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ALFALFA KING                                                                       DYER, NV

ALFALFA KING supplies hays to feed your small animals.  Their hay is double-compressed for freshness and hand-packed to ensure high-quality.  The available options are alfalfa hay, timothy hay, oat, wheat, and barley hay.  Feed your pets the best – check out ALFALFA KING.



AMERICAN PET DINER                                                           BUHL, NV

AMERICAN PET DINER provides naturally grown, chemical free food for your small pets.  Products include timothy hay, alfalfa hay, and mountain grass hay.  They also have supplements to keep your little buddies healthy.



APIARY DESIGNS                                                                   PROVIDENCE, RI

APIARY DESIGNS offers a large selection of catnip mats, aprons, totes, banners, and more. View their inventory of fun patterns at their Etsy page or find them at an upcoming event.



BARKIN' BISCUIT LLC                                                            BEDFORD, NH

BARKIN' BISCUIT produces all-natural homemade treats for your pet.  They use high-quality ingredients that your dog or horse will love.  Flavors include peanut butter, apple cinnamon, carrot & molasses, and Parmesan.  Wholesale opportunities are available.



BAXTER'S HOLLOW BLENDS                                               NORTH FREEDOM, WI

BAXTER'S HOLLOW BLENDS are mixes of premium wild bird seed and come in five different blends.  Get closer to nature by using BAXTER'S HOLLOW BLENDS in your bird feeder.  Use their store locator to find a retailer near you.



BE BOP USA PET PRODUCTS                                              GRAND PRAIRIE, TX

Founded in 1988, BE BOP USA offers high-quality, stylish, and comfortable pet products. Their handmade items include harnesses, collars, leashes, and more.



BEAVERDAM PET FOOD                                                      GREENWOOD, DE

BEAVERDAM PET FOOD offers high quality dog and cat good.  They also have dog treats, bones, and chews.  Find a retailer near you or shop online.



BELTED COW COMPANY                                                      YARMOUTH, ME

Stand out from the herd with your BELTED COW belt.  These creative belts will help you show off your unique you.  So many cute designs to choose from, how will you decide?  They also offer dog collars, leashes, and other accessories.



BENTON BABY BLANKETS                                                   LITCHFIELD, NH

BENTON BABY BLANKETS offers handmade baby blankets for whoever your “baby” may be.  A great idea for babies, kids, adults, pets, or friends.  Wrap your loved one with love – give them a BENTON BABY BLANKET.  Find them on Facebook.



BETSY FARMS                                                                        EAGLE, ID

BETSY FARMS makes healthy and delicious treats for your dogs, made in the USA!  Products include jerky, pig ears, and peanut butter treats.  View product information online and find a retailer near you.



BIL-JAC DOG FOOD                                                               MEDINA, OH

BIL-JAC has been dedicated to making the most nutritious and best tasting dog food possible for one of the most important members of your family.  Their products include food for dogs of various sizes and ages.  They also have several types of dog treats!  Order directly online or locate a store near you.



BIO-BUDDY                                                                             BURLINGTON, WA

BIO-BUDDY manufactures dog waste pick-up bags which are a necessity for anyone who walks their dog.  Veterinarians, get your company logo imprinted on them for targeting your audience.  They also offer dog park roll bags and pet waste stations. Visit their site for more info.



BLUE WILLOW DOG COATS                                                  FRANKSVILLE, WI

Baby, it's cold outside – so bundle up your pup in a BLUE WILLOW DOG COAT.  Their coats are made to order so each one is a perfect fit.  They also offer stuffed beds, crate mats, and dog sleeping bags.



BOOSTER BATH                                                                     EL CAJON, CA

Finally – an easier way to wash your dog!  BOOSTER BATH gives you 360 degree access to your pup when it's bath time.  It's also lightweight, portable, and great for indoor or outdoor use.  Find more information and where to purchase online.



BRADLEY'S BONES                                                               DERBY KS

Since 2004 BRADLEY'S BONES has been providing healthy, handmade, gourmet treats for dogs.  View their selection online and find a retailer near you.  Your pup will love you for it.



BREWIES BISCUITS                                                               BOZEMAN, MT

BREWIES makes handmade dog treats from malted beer barley and other natural ingredients.  Order their products online or find a retailer near you.  Wholesale opportunities are available.



BROOKSTONE SOAPS                                                          HUNTINGTON, WV

BROOKSTONE SOAPS offers all-natural, handmade soaps and skin care products.  Items include dog soap, bath soaps, salves, lotion bars, lip balms, and more.   Order online or find a local retailer.



BUBBLE EMPIRE SOAPS                                                      LINN, MO

Pamper your pup with Bubbles for Pooches from BUBBLE EMPIRE SOAPS.



