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22 DESIGNS                                                                             DRIGGS, ID

Founded in 2004, 22 DESIGNS has become a performance leader in telemark bindings.  If you ski and want the world's best telemark bindings, check out 22 DESIGNS. You can order online or find a dealer near you.



2X2 CYCLES                                                                            CHAPEL HILL, NC

When being on your motorcycle just isn't enough – 2X2 CYCLES gives you the option of taking a bicycle, golf clubs, or a even a grill along for the ride.  Check out their innovative products online.



ADVENTURE APPETITES                                                       ANCHORAGE, AK

Skip the store and start the fun!  Let ADVENTURE APPETITES do the hard work of planning your meals for your next outdoor adventure.  Years of experience have taught them what food is needed when you're out on the trails– all you need to do is go online and order.  If you're in the ANCHORAGE area, just stop by their store.



AL'S GOLDFISH LURE CO                                                     BIDDEFORD, ME

AL'S GOLDFISH LURES have been American-made since 1954. They've also been recognized as one of the top lures of all time. Shop from their large inventory online – gift boxes and kits are also available.



ALPINE INNOVATIONS                                                          LEHI, UT

ALPINE INNOVATIONS manufacturers a lot of items you may never think of but once you take a look you'll say “Hmmmmm, I could use that!”  Their collection of unique items includes microfibers for glasses, golf ball sleeves, slickers for guns, guitars picks and cleaning kits, and more.



APOCALYPSE DESIGN                                                          FAIRBANKS, AK

Founded in 1983, APOCALYPSE DESIGN has been making high-quality outdoor clothing and gear for over 30 years.  Products range from jackets, mittens, and hats to duffle bags, backpacks, wallets, and everything in between.  They have items for adults, kids, and even your dog.  If you need a product as rugged as the Alaskan outdoors, you go to APOCALYPSE DESIGN.



AQUAJOGGER                                                                        SPRINGFIELD, OR

AQUAJOGGER specializes in aquatic fitness and rehabilitation equipment.  Their items include the AQUAJOGGER Belt, ExcerSandals, X-Cuffs, hand gear, and more. Packages are available for extra savings.



ASPEN REELS                                                                        SAN MARCOS, CA

ASPEN REELS manufactures fly fishing reels that are simple, strong, and affordable.  Their reels are made with the highest quality materials to meet the highest quality standards.  Order online or locate a dealer.



BADGER HEALTHY BODY CARE                                         GILSUM, NH

Founded in 1995, BADGER has grown to produce over 100 items to soothe, heal, protect, or treat your body.  Items include bug repellents, bug bite balms, sunscreens, lip balms, baby care products, aromatherapy products, sleep aids, and much more.  Order online or locate a retailer near you.



BALL AND BUCK                                                                    BOSTON, MA

Founded in 2008, BALL AND BUCK manufactures high-quality American-made clothing for men.  Items include casual and dress shirts, tees, shorts, jeans, jackets, and a lot more.  Shop their extensive inventory online.



BANDIT ALUMINUM PIROGUES                                            BOSSIER CITY, LA

BANDIT BOATS makes the finest aluminum pirogues available.  They come in one-man or two-man capacity and are lightweight and durable.  Find more information and locate a dealer online.



BARK RIVER KNIVES                                                            ESCANABA, MI

BARK RIVER KNIVES is a family-owned business that specializes in making the finest knives on the market.  Used by outdoorsmen everywhere, their knives are what you want when you need a high quality, high performance tool. Go online to find a dealer near you.



BASS ASSASSIN                                                                     MAYO, FL

When you're ready to do some fishing, go to BASS ASSASSIN for your tackle.  They have a large selection of high-quality lures for whatever you're trying to catch.  Visit them online to shop, find fishing guides, and more.



BATTERY SHACKLE                                                              REDDING, CA

Did you know that RV battery theft is on the rise?  Keep your battery safe with a BATTERY SHACKLE.  These are heavy duty locks that protect your batteries from thieves. Also available for propane, generator, and marine applications.



BATTLE LAKE OUTDOORS                                                   CLARISSA, MN

BATTLE LAKE OUTDOORS manufactures high-quality packs and bags that are made to last a lifetime.  Their items include backpacks, bicycle bags, fanny packs, gun cases, bottle bags, tote bags, and so much more.  View their whole selection online and order yours today.  Makes great gifts!



