES, FL

For over 100 years, KORCHMAR has been making their high-quality, leather briefcases and travel bags.  Accessories include dopp kits, change trays, laptop sleeves, coasters, and more.



KRAFT TOOL                                                                          SHAWNEE, KS

Founded in 1981, KRAFT TOOL has been manufacturing high-quality, American made tools for over thirty years.  They make tools for the concrete, masonry, asphalt, drywall, plaster, and tile professional – and non-professional.  Accessories are also available.  Check out their extensive selection online.



KRAZY BEAVER TOOLS                                                        RIO RANCHO, NM

KRAZY BEAVER TOOLS makes a shovel like no other.  It's super strong but also lightweight.  It has teeth for digging that can also help get through ice or clay.  Their shovels are also great for camping or off-roading.  Accessories are also available online.



KRAZY KAJUN COOKWARE                                                 ST AMANT, LA

Looking for a cast iron jambalaya pot?  Go to KRAZY KAJUN COOKWARE.  They have been making their American made cast iron pots and accessories since 1999.  The pots come in residential and commercial sizes.  Find curing instructions and delicious recipes online too.



LAPELLA POTTERY                                                               UNICOI, TN

LAPELLA POTTERY offers handmade, one-of-a-kind pottery.  They specialize in functional stoneware, bareware, and wedding registries.  View their collection on Facebook and shop on Etsy.



LBJ POTTERY CO                                                                  CARSON CITY, NV

LBJ POTTERY AND FINE CERAMIC ARTS makes items that are fun and functional.  These items include ceramic clocks, decorative tiles, platters, jewelry, ornaments, and more.  Check back to their site often as inventory is always changing.



LEATHERMAN                                                                       PORTLAND, OR

Be prepared for anything that life throws at you with your tool from LEATHERMAN.  Since 1983, LEATHERMAN TOOL GROUP has been manufacturing multi-tools, pocket tools, and pocket knives.  Order online or locate a retailer near you.



LEN’S AWNING & CANVAS                                                  SIOUX FALLS, SD

LEN’S AWNING & CANVAS has been fabricating custom awnings and boat covers since 1985.  LEN’S is a premier builder of superior grade custom covers for a variety of products.  Although LEN’S is locally known for its custom awnings and boat covers, they can design and create a canvas product for just about anything you can think of. Jet Ski, snow mobile, motorcycle, or even a grill?  They’ve got it covered!



LES' SERENDIPITY SOAPS                                                  CHURCH POINT, LA

LES' SERENDIPITY SOAPS offers a large selection of soaps and essentials that are made by hand with natural or sustainable ingredients. Their products include soaps, lip balms, body powders, lotions, and more! They also have air fresheners and dog shampoo.



LIBERTY BOTTLEWORKS                                                     YAKIMA, WA

LIBERTY BOTTLEWORKS produces the only American-made metal water bottle available today.  Their bottles are made from recycled materials and are completely recyclable.  Choose from their large selection of awesome designs or you can design your own.



LOG CABIN LEATHER                                                            WEBSTER, NH

LOG CABIN LEATHER offers a large variety of handmade leather products.  Their items include checkbooks, bookmarks, photo albums, ornaments, belts, guitar straps, binders, barrettes, and more.  Shop from the whole collection online.



LUMINA HONEY & HIVE                                                         BEL AIR, MD

LUMINA HONEY & HIVE offers a variety of products for you and your home.  Items include honey, jams, spiced nuts, handmade soaps and lip balms, candles, furniture polish, and even loofah sponges!  View their whole selection online and go out to see them at Lost Acre Farm in BEL AIR.



MACK BRUSH COMPANY                                                     JONESVILLE, MI

ANDREW MACK & SON BRUSH CO. was founded in 1891 and continues to provide brushes for the custom painting field. They have any brush you might need for anything from sign painting to detailing. View their brushes and other products online and find a distributor near you.



MAGNEPAN                                                                             WHITE BEAR LAKE, MN

Founded in 1969, MAGNEPAN has been manufacturing their innovative stereo speakers for almost 50 years.  Find more information on all of their speakers and locate a dealer near you.



MAZE NAILS                                                                            PERU, IL

MAZE NAILS has grown to become America's largest manufacturer of specialty nails.  They have nails to use for roofing, siding, gutters, decks, bridges, fencing, and much more.  You can even get painted nails to match your projects.  Order online or find a dealer near you.