BUBBLE ISLAND BATH TREATS                                          BISMARK, ND

BUBBLE ISLAND BATH TREATS features a line of products that will pamper and indulge you.  They offer shampoo bars and facial bars and a large selection of lip butters and handmade soaps.  They also have soap for your laundry and your dog – one stop shopping!



BUJNO POTTERY                                                                   ADAMSTOWN, PA

BUJNO POTTERY has been making their hand-crafted pottery since 1991.  They offer custom made pet bowls that they can design to match your own style and decor. Browse their collections online.



CAFE DU BONE                                                                      SLIDELL, LA

CAFE DU BONE is SLIDELL'S original dog bakery and boutique.  They specialize in all-natural, handmade, gourmet dog treats, cakes, and desserts.  Join the Treat of the Month club for a monthly treat for your best pup.



CAMP TIME                                                                              SPOKANE VALLEY, WA

Since 1981, CAMP TIME has been producing high-quality, portable camp furniture.  Their unique products include dog beds, cots, tables, stools, and chairs.  They work great outdoors or in a tent. 



CAPTAIN-ITCH                                                                         GRANVILLE, TN

CAPTAIN-ITCH makes the finest, handmade leather goods in TENNESSEE.  Their products include dog collars, belts, guitar straps, holsters, motorcycle products, and much more.  Now you can accent your dog, yourself, your guitar, and your motorcycle with your CAPTAIN-ITCH leather.



CAUGHT YA LOOKIN                                                             LEITCHFIELD, KY

CAUGHT YA LOOKIN is a KENTUCKY based company that makes high-quality items for pets and beyond.  Items include pet scarves and much more.  Shop their large collection online.



CHAPEL SWEETS                                                                   BLOCK ISLAND, RI

CHAPEL SWEETS offers handmade treats for your pup. They also make a variety of chocolates, fudge, nuts, turtles, and more.



THE CHASE COAT                                                                  FARMINGTON HILLS, MI

Keep your dog warm and dry even in the most severe weather with THE CHASE COAT. Their dog coats are hand-made with the highest quality materials to keep your best friend cozy. View their whole selection online.



CHEYENNE DOG FOOD COMPANY                                     CHEYENNE, WY

The CHEYENNE DOG FOOD COMPANY offers dog and cat food made in the USA. Their pet foods are made from the highest-quality ingredients and range from kibble to fresh frozen. They also have different products for pets with different nutritional needs. Stop by the CHEYENNE DOG FOOD COMPANY in CHEYENNE.



CLEVERHOOD                                                                        PROVIDENCE, RI

Forget that old umbrella and grab your CLEVERHOOD rain cape. They fit well over backpacks and are roomy enough that you can comfortably ride a bike.  Sizes for adults and kids – even for your pup!  View their whole selection online.



COMPANION CUISINE                                                            EAST TROY, WI

COMPANION CUISINE specializes in holistic pet treats for your dog or cat.  Their treats are free of wheat, corn, soy, sugar, salt, dairy, royal icing, or preservatives.  They use human grade ingredients that are nutritious and delicious.  Find more information and order online.



COTTON'S CAFE' DOG TREAT BARKERY                           OXFORD, MS

You'll find all-natural baked dog treats at COTTON'S CAFE.  Their treats are made only from fresh produce found in MISSISSIPPI and contain no artificial ingredients, preservatives, soy, corn, or dairy.  Great for dogs with sensitive tummies.  Go to their website to find a retailer near you or shop at Amazon.



CRITTER GEAR                                                                       MANCHESTER, NH

CRITTER GEAR makes handmade pet items that are full of color and fun.  They make dog and cat collars, leashes, harnesses, catnip pillows, pull toys, and more.  Their products are strong, durable, and made in the USA.  Order online or become a wholesaler.



CRITTER GIFT SHOP                                                              ENGLEWOOD, CO

If you are, or know, an animal lover the CRITTER GIFT SHOP is the place to go for creative gifts with designs of just about any pet.  Items include key chains, walking sticks, buttons, frames, weather vanes, yard dιcor, even checker sets and so much more!  They can even personalize some items.



CROOKED CREEK ANTLER ART                                          NEWTON, IL

If you are in need of an antler chandelier or some antler art then CROOKED CREEK ANTLER ART is the place for you.  They even have turkey calls and dog chews.  They also offer antler lighting, furniture, wine racks, coat racks, walking sticks, and much more.  View their whole selection online.



DAISYCAKES SOAP                                                               ATHENS, GA

Established in 1999, DAISYCAKES SOAP has grown to offer over 40 varieties of their handmade olive oil soap.  They also offer lip balms, solid perfumes, bath bombs, laundry detergent, and natural dog soap . Order online or find them at a local market.



DIAMOND PET FOODS                                                           ST LOUIS, MO

You want the best for your pets, and that starts with their food.  DIAMOND PET FOODS only uses high-quality ingredients, combined with their high production standards.  You can be assured your cat or dog will be eating safe, healthy, and nutritious food that's made in the USA.