BE ADAPTIVE                                                                          COLUMBIA CITY, IN

BE ADAPTIVE are manufacturers of adaptive recreational equipment for all physical disabilities.  Products include adaptive hunting, shooting, and fishing equipment for the disabled outdoorsman.  Their motto is “If you can dream it, we can build it.”  Go online and see what they can do for you.



BEAR & SON CUTLERY                                                         JACKSONVILLE, AL

BEAR & SON CUTLERY'S commitment to excellence means their knives are second to none.  They have a large variety of knives available online.  They also offer sheathes, accessories, and gift sets.



BETSIE BAY KAYAK                                                              FRANKFORT, MI

Founded in 1984, BETSIE BAY KAYAK produces high-performance Greenland-design sea kayaks.  Their focus is on quality, not quantity, so go online to order the best kayak available.



BIG MOUTH LURES                                                                SEAFORD, DE

BIG MOUTH LURES has a large inventory of lures to help you “land the big one.”  Order from their selection online or locate a retailer near you.



BIKE PRO USA                                                                        PHOENIX, AZ

Established in 1985, BIKE PRO USA manufactures a full line of travel cases, bags, and packs for the cycling industry.  Items include travel cases, seat bags, handlebar bags, rack packs, and panniers. Shop online today then get on your bike and go!



BLUE ICE CLOTHING                                                             PINE HILL, NY

BLUE ICE CLOTHING manufactures fleece clothing that is perfect for outdoor or casual wear.  They offer a large selection of jackets, vests, sweaters, pants, hats, and more.



BOSSTRAP                                                                              MARLBOROUGH, MA

BOSSTRAP makes a comfortable, effective camera sling that professional and amateur photographers will love.  Get product information, place an order, or find a dealer online.



BRAZOS WALKING STICKS                                                  WACO, TX

For over twenty years, BRAZOS has been making their handcrafted walking sticks.  They have beautiful walking sticks, canes, hiking sticks, and gardening sticks.  All of their wooden sticks can even be engraved as a nice gift.



BUCK KNIVES                                                                         POST FALLS, ID

BUCK KNIVES manufactures a knife for just about everything.  From hunting and fishing to cutlery and everyday use, they have the knives you need.  Shop their large selection online – you can even personalize your knife or custom design your own.  Stop by for a tour if you're in POST FALLS.



BUG SOOTHER                                                                       COLUMBUS JUNCTION, IA

BUG SOOTHER is an all-natural bug repellent that smells great and really works.  It's perfect for hiking, fishing, gardening, golfing, or anytime you're outdoors and don't want to be bothered by those pesky bugs.  Order online or use their retailer locator.



BUK RAP                                                                                  AUBURN, ME

The BUK RAP is no ordinary vest.  It takes the place of a backpack but evenly distributes your items so it feels less heavy and cumbersome and is healthier for your back. The BUK RAP is great for students or anyone who likes hiking or outdoor activities.  It also comes in a field gear style.  Find more info online.



BURNT POINT LODGE                                                            ARLINGTON, VT

BURNT POINT LODGE offers an interesting collection of items for the outdoorsman.  You can pick up a compass, backpack, snowshoes, and the world's most beautiful knife all in one stop.  Browse through their changing inventory online.



CAMP TIME                                                                              SPOKANE VALLEY, WA

Since 1981, CAMP TIME has been producing high-quality, portable camp furniture.  Their unique products include cots, tables, stools, chairs, and even a dog bed.  They work great outdoors or in a tent. 



CAPTAIN-ITCH                                                                        GRANVILLE, TN

CAPTAIN-ITCH makes the finest, handmade leather goods in TENNESSEE.  Their items include motorcycle products, holsters, belts, dog collars, guitar straps, and much more.  Now you can accent your dog, yourself, your guitar, and your motorcycle with your CAPTAIN-ITCH leather.



CAP LURES                                                                             CASPER, WY

Handmade fishing lures made out of bottle caps – sounds ingenious, and it is!  And the best part is these lures really work.  All caps are available so they can customize a lure just for you.  You can order lures in a 6-pack or 12-pack and even get them with wildlife or your favorite NFL team on them.  Be the envy of your fishing buddies – also makes a great gift.



CARAVAN CAMPERS                                                             RENO, NV

For over fifty years, CARAVAN CAMPER SHELLS has been manufacturing the best, most durable truck tops around.  Each top is made to order by hand so you know that each job is “Job 1.”  A great idea for campers, fishermen, hunters, contractors, or anyone who wants to transform their pickup truck.  Browse their online gallery to see the available options and give them a call.



