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A PLACE IMAGINED                                                               JACKSON, MS

Remember growing up and building forts in the backyard?  A PLACE IMAGINED remembers too.  They manufacture heirloom quality playhouses and each one is produced with your child's creativity, and safety, in mind.  They have several plans available so check them out today.



ADORABLE DOLL CLOTHES                                                 VILLA RICA, GA

If you're looking for custom made clothing for your dolls, check out ADORABLE DOLLS CLOTHES.  They offer clothes, dresses, and accessories for a huge selection of dolls.  They even have a measuring guide for the perfect fit.



AMERICAN PLASTIC TOYS                                                   WALLED LAKE, MI

AMERICAN PLASTIC TOYS has been manufacturing toys in United States since 1962.  Their product line includes over 125 different items ranging from a simple sand pail to a play kitchen set.  Check out their products online and find a retailer near you.



ANATEX                                                                                  VAN NUYS, CA

ANATEX manufactures a large variety of sensory toys, educational games, activity tables and centers, children's furniture and more.  Your kids will be busy for hours with their ANATEX play sets.  Most items are made in the USA...wholesale opportunities are available.




Founded in 1993, AYERS has been providing made in America plastic Easter eggs for over 20 years. The eggs come filled with candy or toys and are not just for Easter – they also have Halloween eggs!



BABY ECO TRENDS                                                              ATHENS, GA

Founded in 2008, BABY ECO TRENDS offers solid wood baby and children's furniture. Their products include cribs, chairs, Moses baskets, bunk beds, and more. They also have a selection of wooden and riding toys.



BACK TO BLOCKS                                                                KAYSVILLE, UT

BACK TO BLOCKS offers handmade, natural wood blocks that are toxin free and will last for generations.  Their blocks come in a variety of sets for all ages and you can also get add-on pieces to increase creativity.  Great toys for home or the classroom.



BACKYARD BLOCK PARTY                                                 ST LOUIS, MO

Looking for an exciting game for your next party?  Look no further than BACKYARD BLOCK PARTY.  It's fun, easy to play, and made in the USA!



BACKYARD DREAMS                                                           DENVER, CO

BACKYARD DREAMS manufactures safe, high-quality trampolines, swing sets, and play sets for the kids or the whole family to enjoy.  View their catalog online or stop by one of their display locations to see their amazing products for yourself.



BANNOR TOYS                                                                      MADRID, IA

BANNOR TOYS makes high-quality, wooden toys for babies, toddlers, and preschoolers. These adorable toys will last for years and will be passed on for generations. Order online or become a wholesaler.



BARCLAY WOODEN BLOCKS                                               HEBRON, IN

BARCLAY BLOCKS is the place to go if you are looking for wooden blocks.  They have so many kits and shapes available you’ll have a hard time choosing the right set for your little one.  Blocks in braille and over 30 languages and variations are available.  Check out their selection online – great for crafters and teachers too!



THE BENT TREE                                                                     BETHANY, MO

Handmade dominoes from THE BENT TREE, find them on Etsy.  They also make furniture and home decor items.



BILLET BONES                                                                        TUSCON, AZ

Calling all dominoes enthusiasts!  BILLET BONES is the premier luxury dominoes designer, anything else is second best.  These dominoes are made of aluminum and are nothing short of a work of art.  They come in various colors and sizes, blank or engraved, you can even get them crystal studded.  Get your bling on and order your custom BILLET BONES dominoes today.



BIMINI RING GAME                                                                 MYRTLE BEACH, SC

The BIMINI RING GAME is great fun for kids and adults.  You just swing a ring and try to get it on a hook.  It's that easy – and challenging! It's a great idea if you have an outdoor patio or own a bar.  Order online and find more fun ideas on where to use your BIMINI RING GAME.



CAROLINA PRATT                                                                  ASHEVILLE, NC

CAROLINA PRATT manufactures the best hard maple wooden blocks available.  Their blocks are great for encouraging creative play and, let's face it, blocks are just fun. These blocks are great for home, schools, churches and they're fun for all ages.  Check out their large selection of blocks and order yours today.



CARROM COMPANY                                                              LUDINGTON, MI

Family night is back!  CARROM COMPANY has been making family board and sports games for over 100 years.  Grab a game, turn off your cellphones, and get to know your family again.



