AUTOCAR                                                                                HAGERSTOWN, IN

Founded in 1897, AUTOCAR is the leading American manufacturer of severe-duty cab-over-engine trucks.  Their focus is on purpose-built trucks and strive to make the very best, which is just what you’d expect.  Go online to view their truck and find a distributor near you.



HOOSIER TIRE                                                                        PLYMOUTH, IN

Established in 1957, HOOSIER RACING TIRE CORP has become the largest race tire manufacturer in the world.  The company is family-owned and operated and is dedicated to providing the highest quality racing tires available.  Go online to view their tire catalog and find a distributor.  You can also buy some HOOSIER TIRE swag!



PHOENIX USA RV                                                                   ELKHART, IN

For almost 20 years, PHOENIX CRUISER has been manufacturing the highest quality B+ motorhomes available.  They are committed to providing unmatched quality and value to their customers directly from their ELKHART, IN factory.  Go online to see their beautiful motorhomes and even get a video walkthrough.  What are you waiting for? Go to PHOENIX USA RV and then hit the road!






CINDA B                                                                                   FORT WAYNE, IN

CINDA B has a bag for everybody!  From fun and flirty on the beach to heading to the office, you will always be stylish with your CINDA B bag.  They also have travel, sports, and baby bags.  Go online to see their whole selection and order yours today.  These make great gifts.



COMFY CAPS                                                                          ELKHART , IN

If you know anyone in the medical field you know they love their unique scrubs – now they can have caps to match!  These caps are crazy and fun and just what the doctor ordered for people who work in such a demanding field.  There are several different cap styles and many fabrics designs – something for everyone.  Express yourself with your COMFY CAP today!



MOONSHINE LEATHER COMPANY                                      NASHVILLE, IN

MOONSHINE LEATHER COMPANY offers high-quality hand-made leather handbags, purses, travel bags, briefcases, checkbooks, wallets, belts, backpacks and more! Check out their huge selection of leather goods online. They even have dog collars and leashes.



UNITED STATE OF INDIANA                                                  INDIANAPOLIS, IN

If you are INDIANA proud and want INDIANA swag this is where you go: THE UNITED STATE OF IDIANA.  Check out their website for their merchandise or find a retailer near you.






AMMBUSHER INC                                                                   DILLSBORO, IN

If you’re in the market for a skid steer, post puller, or brush cutter there’s only one place to go: AMMBUSHER INC.  With their many years of experience you will not be able to find better products on the market.  Go online to find a distributor near you.



HEARTLAND FOOTWEAR                                                     SOUTH BEND, IN

HEARTLAND FOOTWEAR was founded in 2010 and is dedicated to making the best boot you’ve ever worn.  Their boots are proudly made 100% in the USA and are designed with your comfort in mind. They’re also lightweight, rugged, dependable and even recyclable!  Go online to see all the wonderful options. 



KOETTER WOODWORKING                                                  BORDEN, IN

For over 50 years KOETTER WOODWORKING has been dedicated to manufacturing the finest wood products on the market.  Browse through their online catalog to see all the beautiful options available.  Products include doors, mouldings, stair parts, and more.  Take your house from ordinary to extraordinary!



NICKELL MOULDING CO                                                       ELKHART, IN

NICKELL MOULDING COMPANY is the manufacturer of picture frame, architectural, cabinet, and furniture moulding.  They offer 1500 standing profiles and hundreds of finishes and wraps.  If you still can’t find what you want, they can custom make it for you.  Visit them online.



STANDARD PATTERN CO                                                     FORT WAYNE, IN

Founded in 1937, STANDARD PATTERN CO. is a family-owned and operated business located in FORT WAYNE, IN.  They can supply you with all of your foundry tooling needs.  Go online to see what STANDARD PATTERN can do for you.



SUNRISE SOLAR INC                                                             ST JOHN, IN

SUNRISE SOLAR manufactures the SunRise Solar-Powered Attic Fan, an alternative to traditional electric attic exhaust fans.  Their solar-powered vent fans pull the heat out of your attic which means less heat flowing back into your living area.  You can save up to 30% less on air conditioning and heating bills.  Check out their website to start your energy savings today!