DOC'S CHOICE PET FOOD                                                    FREMONT, NE

DOC'S CHOICE was founded in 1991 to provide nutritious dog food at an affordable price.  Their products are high in protein and easily digestible because DOC'S CHOICE only uses high-quality ingredients.  Order online or find a local retailer.



DRYMATE                                                                                SAVAGE, MN

DRYMATE'S innovative products are absorbent mats that have a waterproof, non-slip backing to protect your floor.  DRYMATES are available for almost every aspect of your life – they can be used for pets, kids, automotive, home and garden, hunting and fishing, and more.  Learn more about DRYMATE online and find a retailer near you.



DYNAMIC ACCENTS                                                               WOOSTER, OH

DYNAMIC ACCENTS offers handmade, Amish, wooden pet products that signify the true quality and innovation that consumers will be proud to display in their homes.  Their items include crates, gates, feeders, toy boxes, memorial urns, and more.  Check out their site to find a retailer near you.



EQUINOX LTD                                                                          WILLIAMSPORT, PA

For over 20 years, EQUINOX LTD has been committed to making goods that are not only carefully sewn, but also work well and promote a cleaner environment.  They have pet beds so the next time you go camping you can make sure your pet will be as comfortable as you.  Other products include various bags, totes, sleeping bags, backpacks, and so much more. 



THE FAIR LEAD                                                                       JAMESTOWN, RI

THE FAIR LEAD specializes in hand-crafted nautical dog leashes and collars for dogs of all sizes.  Their leads are made with marine grade materials so you know they are made to last.  They also welcome custom orders so contact them if you have something special in mind.  Order online or locate a nearby retailer.



FARMER TILLIE'S                                                                    BALDWIN, ND

Want handmade dog treats made from farm fresh ingredients?  Then check out FARMER TILLIES HOMEMADE DOG TREATS.  They use ingredients straight from their own farm to make nutritious and delicious treats for your pet.  They also have dog scarves and cute critter hats for your kids.



FAT MURRAY'S DOG TREATS                                              MONTVILLE, NJ

FAT MURRAY'S DOOGY TREATS are an all natural, healthy snack for your best friend.  They come in yummy flavors and a lot of fun shapes.  Your pup is sure to love them all.  Order online or locate a retailer.



FLOWFOLD                                                                             SCARBOROUGH, ME

FLOWFOLD creates a line of accessories that is lightweight, strong, and made to last.  Products include dog leashes, wallets, tote bags, backpacks, hats, tee shirts, and more.  Order online or locate a local retailer.



FRESHCHOICE COMPLETE                                                   WARSAW, KY

FRESHCHOICE offers a selection of raw pet foods and smoked pet treats that are made with no fillers or by-products – just the way you would if you had the time.  To learn more about their products and process check them out online.



FRESH PET                                                                              BETHLEHEM, PA

FRESHPET wants your pet to be healthy through the power of fresh, natural, high-quality food.  Learn more about their large selection of pet foods and find a retailer near you.



GOOSE CREEK SOAP                                                            ST. LOUIS, MO

GOOSE CREEK SOAPS are always made in small batches to ensure high-quality products.  They offer soap and paw/nose wax for your dog. Other items include lip balms, lotion bars, sugar scrubs, deodorants, and more.  Order online or see their schedule for an upcoming event.



GORILLA SACKS                                                                    ATLANTA, GA

GORILLA SACKS makes a variety of dog collars from recycled billboards. Your pup will be stylish in this one-of-a-kind, durable collar. Other items include wallets, bags, pillows, curtains, and more!



THE GRATEFUL DOG BAKERY                                            NORTH RIDGEVILLE, OH

THE GRATEFUL DOG BAKERY provides all natural, freshly made treats and desserts for your dog. Their handmade products are locally sourced or grown on their own farm! Order online or stop by the bakery in NORTH RIDGEVILLE.



GURKEE'S                                                                               MORGANTOWN, VW

GURKEE'S makes hand-crafted sandals and accessories from eco-friendly materials like soft, textured, carpet yarn.  Get ready for the most comfortable sandal you've ever worn.  Other items include pet leads, rope belts, bracelets, and keychains. 



HAPPY CAT SOLUTIONS                                                       BRISTOLVILLE, OH

Their hard surface cleaner and deodorizer for the multi-pet homes is one of the most safe and effective cleaners on the market.  Their products are formulated to remove urine stains while deodorizing.  Order online or find a retailer near you.



HAPPY TAILS BARKERY                                                       QUEEN CREEK, AZ

HAPPY TAILS BARKERY is a dog bakery that specializes in grain, gluten, and GMO free dog treats. Their treats are hand-made, healthy, and nutritious. Some of the products you'll find are Oatmeal Beefy Bites, Peanut Butter Lover Treats, Lamb Muttballs, Pumpkin Pinwheels, Sweet Potato Jerky and many more. Their selection is creative so your babies won't get bored with the same old treats. Visit them online and order yours today.