CARTER'S CRAFTS                                                                HAHNVILLE, LA

CARTER'S CRAFTS makes handmade wood items including swings, arbor frames, gliders, tables, chairs, wooden toys, pens, kitchen items, and more.  Browse their whole inventory online or stop and see them in HAHNVILLE.



CHANNEL CRAFT                                                                   CHARLEROI, PA

Founded in 1983, CHANNEL CRAFT has been manufacturing authentic American toys, games, and puzzles for over 30 years.  Products include checkers, jacks, boomerangs, building sets, planes, craft kits, and so much more!  Order online and let the fun begin!



CHARLIE’S WOODSHOP                                                        CHESANING, MI

CHARLIE’S WOODSHOP has been handcrafting quality wood products since 1974. Their toys are educational, fun, durable, and non-toxic. Items include puzzles, board games, furniture, and more. Go online to see their complete selection.



CHICKORY WOOD PRODUCTS                                             MEQUON, WI

CHICKORY WOOD PRODUCTS crafts handmade, wooden toys that include trucks, trains, planes, boats, and more.  These toys are sturdy enough to be passed on for generations.  Check out their decorative bread boards as well.



CRAYOLA                                                                                EASTON, PA

Since the first box of crayons were manufactured in 1903, CRAYOLA has been making colorful and innovative products for kids of all ages to express themselves.  Check out their website where you can print free coloring pages, learn do-it-yourself crafts, or play some cool games. Of course, you can order some awesome CRAYOLA crayons, markers, kits, and more.



CUBBY HOLE TOYS                                                               WEST DUNDEE, IL

CUBBY HOLE TOYS specializes in hand-crafted, customized children's toys and furniture.  Items include puzzle stools, name puzzles, coat racks, flip stools, rocking horses, and more.  Browse their selection online and order something for that special child today.



D AND ME WOOD TOYS                                                         STEVENSVILLE, MT

D AND ME offers high-quality, handmade, wooden toys for children of all ages.  Products include wooden blocks, push/pull toys, wooden vehicles, and more.  Shop their toys and view their show schedule online.



DISCRAFT                                                                               WIXOM, MI

All you need to know about Disc Golf in one amazing place!  Go online to view their huge selection of discs and accessories, see helpful videos, or locate a dealer near you.  DISCRAFT is the ultimate site for the ultimate sport!



DO-A-DOT ART                                                                       LOS ANGELES, CA

DO-A-DOT ART is not just another set of markers.  These markers also make bold, colorful dots!  Expand your child's creativity with these fun marker sets.  They come in different colors and sizes and they also offer fun activity books.



DOODLE TOWN TOYS                                                           BIG LAKE, MN

Founded in 1972, DOODLE TOWN TOYS makes environmentally friendly, wooden toys that are fun for your kids and will last for generations.  They make blocks, vehicles, name trains, pull toys, and more.  Place an order online or see them at a craft show.



DUNECRAFT                                                                           CLEVELAND, OH

Founded in 2002, DUNECRAFT has become a national leader in creating innovative, interesting, indoor growing kits and unique science and nature products for all ages. Their amazing Items include themed terrariums, sprouting houses, habitats, and more.  They have something unique for everyone.



ELVES AND ANGELS                                                             DREW PLANTATION, ME

Founded in 1988, ELVES AND ANGLES has been making handmade, heirloom quality, wooden toys for almost thirty years.  Their products include blocks, kitchen sets, play sets, dollhouses, baby and toddler toys, tables, chairs, and so much more!   View the whole selection online.



FLARBLE                                                                                 GLENWOOD, AR

In 2014 FLARBLE was named the “Fun & Innovative Product of the Year.”  It's also known as the world's smallest flying toy.  Learn where to buy and how to fly a FLARBLE online.



FLEXIBLE FLYER                                                                    MOSCOW, TN

Founded in 1889, FLEXIBLE FLYER has grown to become the largest manufacturer of consumer swing sets in the United States.  Get product and retailer information online.



FORT FRIEND                                                                          HOLDERNESS, NH

All kids like making forts out of blankets and chairs...now there's FORT FRIEND to lend a hand.  These hand-crafted toys can also be used for indoor bowling, catch, or whatever your child's imagination can come up with.