CLEANWASTE                                                                        BELGRADE, MT

CLEANWASTE is the world leader in personal human waste management when plumbing is not available. Their products are good for use in hospitals, nursing homes, during disaster relief, everyday travel, or outdoorsmen out on the trail.



CLEVERHOOD                                                                        PROVIDENCE, RI

Stay dry in the great outdoors with your CLEVERHOOD rain cape. They fit well over backpacks and are roomy enough that you can comfortably ride a bike.  Sizes for adults and kids – even for your pup!  View their whole selection online.



CLIKSTAND BACKPACKING STOVE                                    TRUCKEE, CA

The CLIKSTAND BACKPACKING STOVE is great for hikers, bikers, campers, fishermen, or anyone who needs a lightweight, reliable, compact stove.  The CLIKSTAND is a collapsible pot-stand designed to be used with alcohol burners, solid fuels, and compatible gas burners.



CONCEPT 2                                                                             MORRISVILLE, VT

Ever wonder what rowing equipment is good enough for the best of the best?  Since 1976, CONCEPT2 has been making rowing equipment used by Olympians, and now you can use them too.  They have everything from oars to indoor rowing machines.



CONQUEST BOATS                                                                LAKE HAVASU CITY, AZ

In 2000, Group 1 Marine LLC became the exclusive manufacturer of CONQUEST BOATS.  They welcome you to visit their manufacturing plant in LAKE HAVASU CITY. Get to their website to view their boats and hit the water.



COVERSPORTS USA                                                             PHILADELPHIA, PA

Founded in 1874 when they used to make wagon coverings, COVERSPORTS has evolved into making coverings for most sporting areas you can think of such as gym floors, walls, fields, turfs, and others.  They offer environmentally safe options also, giving you the chance to not only get the best possible protection but also help the keep the Earth clean.  Whatever you need, they have you covered.



CROOKED CREEK ANTLER ART                                          NEWTON, IL

If you are in need of an antler chandelier or some antler art then CROOKED CREEK ANTLER ART is the place for you.  They also offer antler lighting, furniture, wine racks, coat racks, walking sticks, and much more.  They even have turkey calls and dog chews.  View their whole selection online.



DAN THOMPSON GAME CALLS                                            RAWLINS, WY

Before you go hunting make sure you have your game calls, and DAN THOMPSON GAME CALLS are the best. These calls are handcrafted out of wood, not plastic, and the higher quality shows. They even have instruction videos to show you how to use the calls right. Pick yours up online today.



DEADWOOD STOVE                                                               VALERA, TX

The DEADWOOD STOVE is an outdoor stove that you can fuel with sticks, twigs, scrap lumber, tree bark, and even pine cones!  It's great for backyard use, tailgating, camping, or fishing and great for a backup in case of a natural disaster or power outage.



DELMARVA TURNINGS                                                         DOVER, DE

DELMARVA TURNINGS is home of the Chesapeake Thunder Baseball Bat.  Their bats are individually crafted using the best products available.  Shop online and also look for tips on use and care of your bats.



DERRI-AIR                                                                               REXFORD, MT

If you love riding your bike but are tired of your uncomfortable seat, check out DERRI-AIR.  DERRI-AIR makes the most comfortable seats for bicycles and exercise bikes available...guaranteed.  View their huge selection online.



DIAMOND APPAREL                                                              ADVANCE, NC

DIAMOND APPAREL uses the finest quality cotton to make the finest quality shirts available.  You can purchase their products as-is or ask them to custom make something for you.  They offer short or long sleeve mock turtle necks and short or long sleeve golf shirts.



DIRT KING USA                                                                       WAKEENEY, KS

When you that first tricycle for your child you want it to be the best – that's why you go to DIRT KING.  DIRT KING tricycles are rugged and built to last.  They're also adjustable so they will grow with your child. Order directly online or find a dealer near you.



DISCRAFT                                                                               WIXOM, MI

All you need to know about Disc Golf in one amazing place! Go online to view their huge selection of discs and accessories, see helpful videos, or locate a dealer near you. DISCRAFT is the ultimate site for the ultimate sport!



DRYMATE                                                                                SAVAGE, MN

DRYMATE'S innovative products are absorbent mats that have a waterproof, non-slip backing to protect your floor.  DRYMATES are available for almost every aspect of your life – they can be used for pets, kids, automotive, home and garden, hunting and fishing, and more.  Learn more about DRYMATES online and find a retailer near you.