HAPPY TAILS PET BAKERY                                                 WICHITA, KS

HAPPY TAILS PET BAKERY makes delicious treats for dogs with sensitive tummies or allergies.  Their products come in different sizes so they're great for any size pup. Check them out today.



HAWAII'S OWN PET PRODUCTS                                           HONOLULU, HI

HAWAII'S OWN PET PRODUCTS offers all-natural jerky and biscuits in a variety of flavors.  They also make adorable doggie dresses and harnesses.



HAWKMOON SOAP                                                                VARYSBURG, NY

HAWKMOON SOAP makes natural bath and body products.  Their products include handmade soaps, lip balms, bath fizzies and soaks, body scrubs and lotions, and more.  They even have soap for your dog.  View their inventory and order online.  Wholesale opportunities are available.




The name says it all - HEALTHY AND ORGANIC DOG BISCUITS.  You'll never have to worry about these biscuits being on a recall list because they are handmade with organic ingredients and lots of love.  Shop online or find a retailer near you.



HILL'S PET NUTRITION                                                          BOWLING GREEN, KY

HILL'S takes your pet's nutrition seriously.  That's why they take several steps to ensure that your pet is getting the highest-quality food available.  Shop or find out more about their company and their brands online.



HOMESTEAD SOAPS                                                             SYLVANIA, OH

HOMESTEAD SOAPS offers high quality, natural bath products without unnecessary chemicals, perfumes, and dyes.  Their products include bath soaps, shampoos, lip balms, bath salts, and more.  They even have soap for your pup!  Order online or find them at the Toledo Farmer's Market.



IN2GREEN                                                                                DOBBS FERRY, NY

IN2GREEN offers a huge selection of products for you and your home made from recycled materials.  Their pet items include throws, sofa covers, and sweaters.  Also check out their furniture, clothing accessories, baby, and home decor items.



JACK'S SNACKS DOG BAKERY                                           WARWICK, RI

JACK'S SNACKS offers gourmet dog treats for your pup.  They use only human-grade ingredients and no additives or preservatives, you can even order some wheat free treats.  Your pup is the best so be sure to feed him the best.  Order online or stop by the bakery in WARWICK.



JAMES VALLEY SCENTS                                                       MELLETE, SD

This sounds like a crazy combination but somehow it works – JAMES VALLEY SCENTS makes the finest quality scent lures, nutritious dog treats, and tasty barbeque sauce, hopefully not at once – ha ha!  Discriminating dogs, and their doggie lovers, love these treats!  Peanut butter or bacon – what more could your doggies ask for? Check them out online.



JASPER LEE SOAPWORKS                                                   SADALIA, MO

JASPER LEE SOAPWORKS specializes in hand-crafted soaps that are highly effective and naturally nourishing.  They have a soap that will get your dog clean and a soap that will help repel bugs from your pets.  Order online or see them at an upcoming show.  Wholesale opportunities are also available.



JIBBER GEAR                                                                          FARGO, ND

Everyone with a dog needs a poop scoop and the best poop scoop on the market is made by JIBBER GEAR.  Two types are available and both are durable, have extra long handles, and work great in grass, chips, and on pavement.  If you have a dog you need this tool!



KONA'S CHIPS                                                                        OAKDALE, CA

KONA'S CHIPS are high-quality, high protein natural treats for your dogs – and cats too!  Their jerky and biscuits come in several flavors to satisfy any pup.  And they're made in the USA so you know they're a safe and healthy snack.



LANA DURA                                                                            TAOS, NM

LANA DURA makes beautiful and unique pet beds that are chemical free and made of all American wool.  They have different patterns on each side and are hand washable.  They also make various bags and art felt.  Find their schedule of upcoming events online or call to order.



LEAD DOG DESIGNS                                                              KODIAK, AK

Since 2012, LEAD DOG DESIGNS has been making fashionable yet functional collars and leashes for your dogs.  Their products are handmade with care and oh-so-stylish.  Help your pooch stand out from the pack, get your LEAD DOG gear today.



LES' SERENDIPITY SOAPS                                                  CHURCH POINT, LA

LES' SERENDIPITY SOAPS offers a large selection of soaps and essentials that are made by hand with natural or sustainable ingredients. Their products include soaps, lip balms, body powders, lotions, and more! They also have air fresheners and dog shampoo.



LIBBY'S BEST DOG BAKERY                                               HAYDEN, ID

You know these pet treats are fresh because they are baked to order.  They only use natural ingredients with no added salt, sugar, or preservatives. 