A SPICE ABOVE                                                                     CROWN POINT, IN

A SPICE ABOVE makes 18 varieties of delicious all-natural gourmet dips.  They carry an assortment of drink, dessert, salsa and soup mixes.  Their products are also great for fundraising.  Check them out online.



BEST BOY & COMPANY                                                        ROANOKE, IN

BEST BOY & CO produces awesome BBQ, mustard, hot sauces as well as fudge and caramel dessert sauces.  They even have spice blends.  This company is amazing in the fact that 100% of their profits go to charity.  They rock – and so will you for supporting them!



BROOKE’S CANDY COMPANY                                             DANA, IN

Founded in 2004, BROOKE’S CANDY COMPANY in DANA, is your place to go for sweet treats.  Items include toffees, truffles, caramels, and more.  They even have baking mixes available.  You can order yours online or get information to become a wholesaler.



CRAZY CHARLIE’S SALSA                                                    INDIANAPOLIS, IN

Located in INDIANAPOLIS, CRAZY CHARLIE’S is home of some the best award-winning salsas and chili sauces around!  Order their salsas online or find a retailer near you.  They also have delicious recipes for you to try – so what are you waiting for?  Check them out today.



DEBRAND FINE CHOCOLATE                                               FORT WAYNE, IN

Founded in 1987, DEBRAND FINE CHOCOLATE has been making delicious chocolates for over 25 years.  Visit their website because there are too many delicious choices to list!  Order something for yourself or a wonderful gift for someone you love.



DILLMAN FARMS                                                                    BLOOMINGTON, IN

Since 1970, DILLMAN FARMS has been making their products the old-fashioned way, with whole fruit and pure cane sugar.  Over 40 years later they are still going strong and their product line has grown to over 100 items.  The assortment includes all-natural fruit butter spreads, preserves, jellies, mustards, salsas, barbeque sauces and more.  Shop online or find out how you can become a wholesaler.



LITTLE CROW FOODS                                                            WARSAW, IN

Established in 1930, LITTLE CROW FOODS is a manufacturer of American foods products including Coco Wheats, Fryin' Magic, Bakin' Miracle, Fast Shake, and Miracle Maize.



MAPLE LEAF FARMS                                                             MILFORD, IN

MAPLE LEAF FARMS was founded in 1958 and since then has become the industry leader of duck products.  It is a fourth generation family-owned business that is dedicated to offering the highest quality products available.  Check out their great website for duck, cooking tips, yummy recipes and more.



MARION-KAY SPICES                                                            BROWNSTOWN, IN

Since 1922, MARION-KAY has been a family owned and operated manufacturer of herbs and spices.  They blend, grind, mix, bottle, and ship directly from their factory to you.  Go online to order your delicious spices or get some of their tasty recipes.  Their spices are also great for fundraisers!



N.K. HURST HAMBEENS                                                        INDIANAPOLIS, IN

Founded in 1938, the N.K. HURST COMPANY has been providing their delicious dried beans for generations.  Look for their beans at your favorite grocer or order some online.  And while you’re at it, look up their recipes for some nutritious, flavorful meals.



RAMSEY POPCORN COMPANY                                           RAMSEY, IN

RAMSEY POPCORN is home of the famous “Cousin Willie’s Popcorn.”  Founded in 1944, RAMSEY POPCORN has been making delicious, high quality popcorn for over 70 years and can be found worldwide.  Look for them in a grocer near you or order online.



RED GOLD TOMATOES                                                         ELWOOD, IN

Since 1942, RED GOLD has been producing premium quality tomato products.  The RED GOLD family of consumer brands includes RED GOLD, Redpack, Tuttorosso, and Sacramento.  Go online to see their various brands of tomato products and check out their delicious recipes.



SECHLER’S PICKLES                                                            ST. JOE, IN

As soon as you get to this website you see they have over 50 pickle products to choose from!  How can you pick just one?  Go online to view their selection, order pickles, or order a gift pack.  You can also order a catalog or learn how to become a SECHLER’S PICKLES wholesaler.