FRONTIER SWINGS                                                                MOLENA, GA

FRONTIER SWINGS makes hand-crafted tire swings from recycled tires.  Their products include 3 and 4 chain tire swings, Wind Surfer swings, board swings, tiered swings, and more.  Check them out online to find more information and place an order.



FROST HOLLOW PUZZLES                                                    WOODSTOCK, CT

FROST HOLLOW PUZZLES are made from the finest materials available and finished with non-toxic oils and paints.  Their high-quality puzzles are built to last and be passed down for generations.  Check them out online.



GIVE A BIG HUG                                                                     BRIMFIELD, MA

Tired of giving flowers for a special occasion?  Then GIVE A BIG HUG!  Shop from their inventory online and send a BIG HUG to someone you love.



GONTZA GAMES                                                                     ROSLYN, PA

GONTZA GAMES are designed and manufactured in the USA.  Your game choices are Minefield, Pass The Grogger, and Christmas Cards.  You can order online or find a nearby retailer.



GRAMMA'S BABY STUFF                                                      DELTA JUNCTION, AK

GRAMMA'S BABY STUFF is loaded with items for your baby or toddler.  The selection ranges from bibs to blankets, hats to hand puppets, and everything in between. There are so many items you just need to check it out for yourself.  Everything is homemade and high-quality.



HANDSEWN'S SHOP                                                              HAMILTON, NJ

At HANDSEWN'S SHOP on Etsy you can find a selection of cute, crocheted animals.  Their biggest collection is Wormies – adorable little earthworms.



HANDTRUX TOYS                                                                  LITTLE FALLS, NJ

HANDTRUX are innovative toys that let your kids become the machines.  They can be used to push, scoop, or dig.  They are great for a day at the beach, sitting in the sandbox, or even playing in the snow.



HARTLAND LOCOMOTIVE WORKS                                     LAPORTE, IN

HARTLAND LOCOMOTIVE WORKS is a manufacturer of high-quality, affordable G-Scale locomotives.  Other products include rolling stock, coaches, freight cars, and cabooses.  Their equipment is designed to run on #1 gauge track and is compatible with other G-Scale trains and track accessories.  Go online to look at their selection and find a dealer near you.



HAWAII WOOD ARTS & CRAFTS                                          HILO, HI

HAWAII WOOD ARTS & CRAFTS makes a variety of wood items for you to enjoy.   Pick up a game of Hawaiian checkers to play with your family and friends.   Their products are handmade from Hawaiian woods such as Koa, Milo, Mango, Ohai, and Cook Pine.   Other items include bowls, trays, walking sticks, canes, candle stick holders, and more.



HERITAGE PUZZLE                                                                 PFAFFTOWN, NC

Puzzles are fun to do as a family or a nice way to relax on your own.  HERITAGE PUZZLE has a large selection of original puzzles or they can custom make one for you.  With so many to choose from you'll never get bored.



HOLGATE TOYS                                                                      BRADFORD, PA

HOLGATE TOYS has been making America's finest wooden toys since 1789.  That's a lot of toys and a lot of happy kids.  They have an extensive collection of toys for kids of all ages and range from building blocks to trains and planes.  You can order online or locate a retailer near you.



HOLIDAY SPECS                                                                    BARTLETT, TN

Brighten up your next holiday or family gathering with 3D glasses from HOLIDAY SPECS.  Their 3D glasses transform bright spots of light into holographic images and they have many options to choose from.  Big fun plus they make great party favors.



HOOHOBBERS                                                                        CHICAGO, IL

Founded in 1981, HOOHOBBERS has grown to make a whole array of products for kids, including babies.  Items include tables, chairs, rocking horses, Moses baskets, diaper bags, bedding, lamps, lunch boxes, back packs, and so much more!  Check out the whole selection online – products can be personalized too.



HOOSIER BAT COMPANY                                                      VALPARAISO, IN

The HOOSIER BAT COMPANY has been making the finest wooden bats available for over a quarter of a century.  They offer bats in different models, sizes, and colors but all of high-quality.  They can also add a logo to your bat.  Looking for jewelery?  They have that option too!