LITTER-ROBOT                                                                       JUNEAU, WI

Never scoop cat litter again!  The LITTER-ROBOT is a safe and reliable, automatic, self-cleaning litter box that is efficient, eco-friendly, and requires only minimal attention.  Available in three styles – find product information online to see which one is best for your cat.



LONEWOLF DOGWEAR                                                         NEW ULM, MN

LONEWOLF DOGWEAR makes high-quality custom dog coats and vests.  Their coats and vests are great for service dogs, therapy dogs, search and rescue dogs and, of course, your dog.  No two dogs are exactly alike so don't shop like they are.  Get your custom made coat for a perfect fit.  Find products and ordering information online.



THE LOST ARTS                                                                     MILTON, GA

THE LOST ARTS makes a large selection of natural, handmade soaps.  Their soaps come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and scents, and some are so beautiful it might be hard for you to even use them (but they smell so good you can't stop yourself.)  They also have scrubs, bath teas, and soap for your pup.



LUNA DOG DESIGNS                                                              CRAIG, AK

LUNA DOG DESIGNS makes tough, durable dog collars and leashes strong enough to take on any dog.  They come in 20 styles and 5 sizes. You can even have one custom made for your furry friend.  Go online to view their selection and see how to order.



MARSH DOG                                                                            BATON ROUGE, LA

MARSH DOG is the first pet food company that offers dog treats made with wild nutria.  They make biscuits and jerky that are delicious and nutritious.  They even help save the LOUISIANA wetlands.  Place an order and learn about nutria online.




Long Alaskan days in the summer help make MATANUSKA THUNDERSTRUCK CATNIP a step above the rest.  They use whole leaves, buds, and flowers to make their catnip.  Get it by the bag or in pillows, either way, your cat will love it!



MAX & RUFFY'S DOG TREATS                                             ROCKVILLE, MD

MAX & RUFFY'S produces nutritious dog treats that are eco-friendly, organic, and use non-GMO ingredients.  You'll enjoy feeding your pup their unique flavors like Pumpkin Patch, Molasses & Ginger, Strawberry & Carab, Sweet Potato & Alfalfa, and more.  Try them all to find your pup's favorite.



METRO VAC                                                                            OAKLAND, NJ

Founded in 1939, METRO VAC has grown from just vacuums to also manufacturing products for your car, motorcycle, electronics, pets, and more.  Shop from their selection of pet dryers online or locate a retailer near you.



MISTY MOUNTAIN SOAP CO                                                 GATLINBURG, TN

The MISTY MOUNTAIN SOAP COMPANY makes their products by hand using the finest, all-natural ingredients.  Their huge selection of products includes pet soap, laundry detergent, bath soaps, salt scrubs, lip balms, lotions, and much more.  Order online or visit their two locations in GATLINBURG.



MONTANA WOODWORKS                                                     REXFORD, MT

Founded in 1991, MONTANA WOODWORKS manufactures hand-crafted rustic furniture.  Their products include pet beds and pet feeders among other furniture.  Shop their vast inventory online or find a retailer near you.



MOUNTAIN DOG CHEWS                                                       TERRETON, ID

Your dog will go crazy for these MOUNTAIN DOGS CHEWS.  Created by Mother Nature herself, these antler chews are natural, safe, durable, delicious, and will satisfy your pet for hours.  They are available in Elk, Deer, and Moose Antler and come in a variety of sizes.



MOUNTAIN MADNESS SOAP CO                                         COUER D'ALENE, ID

The MOUNTAIN MADNESS SOAP COMPANY handmakes their products while trying to stay as green as possible. Their items include dog soap, regular soaps, bath bombs, body butter, bug-off soap and more. Order online or stop by the shop in COUER D'ALENE.



MOXINO DOG COLLARS                                                        CHICAGO, IL

Show off your pup's style with a MOXINO DOG COLLAR.  These collars are handmade, durable, and oh-so-stylish.  Shop the collection on Etsy.



MY PET’S RESTING PLACE                                                  NORTH MUSKEGON, MI

Your best friend deserves a special memorial that expresses your special relationship. Visit MY PET’S RESTING PLACE for a handmade, heartfelt expression of your love. Find them on Facebook.



NELLIE'S PET SNACKS                                                         LINCOLN, NE

NELLIE'S PET SNACKS offers high-quality, human grade treats for dogs and cats.  Their products are handmade with love and come in a variety of shapes and flavors.  Find ordering information online or locate a retailer near you.



OREGON'S CHOICE                                                                NEWPORT, OR

Pamper your pet with albacore treats.  OREGON'S CHOICE offers gourmet canned treats that are made with the red meat trimmings from fresh albacore tuna.  Packed with Omega-3's!



ORIGINAL DIGS                                                                      DALLAS,TX

Your pets are part of the family so make sure they feel like it.  These fun, colorful, attractive pet products will fit in every home and will help express your pet's personality. They offer pet beds, pads, and poufs in various sizes and designs.  Every pet needs their own ORIGINAL DIGS.