EAGLE CLAW                                                                         DENVER, CO

EAGLE CLAW was founded in 1925 and still proudly makes their fishhooks in the USA.  View their catalog of products online and find a retailer near you.  You can also find helpful fishing tips on the website.



EBBTIDE BOATS                                                                     WHITE BLUFF, TN

EBBTIDE CORP makes high quality boats that are built to last.  They take their time manufacturing their boats so you can be assured your purchase will stand the test of time.  Find product information and locate a dealer online.



EMOTION KAYAKS                                                                 CLEARFIELD, UT

Kayaking can be a fun and exciting time with friends, family, or even just by yourself; so why would you want to limit yourself by getting sub-par equipment?  EMOTION KAYAKS strives to develop the best kayaks and accessories for your best possible experience.  Get online to find a dealer near you.



EQUINOX LTD                                                                         WILLIAMSPORT, PA

For over 20 years, EQUINOX LTD has been committed to making goods that are not only carefully sewn, but also work well and promote a cleaner environment.  Their products include various bags, totes, sleeping bags, backpacks, and so much more.  



FIBERTEC PERFORMANCE                                                     WOONSOCKET, SD

For almost 20 years, FIBERTEC PERFORMANCE has been designing and manufacturing Fiberglass and Carbon Fiber auto body parts.  They specialize in Sprint Car and Late Model body parts.  With their years of experience and wide variety of designs, their goal is to improve and design car parts that will meet the racers’ needs.  See what they can do for you.



FIDDLESTICKS FIRE STARTER                                             BIRMINGHAM, AL

FIDDLESTICKS FIRE STARTER makes fire starters, wood chunks, wood chips, firewood, and grilling planks.  You can use their products to start your fire, build your fire, or barbeque your food.  Check out their expandable plank for more flavorful grilling.  Find it all on their website.



FIREMANS BIKES                                                                   BLANCO, TX

Since 1998, FIREMANS has been producing their handmade bicycle framesets.  View their selection and find ordering information online.



FISH DINNER LURES                                                              TUMBLING SHOALS, AR

FISH DINNER LURES are made in America with all American components.  There are many styles and colors to choose from so check them out online.


FLING A RING                                                                         HOLLY, MI

Looking for a new game to play outdoors with the family?  FLING A RING is the game for you!  A combo of Jarts, Frisbee, and Horseshoes, FLING A RING is a game everyone will love.  Get yours today for your next get together!



FLYING FISH BOARD CO                                                     STUART, FL

The FLYING FISH BOARD COMPANY makes high quality, performance based paddle boards. They have many amazing boards to choose from or use their design center to custom build your own.



FOX CREEK LEATHER                                                           INDEPENDENCE, VA

FOX CREEK LEATHER has a huge selection of motorcycle clothing and accessories.  Products range from vests and chaps to belts and wallets.  They can even customize an order just for you.  Order online or stop by and see them if you're near INDEPENDENCE.



FREERIDE SYSTEMS                                                             LEADVILLE, CO

FREERIDE SYSTEMS manufactures high-quality outer wear for active lifestyles. Whether you're hiking in the mountains or skiing or snowboarding down them, you'll be warm and stylish in your FREERIDE SYSTEMS gear. Check them out online.



G & H DECOYS                                                                       HENRYETTA, OK

Founded in 1934, G & H DECOYS has been making their American-made decoys for over 80 years.  Their products include duck, goose, turkey,  weather vane, and automated decoys.



GARY NESSE'S OUTDOOR WORLD                                     MISSOULA, MT

GARY NESSE'S OUTDOOR WORLD provides comfortable outdoor wear for men and women everywhere.  Their products include jackets, vests, pants, shirts, shorts, and hats.  Also available in Big and Tall sizes.



GREEN GURU GEAR                                                              BOULDER, CO

GREEN GURU GEAR manufactures high-quality gear from new and upcycled materials. Treat yourself to some cool products while helping to protect the planet. Products include backpacks, bags, wallets, belts, bike accessories, and more.



GRUBPACK                                                                             DUBUQUE, IA

GRUBPACK manufactures rodent resistant bags to protect your food and other essentials while you're out on the trails.  The stainless steel wire mesh bags come in five sizes and three colors with four upgrades available.  The GRUBPACKS are guaranteed and shipping is free!



HAAS-JORDAN UMBRELLAS                                                HOLLAND, OH

For decades, HAAS-JORDAN umbrellas have been synonymous with quality.  They manufacture golf and specialty umbrellas in a large variety of styles and sizes with creative features.  Their umbrellas make great gifts, incentives, or promotional items for your business!