METRO VAC                                                                            OAKLAND, NJ

Founded in 1939, METRO VAC has grown from just vacuums to also manufacturing products for your car, motorcycle, electronics, pets, and more.  Shop from their selection of vacuums, dryers, dusters, and more online or locate a retailer near you.



MIDWEST CAN                                                                        FRANKLIN PARK, IL

Since 1951, MIDWEST CAN has been dedicated to providing high-quality containers to its customers.  Their products include fuel and water containers, funnels, and drain pans.  View their products online and find a retailer near you.



MIDWEST TOOL & CUTLERY COMPANY                            STURGIS, MI

Founded in 1945, MIDWEST TOOL & CUTLERY COMPANY has become a leading innovator and manufacturer of metal cutting snips and specialty hand tools. They produce the highest quality on the market today.  Go online to view their catalog, find a dealer, or become a dealer.



MISTY MOUNTAIN SOAP CO                                                 GATLINBURG, TN

The MISTY MOUNTAIN SOAP COMPANY makes their products by hand using the finest, all-natural ingredients.  Their huge selection of products includes  laundry detergent,  pet soap, hand soaps, salt scrubs, lip balms, lotions, and much more.  Order online or visit their two locations in GATLINBURG.



MODERN HOME PRODUCTS                                                 ANTIOCH, IL

MODERN HOME PRODUCTS are manufacturers of decorative gas lighting and all weather gas grills and accessories.  View their products and find ordering information online.



MOOSE TAGS                                                                         SANTA ROSA BEACH, FL

MOOSE TAGS are cable labels that help you organize and label your cables, cords, adapters, chargers, and so on.  They're easy to use and easy to write on too.  Get your MOOSE TAGS and get organized.



MOUSERUG                                                                            FORT COLLINS, CO

MOUSERUGS are uniquely beautiful ”rugs” for your computer's mouse.  Say goodbye to your boring old mousepad and make a statement in your home or office with your MOUSERUG.  They also offer BookeRugs and CoasterRugs and they all make great gifts!



MUSGRAVE PENCIL CO                                                        SHELBYVILLE, TN

For over 100 years the MUSGRAVE PENCIL CO has been manufacturing their pencils in SHELBYVILLE, TN.  They have a huge assortment to choose from or you can customize your own.  Order online or stop by the factory in SHELBYVILLE.



MYSTIC KNOTWORK                                                              MYSTIC, CT

MYSTIC KNOTWORK creates beautiful knotwork accessories for you and your home.  Items include necklaces, bracelets, doormats, coasters, wreaths, keychains and so much more.  Check our their creative designs – lots of great gift ideas here!



NORTHSTAR GLOVE                                                              TACOMA, WA

Since 1910, NORTH STAR GLOVE has been committed to making high-quality gloves for America's workers.  But they didn't stop there; they also produce mitts, aprons, sleeves, hand pads, and footwear.  Browse their products online and find a distributor.




Founded in 1996, NOTTING HILL has grown to offer over 200 designs.  They have hardware made of pewter, bronze, and wood.  Some are decorated with enamel, hand-painting, semi-precious stones, crystal, or pearls.  Their items include knobs, pulls, bin pulls, back plates, hinge plates, appliance pulls, and more.  View their online catalog and contact them for a retailer.



ORIGINAL HAMMOCK SHOP                                                 PAWLEYS ISLAND, SC

THE ORIGINAL HAMMOCK SHOP manufactures the Original Pawleys Island Rope Hammock.  Their handmade hammocks are strong, comfortable, durable, and come in a variety of sizes and colors.  Perfect for relaxing after a long day...



OZARK FILTERS                                                                     BENTONVILLE, AR

OZARK FILTERS has been manufacturing their water filtration systems since 1986 and they're still going strong.  They believe everyone should have clean, affordable water.  So what are you waiting for?  Order your OZARK WATER FILTER today and taste the OZARK difference.



PANTRY PRODUCTS                                                              RENO, NV

PANTRY PRODUCTS has a large selection of all-natural personal care items that are environmentally friendly, chemical free, and made by hand in small batches.  Their selection includes lotions, soaps, balms, baby and pet products, air & linen sprays, and much more.  Order online or find a retailer near you.