TELL CITY PRETZELS                                                           TELL CITY, IN

TELL CITY PRETZELS has used the same recipe since 1858. When something's not broke don't fix it! Order their delicious pretzels online or find a vendor near you.



UNCLE HENRY’S CANDIES                                                  CICERO, IN

Love freshly made handmade chocolates? Then you'll love UNCLE HENRY'S CANDIES. They have turtles, bark, logs, clusters, and more. Try them all to find your delicious favorite!






HEARTLAND FOOTWEAR                                                     SOUTH BEND, IN

HEARTLAND FOOTWEAR was founded in 2010 and is dedicated to making the best boot you’ve ever worn.  Their boots are proudly made 100% in the USA and are designed with your comfort in mind. They’re also lightweight, rugged, dependable and even recyclable!  Go online to see all the wonderful options. 






BEST HOME FURNISHINGS CO                                            FERDINAND, IN

This family-owned and operated company has been making beautiful furniture in INDIANA for over forty years.  They provide the best products available at the most affordable prices.  With one of the biggest selections in the industry, surely there's something for everyone.  Browse their catalog online and find a dealer near you today.




BRANDENBERRY AMISH FURNITURE manufactures solid wood furniture crafted by expert Amish artisans.  They have a large selection of styles and designs to choose from.  You can also design a custom piece.  View their catalog online or visit their store in SHIPSHEWANA.



CONRAD GREBEL                                                                  GOHEN, IN

Since 2002, CONRAD GREBEL has been manufacturing beautiful, hand-crafted customized furniture.  Products include everything from tables and chairs to dressers, beds, night stands, and so much more!  Every piece of furniture is crafted to fit your home and your style.  Browse through their style guide online and start designing your own pieces.



DUTCHCRAFTERS                                                                  INDIANA

At DUTCHCRAFTERS, all of the Amish Furniture is made in America.  Their furniture is hand-crafted by experts who have passed down their knowledge of this craft for generations.  Shop online or find a store near you to see their beautiful furniture.



ONLINE AMISH FURNITURE                                                  INDIANA

Specializing in solid wood handcrafted Amish built furniture.  They have over 150 builders working for them while taking great pride in their craft.  Created by the demand for hand-crafted, high-quality furniture, ONLINE AMISH FURNITURE delivers what the big box stores cannot!



POLY-WOOD INC                                                                    SYRACUSE, IN

POLY-WOOD INC is the manufacturer of beautiful outdoor furniture made from low maintenance, recyclable lumber.  If you’ve ever wondered what becomes of your plastic recyclables – now you know!  Their eco-friendly lumber is considered a premier wood alternative.  Browse through their catalog at their amazing selection – you won’t believe these were once detergent bottles and milk cartons.  Go online to find a dealer near you.



SMITH BROTHERS FURNITURE                                           BERNE, IN

SMITH BROTHERS OF BERNE has been making beautiful, high-quality furniture in INDIANA for over 80 years.  Find their catalog online to see their selection of sofas, loveseats, chairs and more; or even custom design your own furniture!  You can also use their dealer locater to find a dealer near you.



STEALTH FURNITURE INC                                                    SPENCERVILLE, IN

If you’re in the market for Secret Compartment Furniture this is the place for you.  Keep all of your valuables discreetly hidden in their stylish furniture or picture frames.  They also have safes and fireproof bags available.  Go online to view their whole selection and place your order today.



WEAVER FURNITURE                                                            NAPPANEE, IN

Founded in 1988, WEAVER FURNITURE is a family operated Amish furniture business that happens to be the largest Amish furniture store in Northern INDIANA!  They have beautiful furniture for every room in your house, even your office or game room, and your patio.  Check out their website to view their online catalog.






KB SHIMMER                                                                          TERRE HAUTE, IN

Show off your personal style with the incredible nail polishes from KB SHIMMER. So many amazing colors and types to choose from! They also have hand and cuticle care products, including mani-shots for that pampered spa-feel right at home.