JAMESON WOODWORKS                                                      BELTON, SC

JAMESON WOODWORKS is home of the original wooden knife kits.  They have kits to make six different wooden knives.  They also have puzzle kits and replacement pins available.



THE JUMP ROPE STORE                                                       PORTLAND, OR

Jump ropes aren't just for the playground, they're used by professional and non-professional sports teams for athletic conditioning.  So it's not only fun, it's good for you too!  Learn more at their site and check out the bulk order discounts.



K’NEX TOYS                                                                            HATFIELD, PA

K'NEX's bricks, rods, connectors, and building sets bring out the creativity in your children and will give them hours of fun.  They have a large assortment to choose from so check them out online.  Look for the Made in America flag for 100% made in America sets.



KIDS CREATIONS                                                                   OLATHE, KS

KIDS CREATIONS are manufacturers of American made, high-quality, wood swing sets.  They have many options to choose from or you can design your own.  Shop online or find a showroom near you.



KNOCKABOUT TOYS                                                             SEARSMONT, ME

KNOCKABOUT TOYS produces handcrafted wooden vehicles that are built to last for generations.  They have four lines of impressive trucks and vehicles to choose from – check them out online.



LOON TUNE                                                                             ROGERS, MN

Recreate the sound of the loon with your own LOON TUNE.  The LOON TUNE is an interactive nature toy which makes the wail and tremolo sounds of the common loon. Place an order or become a wholesaler.



LUCY HAMMETT GAMES                                                       MINEOLA, TX

Bingo is already fun, but when you add colorful pictures and interesting facts it gets even better.  Choose from 31 different bingo sets - they're fun and educational so kids can learn while they play.  Great for families and teachers alike.



LUKE'S TOY FACTORY                                                          DANBURY, CT

LUKE'S TOY FACTORY offers eco-friendly toys made especially for little hands.  These high-quality toys are made from organic materials and clean plastic pellets and they meet or exceed US safety standards.  Order online or find a retailer near you.



MAKE A DECK                                                                         SALEM, NH

MAKE-A-DECK can help you make a custom deck of casino quality playing cards with your pictures on the cards!  You can also add your own text or graphics.  These decks make clever gifts or party favors for any occasion.



MAPLE LANDMARK WOODCRAFT                                       MIDDLEBURY, VT

Since 1971, MAPLE LANDMARK WOODCRAFT has been making hand-crafted, eco-friendly, wooden games, toys and gifts.  They have products for all ages from baby to adult.  Get online today to order direct or find a dealer near you.



MARBLE KING USA                                                                PADEN CITY, WV

MARBLE KING USA is the actual king of the marble industry.  They manufacture over a million marbles a day that are used in different applications like games, toys, jewelry, decorative vases, and more.  Their marbles come in various sizes and colors. 



MARY'S SOFTDOUGH                                                            EUGENE, OR

MARY'S SOFTDOUGH is natural modeling dough that comes in lots of color and even scents!  Your kids will have hours of play ahead when they get out MARY'S SOFTDOUGH.  Find a retailer near you or order online.



MOON MARBLE CO                                                                BONNER SPRINGS, KS

Founded in 1997, the MOON MARBLE COMPANY manufactures a large assortment of marbles that come in various sizes and colors.  They also offer contemporary handmade marbles, paperweights, and glass working supplies.  Order online or stop by for a demo if your in BONNER SPRINGS.



MY UNIQUE WOODEN TOYS                                                 SILVER LAKE, IN

MY UNIQUE WOODEN TOYS: the name says it all.  If you’re looking for high-quality, hand-made, made in AMERICA wooden toys this is the place for you.  The products range from blocks, banks, dollhouses to puzzles.  They have it all!  Look online for your wooden toys than can be passed on for generations.



NORTH STAR TOYS                                                               QUESTA, NM

Since 1979, NORTH STAR TOYS has been making their high-quality, wooden toys by hand.  Their non-toxic toys are made to stimulate creative and imaginative play.  They're so durable they'll be passed down for generations.   From their family to yours, check out their adorable toys online.