PEEL-A-TRAY                                                                         SOUTH WINDSOR, CT

PEEL-A-TRAY products are paint trays that are covered with several eco-friendly liners.  When you are finished painting simply peel off the liner to reveal a clean, new tray instead of wasting several gallons of water trying to wash it.  Save time, money, water, and help save the planet – all at once!  Find a store near you online.




THE PERFECT MEASURING TAPE COMPANY – the name says it all! They have been manufacturing precision measuring tools for the textile, medical, industrial, construction, and home products industries for over 100 years. 



PETER'S POTTERY                                                                 MOUND BAYOU, MS

PETER'S POTTERY is a family oriented business that puts much thought and care in every piece they make.  Their pottery is as functional as it is attractive.  Shop online and pick up something for yourself or as a gift.



PIAZZA PISANO                                                                       MIAMI, FL

PIAZZA PISANO makes hand-crafted home decor.  Their items include restaurant chalkboards, wall art, clocks, door toppers, Lazy Susans, mirrors, welcome signs, and more.  Check out their huge selection online or stop by if you're in MIAMI.



PILLOW CUBES                                                                      TALBOTT, TN

PILLOW CUBES offers high-quality, America-made pillow forms.  Their pillow forms come in many shapes, fillings (even eco-friendly), and just about every size imaginable.  Custom shapes are available too.



PINE MOUNTAIN/JAVA-LOGS                                               DALEVILLE, IN

Combining the need for firestarters with the aroma of fresh brewed coffee – Brilliant!  Gather around the fire and enjoy the comforting scent of JAVA-LOGS.  Also check out the full line of firelogs, firestarters, and fire safety products from PINE MOUNTAIN.  Go online to find a retailer near you.



PLANET X POTTERY                                                              GERLACH, NV

PLANET X POTTERY is a must-see if you're in the GERLACH area.  Stop by to see their collection of porcelain, stoneware, and Raku.  Go online to see their gallery of work and get their event schedule.



POPS Q TOOL                                                                         FRANCIS, UT

POPS Q TOOL is the last tool you'll ever need for your barbecue.  This six-in-one tool is a fork, spatula, knife, tongs, grill scraper, and bottle opener all at once... genius! You can also get this custom engraved. And check out their coasters too.



POURFECT SPILL-PROOF BOWL                                         SCOTTSDALE, AZ

POURFECT BOWLS are the original spill-proof bowls.  They are microwave and dishwasher safe.  They also offer beakers, measuring cups and measuring spoons. POURFECT BOWLS even have attachments for your KitchenAid stand mixers.  Order yours today to make your cooking experience POURFECT!



PRAIRIE LAVENDER FARM                                                   BENNINGTON, KS

PRAIRIE LAVENDER FARM is the oldest lavender farm in KANSAS.  They grow over 4600 plants and have twelve varieties of lavender. Their products include room spray, laundry soap, bath soaps, deodorant, lotion, lip balm, herbs, culinary lavender, tea, and much more.



R MURPHY KNIVES                                                                AYER, MA

R MURPHY KNIVES have been making their high-quality knives for over 160 years.  Their products range from knives for shellfish and hunting to kitchen and bar knives. Gift sets are also available.  Shop their extensive inventory online.



RS SEWING                                                                             CANTON, OH

RS SEWING is the largest supplier of American made stick flags in the United States.  They are a variety of flags available and offer sewing services as well. 



RED DIRT SOAP COMPANY                                                  DEWEY, OK

RED DIRT SOAP COMPANY makes room fresheners and bug repellent.  They also offer a full line of natural skin care products that includes bar and liquid soaps, lip balms, lotions, bath salts, baby products, and so much more.



RETRACT-A-GATE                                                                  DUBUQUE, IA

RETRACT-A-GATE is a great item for anyone with a pet or baby that needs to be blocked off from another area.  It's easy to install and use and is great inside or outdoors. Keep your baby or pet safe with other items too like the Safe Railing Guard or the Bow Wow Barrier.  Find more information and order online.



RHODY RUG                                                                            LINCOLN, RI

Founded in 1987, RHODY RUG has been creating their beautiful rugs for thirty years.  Their rugs come in many sizes, styles, and colors, or simply have a rug designed just for you.  They also offer matching baskets, chair pads, and stair treads.  Browse their collection online and locate a retailer near you.



SABAKNIFE                                                                             CHARLOTTESVILLE, VA

SABAKNIFE manufactures kitchen cutlery that is handcrafted in America.  Their specialty is kitchen and chef knives.  Shop their selection online or order custom knives designed by you.