HALO HEADBAND                                                                  POWAY, CA

If you're tired of sweat in your eyes, while at work or play, a HALO headband is the solution for you.  Their products have grown to include headbands, hats, visors, skull caps, and more.  Browse their inventory and pick out the right HALO for you.



HAUTE SHOT GOLF                                                               BOISE, ID

HAUTE SHOT GOLF makes golf skorts for women – with attitude; no boring skorts here!  Shop their clever designs at Amazon today and make your statement on the links.



HOOSIER BAT COMPANY                                                     VALPARAISO, IN

The HOOSIER BAT COMPANY has been making the finest wooden bats available for over a quarter of a century.  They offer bats in different models, sizes, and colors but all of high-quality.  They can also add a logo to your bat.   Looking for jewelry?  They have that option too! 



IBEX OUTDOOR CLOTHING                                                  WHITE RIVER JUNCTION, VT

IBEX OUTDOOR CLOTHING offers a huge selection of wool-made clothing ranging from shirts and jackets to underwear and pants; everything you need if you're hiking, cycling, or just enjoying the great outdoors.  They also have a large selection of accessories available.  Shop online direct or find a retailer near you.



IGNEOUS SKIS                                                                        JACKSON, WY

Founded in 1993, IGNEOUS manufactures handmade custom skis and snowboards. Each item is meticulously produced per order from your own unique specifications. They even use Bulletproof Kelvar so you know these are built to last! Order your skis or snowboard today and get ready to hit the slopes.



INDIAN HEAD TRAILERS                                                       MUSKEGON, MI

Custom built kayak trailers and canoe trailers manufactured just for you!  They specially build each trailer using skilled labor and the best materials available.  No skimping on quality here.  If you want the best you go to the best, INDIAN HEAD TRAILERS.



INSIGNIA ATHLETICS                                                             WORCESTER, MA

INSIGNIA ATHLETICS offers high-quality, high performance gloves and wood bats.  Their products are made with the finest materials available and the quality is second to none.  You can even customize your glove – check them out online.



IVERSON SNOWSHOES                                                         SHINGLETON, MI

For over 50 years IVERSON’S has been manufacturing high quality, hand-crafted snowshoes.  They are made in MICHIGAN using the best materials available.  Their snowshoes are much better than metal snowshoes and are well worth the extra cost, especially when they are passed down through generations.  Grab a pair of IVERSON SNOWSHOES and hit the trails!



JAKE'S LURES                                                                        SHERIDAN, WY

The #1 lure in Yellowstone National Park is made by JAKE'S LURES. They have a variety of lures that come in different weights and 9 different color combinations so you can decide which is best for you. View their selection online today.



JAMES VALLEY SCENTS                                                      MELLETE, SD

This sounds like a crazy combination but somehow it works – JAMES VALLEY SCENTS makes the finest quality scent lures, nutritious dog treats, and tasty barbeque sauce, hopefully not at once – ha ha!  They are home of the original gel and offer varieties of deer, elk, moose, and cover scents.  Order their products online and check out their great tips and product information.



JASPER LEE SOAPWORKS                                                   SADALIA, MO

JASPER LEE SOAPWORKS specializes in hand-crafted soaps that are highly effective, naturally nourishing, and great for outdoor activities.  They have soaps that repel bugs, attract fish, or will mask your scent!  Order online or see them at an upcoming show.  Wholesale opportunities are also available.



JRC GLOVES                                                                          CENTRALIA,WA

In the business since 1890, Churchill knows a thing or two about gloves.  Simply put, JRC GLOVES makes the best motorcycle gloves on the market.  They also offer leather work gloves, rodeo gloves, and more.  Shop from their large selection online.



THE JUMP ROPE STORE                                                       PORTLAND, OR

Jump ropes aren't just for the playground, they're used by professional and non-professional sports teams for athletic conditioning.  So it's not only fun, it's good for you too!  Learn more at their site and check out the bulk order discounts.



K BAR J LEATHER CO                                                           NEWELL, SD

K BAR J LEATHER CO is the premier manufacturer of western chaps and chinks in the country.  Other products include cowboy gear, cowgirl classics, holsters, knife holders, and more.  Browse their selection online or stop by their store today.



KANGAROO USA                                                                    COLUMBUS, NC

KANGAROO USA makes the world's finest motorcaddies for the golf enthusiast.  More durable and dependable than a fold up motorcaddie, KANGAROO motorcaddies are built in America and built to last.