THE LOTION COMPANY                                                        MUNCIE, IN

THE LOTION COMPANY uses a family recipe for their hand-crafted lotions, which is why they say their lotions are the best! They have a variety of lotions to choose from, plus combo packs and refills!



PURE HEARTS & CLEAN HANDS SOAP CO                        ODON, IN

PURE HEARTS & CLEAN HANDS SOAP CO makes all of their products fresh because they care about their customers – you!  Their soaps are hand-made and all natural giving you the highest quality product available.  Browse their selection of over 40 different scented soaps and see what the all-natural difference can do for you.






CLAY CITY POTTERY                                                            CLAY CITY, IN

Over 100 years of experience is what you’ll get when you go to CLAY CITY POTTERY.  This is one of the few family potteries left making traditional stoneware.  Go online to view the beautiful pottery available or get directions to their store to find specials you can’t get online!  (And don’t forget about that pottery festival!)



DICK LEHMAN POTTERY                                                      GOSHEN, IN

DICK LEHMAN has been making his beautiful pottery for over 30 years and has been honing his skills for just as long.  His amazing ceramics are too hard to describe with words – you need to see it with your own eyes.  Browse his ceramics for sale at his online site and pick out the perfect one for you.



KOKOMO OPALESCENT GLASS                                          KOKOMO, IN

Founded in 1888, KOKOMO OPALESCENT GLASS has been manufacturing the highest quality opalescent glass and glass sheets for over 100 years.  It’s not just glass sheets but also jewelry, sun catchers, paperweights, marbles and a whole lot more!  You can check out their huge selection online or they can help you with a custom order.



TODD PLETCHER POTTERY                                                 GOSHEN, IN

Beautiful clay pottery is what TODD PLETCHER specializes in.  Just by looking through his pieces you can see each one has been made with thought and care.  His items include pots, mugs, plates, vases, yarn bowls and more.  You can even sign up for a workshop!  Browse online to see his stunning selection or shop on Etsy.



WARM GLOW CANDLE CO                                                   CENTERVILLE, IN

Hand-made candles from CENTERVILLE, INDIANA.  That’s what you get at the WARM GLOW CANDLE COMPANY.  They have a large selection of candle types and scents – something special for every room in the house.  Go online to view their candles and accessories or find a retailer near you.






KOETTER WOODWORKING                                                  BORDEN, IN

Established in 1959, KOETTER WOODWORKING is an industry leader that is committed to quality and customer satisfaction.  They are a one-stop source for mouldings, doors, stair parts, custom millwork, wood flooring, and more.  Go online to view their products, browse their gallery, or find a dealer near you.






AMERICAN CORN CUTTER                                                   WANATAH, IN

Use this handy device if you want to quickly remove corn from the cob.  It’s perfect if you want to can or freeze your corn or if you just don’t feel like eating it off the cob.  It’s American made and you can order it (and replacement blades) online.



BAR KEEPER’S FRIEND                                                        INDIANAPOLIS, IN

This could be the last cleaning product you ever need!  BAR KEEPER’S FRIEND can be used on almost all non-porous surfaces around your home.  Go online to view their variety of products and find a retailer near you.



PINE MOUNTAIN/JAVA-LOGS                                               DALEVILLE, IN

Combining the need for firestarters with the aroma of fresh brewed coffee – Brilliant!  Gather around the fire and enjoy the comforting scent of JAVA-LOGS.  Also check out the full line of firelogs, firestarters, and fire safety products from PINE MOUNTAIN.  Go online to find a retailer near you.



TIGER’S TOOTH BOTTLE OPENER                                      INDIANAPOLIS, IN

TIGER’S TOOTH KEY RING BOTTLE OPENER conveniently fits on your key ring so you always have a bottle opener with you when the need arises.  Great for tailgating or as a stocking stuffer.  Order yours from amazon.






ACTION CUSTOM STRAPS                                                    INDIANAPOLIS, IN

ACTION CUSTOM STRAPS manufactures the coolest guitar and camera straps on the market.  Their products are hand-made with the highest quality materials. Go online to check out their huge selection.  You can even have one made for you.