SEATEK CO                                                                             STAMFORD, CT

SEATEK CO provides tools for contractors, electricians, and Do-It-Yourselfers.  Their tools will help you save time and money while you get the job done.  SEATEK can also custom design tools or machines to suit your needs.  View their large selection of tools online and contact them for more information.



SILENCE HP                                                                            PHOENIX, AZ

The SILENCE HP is a silent hair dryer. It makes no motor noise and uses about 2/3 the energy than traditional a turbo hair dryer.Get online today and order the last hair dryer you'll ever need!



SILVER BEAR SNOW MFG                                                    ATLANTIC MINE, MI

Want a faster, safer, easier way to shovel your snow?  The SILVER BEAR SNOW SCOOP is here!  It’s so fast and easy to use you’ll actually be looking forward to winter – Let It Snow!



SIMPLICITY                                                                              FENTON, MO

SIMPLICITY – the name says it all.  Leave all of those gizmos, gadgets, and do-dads behind...you want a vacuum that vacuums and here it is.  Their selection ranges from uprights to handhelds and several in between.  Order online or locate a dealer.



THE SOAP LADY                                                                    BEAR LAKE, MN

THE SOAP LADY offers handmade soaps that are great for all skin types and can even help with skin problems.  They also have soap that you can use in your laundry or on your pets.  Soaps come in three sizes and many scents.


SOAPTACULAR                                                                      VASILIA, CA

SOAPTACULAR offers a large selection of hand-crafted soaps, skincare products, and cleaning solutions.  Items include laundry detergent, artisan soaps, pet soaps, salt scrubs, bath soak, and more.  Shop their whole collection online.



SOFT GEAR                                                                             RALEIGH, NC

SOFT GEAR products are designed to keep your child safe, happy, and healthy as they grow.  Products include booster seats, place mats, changing mats, and nap mats. Find product information and retail locations online.



SOULSHINE SOAP                                                                  WINTERPORT, ME

SOULSHINE SOAPS are a result of caring about what goes on your body, not just in it.  Their soaps are all-natural and plant-based for a rich, creamy lather.  They also offer laundry soap and lip balms.  Order online or find a local retailer.



SPECIALTY PET PRODUCTS                                                CHARLOTTE, NC

SPECIALTY PET PRODUCTS offers a line of odor eliminating products that gets rid of lingering pet odor.  Products include candles, air fresheners, fabric spray, and more.  Eliminate odors at home, the office, or in the car.  Find product information and locate a retailer online.



SPOUTOFF                                                                             WAYNE, PA

SPOUTOFF manufactures self cleaning gutter outlets that never clog! Homeowners and contractors will love these downspouts because they eliminate the need for ladders when checking for clogs. Easy to install yourself.



STARRETT                                                                               ATHOL, MA

Established in 1880, STARRETT has grown to become a manufacturer of over 5,000 various precision tools, gages, measuring instruments, and saw blades.  Get product information or order online from their huge inventory.



STEAM PURE                                                                          LINCOLN, NE

If you like the benefits of drinking fresh distilled water then you need to get a STEAM PURE water distiller.  The countertop distiller fits on your counter or under the sink.  It can even be taken in an RV for fresh water on the road.  Order online or download a brochure.



STERLING WAX PRODUCTS                                                 STERLING HEIGHTS, MI

STERLING WAX PRODUCTS are formulated to produce a streak free, high gloss shine with no residue left behind. Their surface treatments can be used on vehicles, boats, campers, motorcycles, eyeglasses, windows, TV’s, and more.  They can also be used on surfaces that are painted, glass, plastic, vinyl, fiberglass, counter tops, metal, etc.  Order online or find a dealer near you.



STICKS                                                                                    DES MOINES, IA

STICKS offers divinely unique furniture and accessories for your home.  You really haven't seen anything quite like this.  Each piece is handcrafted and exquisitely decorated.  They can also custom decorate any piece they make.  Browse their huge selection online or find a gallery near you.



STONEWALL APIARY                                                            HANOVER, CT

STONEWALL APIARY produces beeswax wood polish that is food safe and great for wooden bowls, utensils, cutting boards, and more.  They also offer delicious honey and other bee products such as beeswax, candles, and gift sets.  Wholesale opportunities are also available.  Interested in beekeeping?  See their schedule online of classes for beginners.