KING'S SADDLERY                                                                SHERIDAN, WY

KING'S SADDLERY is a complete Western tack store that carries a large selection of saddles, ropes, bridles, bits, and much more. You can order from their rope collection online or order a catalog of their products. Of course, you're welcome to stop by and shop if you're in SHERIDAN.



KODABOW                                                                              WEST CHESTER, PA

KODABOW prides themselves on making their crossbows out of the highest-quality parts, giving you the best crossbow on the market today.  Order online or find a dealer near you.  You can also practice at their archery range if you're near WEST CHESTER.



KOTA LONGBOARDS                                                            DENVER, CO

KOTA LONGBOARDS are the ultimate in skateboards.  Their high-quality boards come in many styles and are built to last.  Don't know how to ride?  No problem, instruction packages are available and you'll be riding in no time.  Visit them on the web for more information.



LEATHERMAN                                                                         PORTLAND, OR

Be prepared for anything that life throws at you with your tool from LEATHERMAN.  Since 1983, LEATHERMAN TOOL GROUP has been manufacturing multi-tools, pocket tools, and pocket knives.  Order online or locate a retailer near you.



LEN’S AWNING & CANVAS                                                   SIOUX FALLS, SD

LEN’S AWNING & CANVAS has been fabricating custom awnings and boat covers since 1985.  LEN’S is a premier builder of superior grade custom covers for a variety of products.  Although LEN’S is locally known for its custom awnings and boat covers, they can design and create a canvas product for just about anything you can think of.  Jet Ski, snow mobile, motorcycle, or even a grill?  They’ve got it covered!



LIGHTNING WEAR APPAREL                                                KENSINGTON, MD

LIGHTNING WEAR APPAREL manufactures custom sports uniforms and apparel for all sports, including lacrosse, football, basketball, baseball, soccer, tennis, golf and much more.  They make uniforms for men, women, and youths.  Browse their online catalog or design your own custom uniform with their easy to use “Design Online” link.



MAGIC BAIT CO                                                                      GUTHRIE, OK

MAGIC BAIT offers a whole array of bait to suit all of your fishing needs.  Products include bait for trout, catfish, carp, and more.  They also offer hooks, holders, attractants, trotlines and variety packs.


MARHAR SNOWBOARDS                                                      GRANDVILLE, MI

Established in 2009, MARHAR manufactures high quality, durable, and affordable snowboards. This is the coolest place for the coolest boards! Go online to find a retailer near you. Grab a board and join the snowboarding community – everyone’s welcome!



MAUK FISHING STUFF                                                           BREWSTER, WA

Tired of your lures getting tangled or worse yet, caught on your clothes or skin?  Then you need a simple device known as the TACKLE COVER.  They also offer a pole cover.  Both are handy when you're transporting your fishing poles.  Get more info and place an order online.



METRO VAC                                                                            OAKLAND, NJ

Founded in 1939, METRO VAC has grown from just vacuums to also manufacturing products for your car, motorcycle, electronics, pets, and more.  Practice your swing with the Hit Zone practice tee for baseball or tennis.  Order online or locate a retailer near you.


MOTIV BOWLING                                                                   MUSKEGON, MI

MOTIV has been proudly manufacturing high quality bowling balls in MICHIGAN for over 25 years.  They have a team of highly skilled and experienced employees to help you.  If you want to be the best bowler you can be you need to use the best balls on the market.  View their bowling balls and accessories online or find a retailer near you.



MOUNTAIN MADNESS SOAP CO                                         COUER D'ALENE, ID

The MOUNTAIN MADNESS SOAP COMPANY handmakes their products while trying to stay as green as possible. Keep the bugs away with their Bug Off soap or lotion bar.  Great for when you're enjoying nature or working in the garden.  Other items include dog soap, regular soaps, bath bombs, body butter, and more. Order online or stop by the shop in COUER D'ALENE.



NATURE'S POISON IVY RELIEF                                           RICHMOND, ME

NATURE'S POISON IVY RELIEF is made from a Native American recipe using the Sweet Fern.  It stops the itch immediately and you should see results in 24 – 48 hours. A must have for outdoorsmen who might run into poison ivy while out in the woods.



NAUTICAL DESIGN, INC                                                        HARMONY, PA

NAUTICAL DESIGN has almost 30 years of experience making your fishing experience the best it can be.  View their selection of marlin, fighting, and helm chairs.  They also make rocket launchers, leaning posts, and tackle centers.  Contact them to see how they can customize your yacht.