PAJAGGLE INC                                                                       CORVALLIS, OR

Games bring people together, and PAJAGGLE is no ordinary game!  They have board, ring, and sport editions and each is great fun for any age. From three to 93, everyone has fun with PAJAGGLE.  Order online or find a retailer near you.



PATCHES OF PRIDE                                                               URBANA, IL

PATCHES OF PRIDE is a leading supplier of 1:6 scale patches, decals and custom accessories.  If you are an action figure collector, military hobbyist, or a historian working on a diorama, this is the place for you.  Remember, it's all in the details.



THE PINE CONE GNOME                                                       JUNEAU, AK

THE PINE CONE GNOME has a variety of toys for your kids to enjoy.  They have adorable handmade dolls, toadstool bowling sets, cup and ball toys, and more.  They also offer items for home decor, hair accessories, and teething dolls for your baby.



PUZZLE PEOPLE OF CA                                                         COLFAX, CA

PUZZLE PEOPLE have been making their high-quality, wooden puzzles since 1972.  Their wooden puzzles are hand-crafted, educational, and are made with only non-toxic paints and finishes.  Shop their inventory online and get a puzzle for that special child today.



THE QUOIT FACTORY                                                           NAZARETH, PA

THE QUOIT FACTORY manufactures a variety of QUOIT game sets.  They come in slate, tailgate, or even a mini table top set.  There's even a set that's safe for the beach so now you can QUOIT practically anywhere. 




ROUNDHOUSE TRACKLESS TRAIN CO designs, builds, and sells some of the most authentic looking, attractive, and affordable trackless trains available.  They manufacture gas and electric powered trains sized for both children and adult riders.  Whether you want to start a ride business or are looking for a unique attraction for your organization, see what ROUNDHOUSE TRACKLESS TRAIN can do for you!



ROY TOY MFG                                                                        EAST MACHIAS, ME

ROY TOY was a pioneer in the wooden toy industry and that legend lives on to this day.  All of their pieces are made from wood and the quality is second to none.  Their building sets include eco-friendly, build and paint, classic sets, and more.



RUBEN'S WOODCRAFT AND TOYS                                     BOULDER CITY, NV

Stop by RUBEN'S WOODCRAFT AND TOYS to find unique, original toys handmade by Ruben.  Check them out on Facebook and then stop by and see them in BOULDER CITY.



SPRINGBOK PUZZLES                                                           KANSAS CITY, MO

SPRINGBOK PUZZLES is the oldest jigsaw puzzle manufacturer in the U.S.  One look at their puzzles and you'll know why.  The pieces are strong and study and the colors are vibrant and beautiful – everything you want in a puzzle.  Get ready for hours of family fun, or quiet solitude, with your SPRINGBOK PUZZLES.



STEP 2                                                                                      STREETSBORO, OH

Founded in 1991, STEP2 has become the largest American manufacturer of preschool and toddler toys. They have an amazing selection of play houses, wagons, swing sets, slides, and much more. Order online or find a retailer near you.



STORY BUILDER TOYS                                                         GUTHRIE, OK

STORY BUILDERS TOYS makes handmade, non-toxic toys that promote imagination through creative play.  Their toys are made with naturals materials - no plastics or metals – and meet all current safety standards.



SUMMERVILLE-NEW ENGLAND                                           GOSHEN, CT

SUMMERVILLE-NEW ENGLAND offers handmade, premium chessboards.  These exquisite chessboards are made of premium grade hardwood and are a must-have for the serious chess player.



TAG TOYS                                                                               COMPTON, CA

TAG TOYS offers toys that are designed for kids ages one to seven.  They have unique, award-winning toys that help kids learn and stimulate their imagination.  Find more information on TAG TOYS and order online.



TAURUS TOY                                                                          FRANKLIN, PA

TAURUS TOY is the manufacturer of the award-winning educational toy BLOCK-N-ROLL.  It is a building block and marble maze construction system that will stimulate your child's mind for hours.  There are many different size kits available and you can order online or locate a dealer near you.



TIGERCANDY ARTS                                                               NEW YORK, NY

Unleash your child's, or your own, creativity with these adorable sock puppets.  Each puppet is handmade to order.  You can even get yours custom made.  Find more information and order online.