STRAWESOME                                                                        NEW HUDSON, MI

STRAWESOME makes glass drinking straws that are safe, fun, eco-friendly, and reusable. If you’re ready to go green this is a place to start – with your drinking straws. Their straws are hand-made with high-quality products and they’re good for your health and the environment. Go online and check out their cute designs and go green!



SUNHEAT                                                                                GRAND ISLAND, NE

Cut your heating costs with a SUNHEAT infrared heater.  They come in various woods including oak, mahogany, cherry, and more.  They also offer infrared fireplace heaters.  Visit their “Made in the USA Products” page online.



SURVIVAL STILL                                                                    LINCOLN, NE

The SURVIVAL STILL is a non-electric, emergency water distiller.  It doesn't need filters or electricity and has no moving parts that will break.  This is a great item to have to ensure that you have fresh water in an emergency.  You just need a heat source.  Find more information or order online.



SWEN PRODUCTS                                                                  WEST FARGO, ND

SWEN PRODUCTS offers a huge selection of decorative items for your home, yard, or office.  Their handmade items include weathervanes, swirligigs, welcome signs, key chain holders, business card holders, and so much more - and in almost any design.  Order online or stop by and visit the shop in WEST FARGO.



TASSOT APIARIES HONEY                                                   MILFORD, NJ

Support your local bee keepers at TASSOT APIARIES.  They have a large selection of products including honeys, candles, soaps, and even beeswax polish.  Order online, at the farm, or find them at a farmers market.



TEXAS HILL COUNTRY CERAMICS                                      SPICEWOOD, TX

TEXAS HILL COUNTRY CERAMICS makes so many items you won't be sure where to start.  They have items for the kitchen, bathroom, garden, even your pets.  Check out their huge selection online – surely something for everyone.



TIGER’S TOOTH BOTTLE OPENER                                      INDIANAPOLIS, IN

TIGER’S TOOTH KEY RING BOTTLE OPENER conveniently fits on your key ring so you always have a bottle opener with you when the need arises.  Great for tailgating or as a stocking stuffer.  Order yours from amazon.



TINY KITCHEN SOAP CO                                                       ZANESVILLE, OH

The TINY KITCHEN SOAP COMPANY makes a line of home and body products that are handmade and all natural – no artificial fragrances or colors added.  Their products include detergents, all-purpose cleaners, room sprays, soap, shampoo, and balms.



TTI FLOOR CARE, NA                                                            GLENWILLOW & N CANTON, OH

TTI FLOOR CARE, NA provides quality products to meet customers' cleaning needs.   With brands including Hoover, Dirt Devil, and Royal, they have more than 100 years of powerfully designed, easy-to-use, household cleaners to cover your floor to ceiling cleaning.


TUFT & NEEDLE                                                                     PHOENIX, AZ

A high-quality mattress at a fair price – who knew it was possible? Get ready for your best night's sleep with your TUFT & NEEDLE mattress. You can order it online and it ships right to your door. That's right, a mattress shipped to your home in a box. Check them out online to see their innovative mattresses and order yours today. Goodnight!



THE ULU FACTORY                                                                ANCHORAGE, AK

Since 1973, THE ULU FACTORY has been making their incredible ULU knives.  This is a product steeped in Alaskan heritage.  Their high-quality knives are made in America and made to last.  Go online to view their product catalog of knives, knife sets, and more.  Get your ULU today.



UNCLE JON'S SOAPS                                                            BERLIN, MD

UNCLE JON'S makes a line of skin care products for use by the whole family.  They have a large selection of handmade soaps, even one gentle enough for baby.  They also offer, laundry detergent, shaving and beard care products, and other items.  Check them out online or stop by their shop in BERLIN.



US FLAG AND SIGNAL                                                           PORTSMOUTH, VA

For nearly 100 years US FLAG AND SIGNAL has been manufacturing flags in the USA.  They have a large inventory that includes US, state, world, military flags, and more.



US TAPE                                                                                 PENNSBURG, PA

US TAPE has been an industry leader when it comes to innovative tape measures. They manufacture long and short measuring tapes, oil tank gauging tapes, and forestry logger tapes in PENNSBURG, PA.