ORION LEATHER CO                                                              MYRTLE BEACH, SC

ORION LEATHER has a large selection of handmade leather belts in many colors, styles, designs, and textures.  They also offer accessories such as wallets, money clips, passport covers, and more.  You can even get your dog a new leather collar.



PANTRY PRODUCTS                                                              RENO, NV

PANTRY PRODUCTS has a large selection of all-natural personal care items that are environmentally friendly, chemical free, and made by hand in small batches.  Their selection includes lotions, soaps, balms, baby and pet products, air & linen sprays, and much more.  Order online or find a retailer near you.



PAW PRINTS BAKERY                                                           GEORGETOWN, KY

PAW PRINTS BAKERY makes handmade, all natural dog treats that are baked with no preservatives.  They have various flavors and packages to choose from and you can even get them personalized.



PAWGEVITY                                                                            MARSHALL, VA

PAWGEVITY offers raw, organic pet food for dogs and cats.  If you care about your pet, and we know you do, you'll want to feed them the freshest, healthiest food you can find.  Feed them PAWGEVITY.  Find product info and where to purchase online.



PET TREATS AND GOODIES                                                CHESTERTOWN, MD

PET TREATS AND GOODIES – the name says it all. Reward your best friend with gourmet, handmade treats. Order online, find them at a farmer's market, or stop by the shop in CHESTERTOWN.



PET TREE HOUSES                                                                SANFORD, FL

Bring nature indoors with a PET TREE HOUSE for your cat.  The trees and branches are made from real trees and your cat will love to scratch and climb on it.  The leaves are a synthetic blend that are safe for kitty and can even be changed for the seasons.



THE PETAL AND BOW BOUTIQUE                                       ST LOUIS, MO

Even dogs like to show off their dapper or diva side.  Check out THE PETAL AND BOW BOUTIQUE for fabulous collars, bow ties, and flowers. Separate your pup from the pack at PETAL AND BOW.



PETSTAIRZ                                                                              GREENVILLE, SC

PETSTAIRZ are lightweight, portable stairs you can use to help your dog or cat get up on a couch or bed.  They come in eight different sizes for pets of different sizes.  The non-slip cover is removable and washable.



PETZLIFE                                                                                 SPRING PARK, MN

PETZLIFE specializes in products that will improve your pet's overall health.  Their products are all-natural and completely safe for your dog or cat.  Items include oral care sprays and gels, waterless shampoo, deodorizer, detangler, and more.  Order online or find a local retailer.



POI DOG                                                                                  HONOLULU, HI

POI DOG makes human grade jerky treats that your dogs will love.  The flavors are tuna, beef, pork, or chicken.  They also offer collars, leashes, harnesses, key chains, and doggie tank tops – all designed with the spirit of HAWAII.



PRAIRIE DOGTAILS                                                                NORTH PLATTE, NE

If you like to dress your pup for all occasions this is the place to go.  PRARIE DOGTAILS has dog dresses, scarves, and ruffs for the different seasons and just about every holiday.



PURRFECT PLAY                                                                   CHESTERTON, IN

PURRFECT PLAY is dedicated to providing you with the safest, all natural toys and products for your pets.  Their toys contain no dyes, synthetics, or plastics.  Products include toys, collars, leashes, blankets, sleeping bags, treats, and more.  Check out their online site and you might even pick up a little something for yourself.



RAGGED MOUNTAIN EQUIPMENT                                       INTERVALE, NH

RAGGED MOUNTAIN EQUIPMENT manufactures a selection of pet products that includes dog beds, bowls, leashes, collars, and more.  Check out their whole inventory online.



RETRACT-A-GATE                                                                  DUBUQUE, IA

RETRACT-A-GATE is a great item for anyone with a pet or baby that needs to be blocked off from another area.  It's easy to install and use and is great inside or outdoors. Keep your baby or pet safe with other items too like the Safe Railing Guard or the Bow Wow Barrier.  Find more information and order online.


ROO RANCH DAIRY GOATS                                                  ELVERTA, CA

ROO RANCH DAIRY GOATS makes handmade soaps and lotions from their own goats' milk.  They also offer pet soap, lip balm, sugar scrubs, and more.  Gift sets are also available.


ROVER PET - OVER ROVER CO                                           PRESCOTT, AZ

ROVER COMPANY specializes in high-quality, durable PVC pet products. The PVC is light yet strong and won't rust, rot, mold, flake, or peel. Items include dog and cat beds, pet enclosures and gates, whelping boxes and pens, and much more. Check out their website for their extensive selection.



RUFF DAWG                                                                            WORCESTER, MA

Founded in 1999, RUFF DAWG is the place to go for premium dog toys.  Their products are rugged and bendable while being gentle on your dog's teeth and gums. They're also tear and puncture resistant and great for any size dog.  Get product information and find a retailer online.