TOOBEE INT                                                                            SUSSEX, WI

The TOOBEE is 100% made in USA, 100% recyclable, and 100% fun!  Also known as the Amazing Flying Can, TOOBEES are fun for all ages. Check out their videos online and order your today.  They are also great for fundraisers.



UNCLE GOOSE                                                                       GRAND RAPIDS, MI

UNCLE GOOSE manufactures beautiful handcrafted wooden blocks from materials around the Great Lakes.  Their blocks become family heirlooms that can be passed on for generations.   Check out their beautiful blocks today.




THE UNITED STATES PLAYING CARD COMPANY has been the leading manufacturer of playing cards for over 125 years.  They also make family fun card games. From casinos, to magicians, to families, THE UNITED STATES PLAYING CARD COMPANY has cards that everyone will enjoy.  For more information on their many brands, check them out online.



VEE'S VICTORIANS                                                                LYNNWOOD, WA

VEE'S VICTORIANS offers adorable, handmade doll clothes.  They have a large selection and the quality is outstanding.  Browse through their online catalog today.



VERMONT TEDDY BEAR                                                       SHELBURNE, VT

For over 30 years, VERMONT TEDDY BEARS have been warming the hearts of people around the world.  They are one of the largest manufacturers of TEDDY BEARS and make them for every occasion.  Shop online and send someone you love a VERMONT TEDDY BEAR today, or if you're in VERMONT, stop by and take a tour.



VIRTUE TOYS                                                                         BELLEVUE, WA

The VIRTUE GAME is fun for kids and teaches them about virtues along the way.  Kids will learn about compassion, respect, enthusiasm, trust, friendliness, determination, responsibility, integrity, cooperation, and thankfulness.  Put down the video games and grab the VIRTUE GAME.



WHITE MOUNTAIN PUZZLES                                                 JACKSON, NH

Jigsaw puzzles are a great way to relax or spend time together as a family.  WHITE MOUNTAIN PUZZLES has a large selection that will suit any age or experience.  You can shop their beautiful puzzles by pieces, themes, difficulty, or even artist.



WHITNEY BROTHERS                                                            KEENE, NH

WHITNEY BROTHERS has been making their kids' furniture and play items for over 100 years.  The quality is second to none and their products will last for years to come.  Items include play sinks, kitchens, tables, blocks, and much more.



WHITTLE SHORTLINE RAILROAD                                        KIRKWOOD, MO

WHITTLE SHORTLINE RAILROAD makes hand-crafted wooden toy trains that are compatible with major wooden railways.  Their railcars are made from reforested birch hardwoods and are tough enough to last for generations.



WIKKI STIX                                                                              PHOENIX, AZ

WIKKI STIX is an award-winning waxed yarn creativity toy.  They stick – with no mess!  The only limitation is your child's (or your) imagination.  There are many sets to choose from so check out their site.  Get a set for your house and grandma's.  They're also great as party favors or for a dentist's or doctor's office waiting room.



WILLOW TOYS                                                                        MADISON, NH

WILLOW TOYS hand-crafts beautiful wooden play kitchens, castles, Waldorf playstands, dollhouses, and more.  Their products are made of the highest quality materials and will be passed on for generations.



WISCONSIN WOOD CHUCK                                                  RHINELANDER, WI

Check out WISCONSIN WOOD CHUCK for heirloom quality toys that will be enjoyed for generations.  They don't use stain or lead paint on their collectibles so you know they're safe, and the detail on their larger items is second to none.  They also offer beautiful home decor items.



WOOD CREATIONS, INC                                                        BISMARK, ND

WOOD CREATIONS manufactures handcrafted wooden toy boxes, cedar chests, blanket chests, and memory chests.  The chests are available in several different woods and can be personalized and engraved.  Wholesale opportunities are also available.



WOOD TOY SHOP                                                                  PORTLAND, OR

The WOOD TOY SHOP offers beautiful, hand-crafted, wooden toys that will last for years and be passed down for generations. Their toys include trains, boats, cars, blocks, and much more. They're environmentally friendly too.



WOOLIES                                                                                 TUSCON, AZ

These cute-as-can-be stuffed animals, toys, and dolls are available on etsy. They are hand-crafted, heirloom quality using all natural materials. There is a large selection online but you can also place a custom order.




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