USA BATTERY CHARGERS                                                   WARREN, MI

Founded in 1976, RIZK NATIONAL INDUSTRIES is a manufacturer of battery chargers.  The company has grown to become an industry leader of American-made battery charges, booster cables, and transformers. They pride themselves on the high-quality materials that go into each and every product.  They have chargers for commercial, industrial, home use, automotive or marine.  Check out their site for the whole selection.



VAUGHN'S CABINETS                                                            HOLDENVILLE, OK

Since 1991, VAUGHN'S CABINETS has been providing high-quality, custom cabinetry.  Use their online design studio to help with the planning, view their portfolio, or request an estimate online.



VERMONT BOWL COMPANY                                                WILMINGTON, VT

VERMONT BOWL COMPANY has been making their amazing wood products since 1967.  Their high-quality and attention to detail shows in every piece.  They don't just make bowls; they also offer plates, cutting boards, ice buckets, barrels, serving pieces, and much more.  View their whole collection online.



VERMONT SOAP                                                                     MIDDLEBURY, VT

VERMONT SOAP has been making natural, organic products since 1992.  They offer cleaning solutions for every part of your home.  From general cleaning solutions to car care and even your fresh produce they have it all.  They also have bath, body, and pet products available.



VINTAGE DIRECT RUSTIC LIGHTING                                   MARION, AR

VINTAGE DIRECT is a wholesale company that does not sell directly to customers but you can view their selection online and find a retailer near you.  They have an interesting collection so it's worth a look.  Wholesale opportunities are available.



VIRGINIA SOAPS & SCENTS                                                 SUFFOLK, VA

VIRGINIA SOAPS & SCENTS has a wide variety of products including laundry soap, pet shampoo, deodorant, bath soaps, lip balms, and much more.  Place an order or view their event calendar online.



WILDE TOOL                                                                           HIAWATHA, KS

WILDE TOOL has been making their high-quality tools for almost 100 years, and with that much experience you know you're getting the best.  Products include pliers, screwdrivers, wrenches, and so much more.  They also offer products for the automotive and plumbing industries.  View their extensive inventory online or find a distributor near you.



WILSON BOHANNON PADLOCK CO                                    MARION, OH

WILSON BOHANNON PADLOCK CO is a seventh generation, family owned and operated business specializing in high-level security locking mechanisms and key systems.  They’ve been manufacturing American made padlocks since 1860.



WINGS HAWAII                                                                       MAUI, HI

WINGS HAWAII makes beautiful, handmade jewelry and women's clothing. They also offer accessories, household items, and home decor.  Order online or visit their shop in PAIA.



WITH NATURE IN MIND                                                          ROCKBRIDGE, OH

For over 16 years WITH NATURE IN MIND has been handcrafting natural soaps and skin care products. They also offer room scents and bug sprays.  Their other items include soaps, balms, moisturizers, body scents, and more.



WOOD CREATIONS, INC                                                        BISMARK, ND

WOOD CREATIONS manufactures handcrafted wooden toy boxes, cedar chests, blanket chests, and memory chests.  The chests are available in several different woods and can be personalized and engraved.  Wholesale opportunities are also available.



THE WOODEN GEM                                                                MEAD, NE

THE WOODEN GEM specializes in making small wooden boxes but they also craft hourglasses, guitars, China cabinets, bowls, and more.  They can even custom make something just for you.  Shop or view examples of their work online.



WOOLRICH                                                                              WOOLRICH, PA

WOOLRICH is proud to be the oldest continuously operating woolen mill in the USA; they even provided blankets during the Civil War.  They offer blankets for your home and other products including shirts, parkas, hats, socks, tote bags, and more.



WOOSTER BRUSH                                                                 WOOSTER, OH

Founded in 1851, WOOSTER BRUSH is one of the oldest manufacturers of paint applicators in the USA.  They have over 2000 products for painters of all skill levels including brushes, rollers, and more.  Their website will help you select the right brush for the job and let you know where to find it.



WRIGHT TOOL                                                                        BARBERTON, OH

WRIGHT TOOLS has been manufacturing quality tools for over 80 years.  Their tools are made in America using only U.S. steel.  Check out their online catalog for their huge selection.



YODER SMOKERS                                                                 HUTCHINSON, KS

YODER SMOKERS manufactures the highest-quality grills and smokers on the market.  Items include grills, smokers, trailers, and even products large enough for competitive cooks and caterers.  Find a dealer near you and fire up the barbeque.




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