THE NET RETURN                                                                  FAIR LAWN, NJ

THE NET RETURN manufactures the ultimate in sports training nets.  They have products for golf, soccer, baseball, lacrosse, hockey, and football. Easy to assemble and take apart, these nets are portable for practice anywhere.



NONETZ                                                                                   BROOKLYN, NY

Irritated by your swimwear?  Well, no more!  NONETZ offers anti-chafing swimwear for men and boys.  They come in a variety of sizes and cool colors.  Say “Hello” to NONETZ and “Goodbye” to ruined trips to the beach.



OAKLAND BALLISTICS                                                          LAKE ORION, MI

OAKLAND BALLISTICS manufactures handmade trebuchet and catapult kits. Great for science fairs and punkin’ chunkin’!



OP/TECH USA                                                                         BELGRADE, MT

OP/TECH USA makes straps, pouches, and accessories to fit cameras, lenses, tripods, and electronics.  Shop their extensive inventory online or find a retailer near you.



PEERLESS REEL                                                                    NASHUA, NH  

PEERLESS REEL produces handmade reels that are high-quality, built to last, and affordable.  They're also built for fishermen by fishermen so they know exactly what you're looking for in a reel.  View their selection online and locate a dealer.  Wholesale opportunities are available.



PINE MOUNTAIN/JAVA-LOGS                                               DALEVILLE, IN

Combining the need for firestarters with the aroma of fresh brewed coffee – Brilliant!  Gather around the fire and enjoy the comforting scent of JAVA-LOGS.  Also check out the full line of firelogs, firestarters, and fire safety products from PINE MOUNTAIN.  Go online to find a retailer near you.



RAGGED MOUNTAIN EQUIPMENT                                       INTERVALE, NH

RAGGED MOUNTAIN EQUIPMENT manufactures a large selection of clothing and accessories for men, women, and kids.  Products include jackets, vests, pants, mittens, hats, totes, chalk bags, buckles, and more.  They even have a line of pet products.  Check out their whole inventory online.



RANGER BOATS                                                                    FLIPPIN, AR

RANGER BOATS is known for their high-quality, high performance, innovative boats.  Locate a dealer or locate a boat online.



RATTLE HEAD BAITS                                                             KINGSPORT, TN

RATTLE HEAD BAITS offers spinner baits, buzz baits, and jigs.  Their products are unique because of the movable hook enclosed in a rattle chamber within the head.  Try out their baits and you'll see the RATTLE HEAD difference.



RAZR RODS                                                                             SPRINGFIED, MO

RAZR RODS produces rods that give the tournament angler a hi-tech advantage and total control.  They offer a large selection of casting, spinning, and fly rods and you can even get them personalized.  View the whole selection online.



RED DIRT SOAP CO                                                               DEWEY, OK

RED DIRT SOAP COMPANY offers a full line of natural skin care products.  Items include bug repellent, bar and liquid soaps, lip balms, lotions, bath salts, baby products, and so much more. 



RED OXX MFG                                                                         BILLINGS, MT

RED OXX manufactures high-quality luggage and bags that are handmade in MONTANA and built to last.  Products include travel bags, back packs, briefcases, garment bags, rifle cases, and much more.  Shop their collection online.



REVELATE DESIGNS                                                             ANCHORAGE, AK

REVELATE DESIGNS has been supplying avid bikers with the functional, lightweight gear needed for their 2-wheeling adventures.  Products include bags for the frame, cockpit, handle bars, seat, and rack.  They also have accessories and parts available.  Order your gear and hit the trails!



RUSTIC BILLIARDS                                                                LINCOLN, NE

WOW, you have never seen pool tables like these before.  RUSTIC BILLIARDS hand-crafts log pool tables that are one-of-a-kind works of art.  Browse through their online gallery to see their tables, and good luck deciding which is best for you.



S3FUSION                                                                                WARWICK, RI

S3FUSION uses NanoFusion Technology in their polishes to help make your cars and motorcycles shine.  Their products penetrate deep and form a bond with the surface to make a long lasting shine with no residue or streaking.  Also can be used on boats.  Find more information and place an order online.



SHUCK'S LURES                                                                    MILFORD, IA

SHUCK'S LURES offers handmade specialty fishing tackle.  Their jigger minnows come in 2 sizes and they also sell jigger accessories.  Download the brochure, place an order, or find a retailer online.