BUSHMAN HARMONICAS                                                      INDIANAPOLIS, IN

Founded in 1996, BUSHMAN HARMONICAS produces the highest quality harmonicas available.  With their Phosphor Bronze reeds, these harmonicas play easier and stay in tune longer.  Parts and accessories are also available online – check them out today.



CONN-SELMER                                                                       ELKHART, IN

CONN-SELMER, under a portfolio of brands, is the leading manufacturer and distributor of musical instruments for student, amateur and professional use.  They have instruments ranging from baritones, tubas and everything in between.  Go online to view their selection and find a dealer near you.



HARPSICLE HARPS                                                                RISING SUN, IN

For anything to do with Harps, this is the place to go.  You can get harps, stands, straps, and a whole lot more.  You can even take online lessons.  If you’re into harps, check it out!



WEBER SPEAKERS                                                                KOKOMO, IN

TED WEBER FAMOUS LOUDSPEAKERS manufactures guitar amps, custom built and designed speaker cabinets, and, of course, speakers!  Their products are hand-crafted and built to last.  Visit their site to see their huge selection.






PURRFECT PLAY                                                                   CHESTERTON, IN

PURRFECT PLAY is dedicated to providing you with the safest, all natural toys and products for your pets.  Their toys contain no dyes, synthetics, or plastics.  Products include toys, collars, leashes, blankets, sleeping bags, treats, and more.  Check out their online site and you might even pick up a little something for yourself.






BE ADAPTIVE                                                                         COLUMBIA CITY, IN

BE ADAPTIVE are manufacturers of adaptive recreational equipment for all physical disabilities.  Products include adaptive hunting, shooting, and fishing equipment for the disabled outdoorsman.  Their motto is “If you can dream it, we can build it.”  Go online and see what they can do for you.



HOOSIER BAT COMPANY                                                     VALPARAISO, IN

The HOOSIER BAT COMPANY has been making the finest wooden bats available for over a quarter of a century.  They offer bats in different models, sizes, and colors but all of high-quality.  They can also add a logo to your bat.   Looking for jewelry?  They have that option too! 



PINE MOUNTAIN/JAVA-LOGS                                               DALEVILLE, IN

Combining the need for firestarters with the aroma of fresh brewed coffee – Brilliant!  Gather around the fire and enjoy the comforting scent of JAVA-LOGS.  Also check out the full line of firelogs, firestarters, and fire safety products from PINE MOUNTAIN.  Go online to find a retailer near you.






BARCLAY WOODEN BLOCKS                                              HEBRON, IN

BARCLAY BLOCKS is the place to go if you are looking for wooden blocks.  They have so many kits and shapes available you’ll have a hard time choosing the right set for your little one.  Blocks in braille and over 30 languages and variations are also available.  Check out their selection online – great for crafters and teachers too!



HARTLAND LOCOMOTIVE WORKS                                      LAPORTE, IN

HARTLAND LOCOMOTIVE WORKS is a manufacturer of high-quality, affordable G-Scale locomotives.  Other products include rolling stock, coaches, freight cars, and cabooses.  Their equipment is designed to run on #1 gauge track and is compatible with other G-Scale trains and track accessories.  They use the highest quality materials to produce their trains at an affordable price.  Go online to look at their selection and find a dealer near you.



HOOSIER BAT COMPANY                                                     VALPARAISO, IN

The HOOSIER BAT COMPANY has been making the finest wooden bats available for over a quarter of a century.  They offer bats in different models, sizes, and colors but all of high-quality.  They can also add a logo to your bat.   Looking for jewelry?  They have that option too! 



MY UNIQUE WOODEN TOYS                                                 SILVER LAKE, IN

MY UNIQUE WOODEN TOYS: the name says it all.  If you’re looking for high-quality, hand-made, made in AMERICA wooden toys this is the place for you.  The products range from blocks, banks, dollhouses to puzzles.  They have it all!  Look online for your wooden toys than can be passed on for generations.




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