SHORE SOAP CO                                                                   NEWPORT, RI

SHORE SOAP CO creates a line of hand-crafted soaps, but that's not all.  They also offer body oils and washes, lotions, body butters, scrubs, pet shampoo, and more. They even have a large selection of candles.  Order online, find a retailer, or stop by the shop in NEWPORT.



SKIPPER'S BISCUIT COMPANY                                            LEWES, DE

SKIPPER'S dog biscuits come in fun shapes that you'll love with flavors that your dog will love.  Get your pup some minnows, flounders, sharks, or turtles.  These treats are all-natural, delicious, and nutritious fun.



SNARFIES                                                                              TUSCARORA, MD

SNARFIES pet treats are made from locally sourced, human-grade food. You will feel good knowing your dog is eating a safe, high-quality, delicious snack – and your pup will love them too!



SNOOZER                                                                                PIEDMONT, SC

SNOOZER offers a large selection of bed and travel products for your dog.  Items include a variety of dog beds, car seats, bike seats, even golf cart seats!  Your pup can lounge in style at home or on the go.



THE SOAP LADY                                                                    BEAR LAKE, MN

THE SOAP LADY offers handmade soaps that are great for all skin types and can even help with skin problems.  They also have soap that you can use in your laundry or on your pets.  Soaps come in three sizes and many scents.



SOPHISTICATED PUP                                                            CHICAGO, IL

If you own a sophisticated pup, you need to check out SOPHISTICATED PUP.  Dress up your doggy in style with these dog collars, leases, bow ties, harnesses, vests, and more.  Order online or stop by the studio in CHICAGO.



SPARROW SOAPS                                                                  EAST KILLINGLY, CT

SPARROW SOAPS offers a large selection of handmade goat milk soaps.  They use natural ingredients and essential oils in their generously sized bars of soap.  They also have soap for your dog and gift sets available.  Order online, find a local retailer, or check out their event schedule – even sign up for one of their soap making workshops.



SPECIALTY PET PRODUCTS                                                CHARLOTTE, NC

SPECIALTY PET PRODUCTS offers a line of odor eliminating products that gets rid of lingering pet odor.  Products include candles, air fresheners, fabric spray, and more.  Eliminate odors at home, the office, or in the car.  Find product information and locate a retailer online.



SPRINGTIME FARMS / SNUGGLY TOES                              SALEM, OR

SPRINGTIME FARMS makes pet beds with alpaca hair.  Their beds are super warm and comfy and are machine washable.  They come in five sizes – perfect for any sized pet.



STOBER FARMS                                                                     GOODRICH, ND

Help your pet's digestion and immune system by feeding it STOBER'S PET AND HORSE FLAX.  This flax is an high in Omega-3 acids which can also promote shiny coats and increased stamina.  Find product information online and locate a retailer near you.



SUDS! BATH & BODY                                                             PRIOR LAKE, MN

Founded in 2010, SUDS! BATH & BODY makes 100% natural bath and body products.  Items include handmade soaps, lip balms, bath salts, lotion bars and sticks, and sugar scrubs.  They also have products for your baby and dog.  Order online or find a local retailer.



SUNFLOWER FRECKLES                                                       AUBURN, ME

SUNFLOWER FRECKLES has bow ties for everybody for every occasion...kids, adults, even your pets!  Order from their large selection of pet ties and bandanas online or locate a retailer near you.  Wholesale opportunities are also available.



SWEET TEA'S SOAPS & STUFF                                           STATHAM, GA

SWEET TEA'S offers a large variety of soaps, lotions, balms, scrubs and more – they even have soap for your dog! Order online or find them at a retailer or market near you.




TAILBANGERS makes all-natural, gourmet treats for your dog in creative and fun shapes.  Your dog will love these wholesome treats.  Order online or locate a retailer near you.



TAILWAGGIN TEMPTATIONS                                                ALBUQUERQUE, NM

TAILWAGGIN TEMPTATIONS makes gourmet dog treats that are perfect for pups with sensitive tummies.  Oder online or locate a retailer near you.  You can also find them at the Downtown Growers Market and the Rail Yard Market.



TEXAS HILL COUNTRY CERAMICS                                      SPICEWOOD, TX

TEXAS HILL COUNTRY CERAMICS makes so many items you won't be sure where to start.  They have items for your pets, the kitchen, bathroom, and garden.  Check out their huge selection online – surely something for everyone.



THERMO-COOL PRODUCTS, INC                                         BISMARK, ND

THERMO-COOL offers heating and cooling products for people and pets.  Heating items include bandanas, neck warmers, face masks, and more.  Cooling items include bandanas, eye masks, headbands, and more.  Pet items include bandanas, collars, mats, and more.