SIMMS FISHING EQUIPMENT                                                BOZEMAN, MT

SIMMS is the only fishing wader manufacturer in the country so if you want high-quality, American made fishing apparel this is the place to go.  Other products include gloves, socks, shoes, bags, accessories, and much more.  Shop directly online or locate a retailer near you.



SOFT ARMOR                                                                          NEVADA, MO

SOFT ARMOR manufactures holsters to fit any gun; you can shop by gun brand or gun style.  They also offer belts, slings, range bags, gun cases, and other accessories.



SUPER SEER                                                                           EVERGREEN, CO

For over 40 years SUPER SEER has been manufacturing high-quality helmets and faceshields for police and recreational use.  Go online to custom order your SUPER SEER helmet and get the best protection available.



SURVIVAL STILL                                                                    LINCOLN, NE

The SURVIVAL STILL is a non-electric, emergency water distiller.  It doesn't need filters or electricity so it is great to use for camping if you want to ensure that you have fresh water – you just need a heat source.  Find more information or order online.



T.R.U. BALL ARCHERY                                                          MADISON HEIGHTS, VA

T.R.U. BALL manufactures American made release aides and anything else you might need to make archery better.  Check them out online.



TEMPRESS                                                                              DALLAS, TX

Years of experience, innovation, and high-quality products have made TEMPRESS an industry leader when it comes to fishing products.  Shop their large selection online which includes seats and benches, rod holders and mounts, coolers and other great accessories.



TURTLE RIVER SOAP CO                                                      STUART, FL

The TURTLE RIVER SOAP COMPANY offers handmade products made with essential oils and natural ingredients.  Their large selection includes soap for your dog and bug-repellent soap – great for camping or gardening.  Shop online, find a retailer, or become a wholesaler.



THE VEST GUY                                                                       NORTH SALT LAKE, UT

Founded in 1990, THE VEST GUY has grown to be the top manufacturer of functional vests.  They specialize in safety and photography vests, chestpacks, slings, and armbands for police, military, EMS, CERT, and other industries.  Their products are high-quality and can be custom made.



WALD                                                                                       MAYSVILLE, KY

WALD is a manufacturer of high-quality bicycle racks that will fit almost any bike.  They have front or rear baskets, racks, bags, liners, accessories, and even training wheels.  Shop directly online or find a dealer near you.



WEBSTER TELESCOPES                                                       GARDEN CITY, MI

WEBSTER TELESCOPES has been manufacturing portable, ultra-premium telescopes for four generations.  All of their telescopes are built in-house by master woodworkers.  When it comes to strength and beauty their telescopes are second to none!  Check them out online and start exploring.



WERNER PADDLES                                                               SULTAN, WA

WERNER provides the high-quality paddles, you provide the fun.  They have paddles designed for touring, kayaking, canoeing, whitewater, stand up, and coastal play.  Use their handy online guide to help pick the best paddle for you.



WHISTLE CREEK                                                                    ESTES PARK, CO

WHISTLE CREEK manufactures over 50 different walking and hiking sticks and your satisfaction is guaranteed.  Get online and view their beautiful, rustic walking sticks. Accessories are also available.



WICKED LURES                                                                      PORT ANGELES, WA

For lures that will get fish to strike, look no further than WICKED LURES.  They have the original WICKED LURES, trout killers, and king killers.  Order online or find a retailer near you.



WIGGY'S                                                                                  GRAND JUNCTION, CO

Since 1986, WIGGY'S has been making high-quality outer wear and gear to protect you from the elements.  Products include sleeping bags, ponchos, vests, jackets, mittens, hand warmers, boots, and much more.  They even have items for your pet.



WILD THINGS                                                                          NEWPORT, RI

Founded in 1981, WILD THINGS manufactures cold weather gear that will keep you warm, dry, and able to face your task at hand.  Their products include jackets, pants, hats, hand warmers, duffle bags, guide packs, and more.



WITH NATURE IN MIND                                                          ROCKBRIDGE, OH

For over 16 years WITH NATURE IN MIND has been handcrafting natural soaps and skin care products. They also offer bug sprays and bug-repellant soaps - great for camping and outdoor activites! Their other items include soaps, balms, moisturizers, body scents, and more.



XOOTR                                                                                     OLD FORGE, PA

Founded in 1999, XOOTR specializes in scooters but also makes bicycles.  Their current top of the line products include folding scooters as well as folding bikes.  Parts and accessories are also available online.



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