THE TICK KEY                                                                         GOSHEN, CT

Ticks spread lyme disease and can be painful to the people or pets they dig into.  The TICK KEY is a clever device that is used to quickly and efficiently remove ticks from people and animals.  This is a great tool for hikers, hunters, anyone with pets, or anyone who just loves to be outdoors.



TOPCAT PRODUCTS                                                              NASHIVILLE, TN

TOPCAT PRODUCTS specializes in scratching posts for your cat.  Save your furniture and your kitty's claws by ordering the best scratching post on the market.



TURTLE RIVER SOAP CO                                                      STUART, FL

The TURTLE RIVER SOAP COMPANY offers handmade products made with essential oils and natural ingredients.  Their large selection includes soap for your dog and bug-repellent soap – great for camping or gardening.  Shop online, find a retailer, or become a wholesaler.



UDOGU                                                                                     HUDSON, FL

UDOGU specializes in high fashion dogwear for your favorite pup.  Their products include harnesses, hats, collars, leashes, coats, and more.  Dress up your doggie in some UDOGU dogwear.



UNBREAKOBALL                                                                   ROYAL OAK, MI                                                                        

Want the toughest dog ball for your dog? Then the UNBREAKOBALL is for you! It is specifically designed with the toughest dogs in mind. Go to their site to view all of their fun toys and healthy treats – and don’t miss the deal of the day!



UP COUNTRY                                                                          EAST PROVIDENCE, RI

Your pet's not ordinary, so don't get her an ordinary collar.  Visit UP COUNTRY to see the latest fashions when it come to dog and cat collars and harnesses.  They also offer leads, toys, beds, mats, apparel, and more.  Ramp up the style with UP COUNTRY.



V-DOG                                                                                      SAN FRANSISCO, CA

Buy V-DOG dog food to help your pup adopt a plant-based diet that is healthier for him and the planet.  They offer kibble, bones, biscuits, and of course, the suave doggie bandana.  Order online or locate a dealer.



VERMONT SOAP                                                                     MIDDLEBURY, VT

VERMONT SOAP has been making natural, organic products since 1992.  They offer pet supplies as well as general cleaning solutions for every part of your home.  They also have bath, body, and baby products available. 



VERUS PET FOODS                                                              ABINGDON, MD

At VERUS PET FOODS, they treat your pet like one of their own. That's why they only use the best ingredients available like whole meat and whole grains. Their foods are formulated to meet the highest dietary recommendations for your pet. Order online or find a retailer near you.



VIRGINIA SOAPS & SCENTS                                                 SUFFOLK, VA

VIRGINIA SOAPS & SCENTS has a wide variety of products including pet shampoo and laundry soap.  They also offer bath soaps, deodorant, lip balms and much more.  Place an order or view their event calendar online.



WAGGIES                                                                                 WILMINGTON, DE

WAGGIES was founded in 2007 and makes all-natural dog treats using the finest ingredients.  You can find a local retailer or place an order online.  Some products are not available in stores.



WAGGIN' BAKERY                                                                  HONOLULU, HI

WAGGIN' BAKERY makes their all-natural treats by hand with lots of Aloha.  Flavors include beef, chicken, liver, lamb, pineapple, peanut butter and honey, and taro.  They also offer jerky, antlers, and more.



WALK YOUR DOG WITH LOVE                                             LANESBORO, MA

WALK YOUR DOG WITH LOVE makes harnesses for dogs to lead them from in front and not behind.  They also offer leashes, collars, walking belts, and vehicle seat belts.



WEST PAW DESIGN                                                               BOZEMAN, MT

WEST PAW DESIGN'S goal is to make the world's most eco-friendly and safest pet products available.  Their products include pet toys, beds, mats, and more.  Shop online or find a retailer near you.



WIGGY'S                                                                                  GRAND JUNCTION, CO

Since 1986, WIGGY'S has been making high-quality outer wear and gear to protect you from the elements.  They have items for your pet that include jackets and beds.  



WILD HUMMINGBIRD CREATIONS                                       TAYLORSVILLE, UT

WILD HUMMINGBIRD CREATIONS makes handcrafted artisan soaps and balms.  Check out their large selection of soaps, scrubs, salts, and gift sets.  They also have soap for your baby and dog!



WOOFABLES                                                                           IOWA CITY & CORALVILLE, IA

Looking for healthy treats for your dog or cat?  Look no further than WOOFABLES.  Their creative treats are made from scratch with natural, healthy ingredients that your pet is sure to love.  Order online or stop by one of their two locations in IOWA.  Wholesale opportunities are available.



WYSONG CORP                                                                      MIDLAND, MI

WYSONG doesn’t just offer great food for your pet, they want your pet healthy too.  Aside from food and supplements, you can check out their site for pet health educational tools.  You can also shop online or find a retailer near you.




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